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Maintaining safe environment



Human body tend to age and the body tends to lose the strength of its immunity system, which sometimes can even be worse due to some other outside factors (Blossom & McDonald, 2007). As the human body ages, it tends to be affected with the virus and microorganisms that it could easily repel once the immunity system was strong. Thus, it is imperative for humans to be on regular check-ups and medical attention post the age of 55-60; however, according to the medical science, human tends to step into the probabilities of cardiac odds, once he/she enters the age group of 25+ (Brandt et.al, 2012). The report below would be a case analysis that is based over the situation of Mr. James, an 82 year old male that is experiencing some health conditions, which at this age can be fatal. He is experiencing sudden weight loss, loss of appetite, watery diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. Now considering the above health conditions, these can be normal for a person aging from 20-30 or even 40 plus. However, Mr. James is too old to handle these, and even a simple diarrhea can cause major health problems if sustained for long. Diarrhea although isn’t much of a problem these days, but does have the potential to result fatally, if sustained in an abnormal manner; similarly, loss of appetite would cause him to lose further weight as he is already experiencing sudden loss of weight. What Mr. James clearly in needs is, an alteration to his AOLs (Activities of Living), which would certainly be effective in this immediate condition.
Discussion of activities
Mr. James being under the limelight in this particular report, this in particular portion would incorporate the activities that he has been practicing or being constant with.
Maintaining safe environment
Safe environment is the most apparent condition for ensuring the patient (Me. James) isn’t exposed to any adverse odds. Human body as mentioned above born with a natural immunity system, which helps them to be secured from numerous bad microorganisms and bacterium that do have the potential to affect human body in a negative manner (Fowler et.al, 2007). It is the immunity system that often helps human body to fight with the bad viruses and bacteria; however the immunity system can also be damaged due to several reasons. The bacterium that is being discussed in this particular paper is the “Clostridium difficile” or mostly referred as the “C-Diff”, which has affected Mr. James in this particular case. According to the medical science, “Clostridium difficile” or the “C-Diff” exists precisely within the areas with low volume of oxygen and even inside the human body. Mostly aren’t capable of affecting the human body, unless the immunity system becomes vulnerable or weak due to substance consumption (Hamilton et.al, 2012). The substance on the other hand that is being considered in this paper refers to “antibiotics”; people often consume “antibiotics” for neutralizing “bacterial infection”. However, consuming these antibiotics can cause major trouble and life-threatening conditions for some individuals. There are various conditions when the “Clostridium difficile” can affect the human body including the following-
Lack of hygiene: This in particular bacterium actually exists everywhere and is capable affecting any individual, depending over “how strong the immunity system is”. Thus, it attacks almost every person but fails to affect everyone since, not everyone in a room would have a weaker immunity system (Issa et.al, 2007). Sanitation is a major aspect considering the probabilities of being affected by this in particular bacterium. Mr. James clearly needs to maintain the prescribed hygiene standards for avoiding the odds of being attacked with the “Clostridium difficile” again.
Weaker immunity system: Immunity system has been designed to prevent or repel any odds of being attacked by any bacterium. Weaker immunity certainly is the major reason for anyone to come in contact with the “Clostridium difficile” bacteria and be affected in a severe manner. Older adults within the medical facilities and institutions are mostly affected with such bacteria.
Consumption of antibiotics: While the antibiotics are good for some people, for some this can cause life-threatening conditions (Khanna et.al, 2012). Antibiotics when consumed will exterminate each and every bacterium including the good ones as well. Upon over destruction of the good bacterium, they would certainly be affected with the “Clostridium difficile” bacteria. 
Eating and Drinking
Mr. James has been diagnosed with “Clostridium difficile” and thus needs an immediate check over the eating and drinking habits. If hasn’t been done already, one of the most vital thing would be to introduce “friendly bacterium” into the diet of Mr. James. These friendly bacteria are often referred as the “probiotics”; these would certainly be the most effective way for repopulating the gut along with eliminating the favorable probabilities for the “Clostridium difficile” bacterium (Kwok et.al, 2012). Considering the situation of Mr. James that is old enough to not to recommend the antibiotics, this appears to be the perfect solution for him. During the year 2012, a medical review has been conducted in order to examine the probabilities of “probiotics” to neutralize the “Clostridium difficile” bacterium and its effect. The medical review has also claimed that these “probiotics” or the “friendly bacteria” are capable of reducing the “C-Diff” bacteria in large volumes and are especially affective over the “diarrhea conditions”. The “probiotics” as mentioned above is especially effective over the “diarrhea conditions” and without causing any negative side effects (Lessa et.al, 2012). This is a major advantage of the “probiotics”; foods that are fermented carry great volume of “good bacteria” or the “probiotics”. Foods such as- kefir, sauerkraut, miso (soybean paste fermented), tempeh (fermented) do have the potential to provide the good bacteria or the probiotics. While on the other hand, there are some drinks that contain these bacteria that can reduce the diarrhea conditions, including- bulgaricus, casei and thermophilus are some of the drinks.
Personal cleansing
The situation of Mr. James is quite similar to the condition of older adults are exposed to at medical and healthcare facilities. The bacterium that is being considered in this paper “Clostridium difficile” can be found if tested, however at medical and healthcare facilities their volume are certainly higher because of the surroundings. While in some cases, people do have the “Clostridium difficile” within their intestine, however never felt any symptom that Mr. James or any other infected with this bacterium would experience (McDonald et.al, 2007). In cases of the medical and healthcare facilities, this in particular bacterium can spread through “human feces”. When came in contact with the patient carrying this bacteria, they are likely to spread 
The case discussed above clearly showcases the probabilities of being affected with one of the most common but significantly danger viruses. The virus that has been emphasized over throughout the paper is “Clostridium difficile” and popular by the name “C-Diff”. The symptoms that Mr. James has initially reported with are- Watery diarrhea, abdominal pain or cramping, sudden weight loss, lethargy and loss of appetite; these are the most common symptoms of people experiencing this in particular condition (Zar et.al, 2007). However, the analysis above has also made it clear that using antibiotics for this would strictly be dependent over the patient and his/her immunity system. Antibiotics that are prescribed to kill the bacteria are significantly strong and kill the bacteria inside the human body, killing the good ones also. This again creates a dangerous situation for the patient making them even more vulnerable to other bacteria as well. Mr. James the person in consideration throughout the case is an elderly person aging almost 82 and is facing the similar odds, where antibiotics cannot be the option. Thus there must be a solution to this; pushing the good bacteria into the human body is a way that can be useful. Fermented foods including- yoghurt and others have also been highlighted to be highly useful good bacteria or the “probiotics” that certainly would repopulate the intestine and push the “C-Diff” bacterium out of the intestine system. One other aspect that has again been emphasized over is the “cleanliness”
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