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Leadership refers to be a vital part of motivating the team members to work effectively as per their pre-determined goals. In any business, it can help the workers as well as the associated group to follow the guidance accurately so that a positive outcome could be incurred in the future. This particular process is an important role to play in the success and growth of an organization as well as encourages the employees to reach the target with the prescribed resources. However, a responsible leader is also helping the firm by providing the right direction by using the systematic procedure of the company’s policies (Dugan and Komives, 2010). Moreover, a leader intends to be considered liable to maintain a trustworthy relationship with its employees so that long-term goals can be attained easily. Therefore, this project report tends to provide crucial information regarding the key planning and innovation challenges faced by the Hotel Mantra Parramata, Sydney as well as its leaders. Apart from this, an analysis of the potential leadership strategies that are useful to be incorporated into the strategic planning for the hotels is also been the primary highlight of this report.


Overview Of the Hotel

Mantra Parramatta hotel is situated in the center of the district of Parramatta that provides quality services, shopping, dining, and other accommodation services to wide customers. It has been determining its stylish rooms have set an advance benchmark for the quality of hotel accommodation facilities in entire Australia. It has a wide network of approximately 130 hotel, resorts as well as apartments that are operating under the successful brand image in the entire hotel industry. It has been seen that the entire operation, as well as marketing sectors, make the groups the strongest hospitality management in Australia with a highly experienced management team. However, it makes the group more responsive to the requirements of a wide audience that can help the clients to take maximum advantage of the hotel industry in the country (Dugan and et. Al., 2011). Moreover, the company has worked remarkably well along with its senior leaders to offer quality services to the customers so that chances of growth, as well as sustainability, can be attained in the future time. In context to attain high potential growth and attain opportunities that come from the growing trends of customers can help the company to increase its market presence effectively. The leadership has assisted them to make specific changes with their executive departments to enable a high core business growth and expand their new lines of business in the market. Moreover, the corporate leadership team as well as operations to increase their differentiated strategies has increased its client. 

Key planning and innovation challenges faced by Hotel Manta Parramatta

According to the current business trends, Mantra Parramatta used to face overwhelming growth challenges over the coming 20 years with more than 1million new local due to their arrival. Its services hotels are situated generally in the key market an area that has made the hotel more in demand for the local tourists. The strategic planning of Mantra hotel is to become one of the leading hotels in the areas of Parramatta districts. Its primary motive is to deliver an authentic hotel industry by making a variation in the presence of the client so that they can improve the quality of services in the future. However, it has been identified that the major innovative challenges are one of its footprints is much smaller than the large hotel competitors such as Hilton, and Marriott. Mantra Parramatta is trying to build a high-end strategy whereas the growth has become widespread in the limited services industry (Ketola, 2010). Some of the issues generally tend to be related to the climate, layout, age, and local infrastructure. Apart from this, certain innovation challenges are based on asset management as well as high attrition rates. The leadership strategy implemented by the Mantra Parramatta is not so effectively valuable for the overall growth and success of the hotels in the current market environment. Some of the crucial innovation challenges that are faced by the hotel are mentioned below:

Hiring the best-skilled staff: One of the key challenges that are faced by the Mantra Parramatta hotel is hiring the best employees for it’s operations. These challenges have experienced by 54% of its entire hospitality business owners as well as the managers. It happens to be of utmost importance for the hotel to have experienced staff as it provides services to increase the productivity of the hotel. Thus, they need to have experienced staff so that they can handle any issues more effectively. 

Searching valued customers: It has been seen that currently, the growth in the hotel industry is being continuously increased day-by-day as competition. Therefore, the ability to draw the attention of customers towards their brand could be quite challenges for the Mantra Parramatta. Thus, the hotel needs to provide attractive promotional and online ads that can help them to increase the maximum clients towards their brand (Pearce, Wassenaar and Manz, 2014). 

Growth in the sector: The competition has been increasing constantly in each year in Australia. 73% of total hospitality operations have been increased in the recent past. Due to this, the mantra Parramatta has faced a lot of competition with some of the large hotels such as Hilton and Marriot. Thus, it tends to be quite challenges for them to provide more advanced services and quality to their customers as compared to their close competitors. It will increase the goodwill in the market for a longer period.

