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Leadership has a direct impact upon the culture and performance of an organisation and their success interdependently.  Leaders help in determination of the organisations values, their organisational culture, adaptation to changes and the motivation of the workers. It is up to the leaders to devise strategies and to make certain that they are executed in a flawless manner and are equally effective.  Leaders are born as they have certain traits that are found innately however all successful leaders all over the world have one common characteristic in them. They have the ability to inspire, motivate and influence all those individuals who are around them thus helping them to reap enormous benefits for the success of the organisation.  It is the influencing nature of leaders that helps individuals to see the same vision and goal as their leader.  There are several leadership styles that are used by organisations and are most effective in their functioning (Rubin, 2013). The main objective of this paper is to discuss and analyse the various styles of leadership that are used by three leaders in the business industry and to draw comparisons between them.  The paper will also analyse how