However, certain other challenges that are faced by leaders within hotel industries are also a major concern for the organization such as: 

Lack of collaboration: It has been determined that without employees are not sharing their problems with its senior members that would result in a serious impact on the performance of the leaders. The fact that could have accepted a leadership role is continuously changing all the time, but each day it is filled with the certain complication that would lead to influence the mantra Parramatta brand value (Pless and Maak, 2011).

Cultural issues: It plays an important role in the overall growth and development of the leader. It will lead to creating communication problems between the team members of the Mantra Parramatta hotel. Due to changing cultural behavior within the hotel, it will create a maximum problem for a leader to manage their entire workforce in the right direction.

Staying motivated: It happen to be an important challenge that would lead to create an impact on the overall growth and development of its team members. Sometimes, it has been seen that a leader will feel worker motivation for the management of the hotel due to its flat structure. It tends to be the best one for the leaders but needs to do it efficiently so that chances of mistakes could be avoided in the future.

Potential responsible leadership strategies

It has been analyzed that within the Mantra Parramatta hotel, responsible leadership is not being followed accurately that would results in serious issues for the organization in term of handling the customers. Making-decision in favor of the hotel also takes into consideration all the other key internal stakeholders such as staff, housing in-charge, suppliers, society, and future government regulation. This type of leadership tends to be valuable for the overall growth and success of the hotels in this competitive environment. It is entirely based on making a sustainable business decision that helps to increase the confidence among the stakeholders to play its role effectively. The role of responsible leadership is widely effective within the culture of hotels that can increase the positive environment such as motivation, encourage the workers within the hotel. The responsible leaders might be creative enough to learn culture as well as an adaptive culture that can help the hotels between the staff to perform an active role in increasing the confidence for the successful attainment of business goals. Therefore, the responsible leader needs to make use of an effective strategy that can help the Mantra Parramatta to increase their level of productivity and market position (Voegtlin, Patzer and Scherer, 2012).

Transformational leadership: This particular theory of responsible leadership work with a team to examine the specific needed changes, create a vision to provide right direction as well as change by inspiring the other with the commitment to increase the profitability of each one involved in a group. This particular leadership strategy can help responsible leaders to act according to the changes that are required for the overall growth of the worker. It creates a valuable as well as potential strength between the followers with the end objective for developing the followers into an innovative leader. It has been analyzed that a positive work culture only developed when effective communication along with the flexibility present within the leaders. According to the analysis of Mantra Parramatta, it has been analyzed that the leader is maintaining proper flexibility with each member involved in a group to attain a unique cultural environment so that they can perform their role with a positive mindset (Mantra Parramatta hotel, 2015).

A leader used to make an innovative decision that could assist hotel management to attain their long-term vision because it plays an important role in the overall decision-making process. Responsible leadership functions with the motive to maintain the trust and proper functioning of the hotels. However, it could be back-up with the change management strategy as an action plan to make something different from other businesses. In accordance to improve the internal culture of the Mantra hotels, it is important to apply a change management technique by the leaders so that stock requirements, project scope, and market competition could easily be tackling. It makes explicit regarding the leaders that are required to be followed in the right fashion so that future complications could easily be avoided during the management of staff performance in the hotel.


Throughout the entire project report, it has been summarised that leadership is quite valuable for an organization to manage their team as well as individual performance. It creates a strong bond between the employees as well as customers who are visiting the hotels regularly. Being a responsible leader it is important to take crucial initiatives for guiding its employees towards their organization objectives. From the analysis, it has been concluded that a positive leadership strategy could also play an eminent role in managing the challenges that are faced by the Mantra Parramatta hotel. However, it is also been examined that effective leaders could help to increase motivation between the employees as well as maintain a strong relationship with their team so that they can work freely without any additional order from the top management. Thus, the role of a responsible leader is quire valuable within the Mantra hotel for its overall success and future sustainability.


From the above project analysis, it has been suggested that responsible leaders of Mantra Parramatta hotel should maintain an effective leadership strategy that can help the employees of various cultures to manage their roles accurately. It will help to draw the attention of various clients towards their respective brands as compared to the other competitive hotels. Furthermore, it has also been recommended to maintain a positive relationship so that a long-term goal could be attaining without affecting the others. 

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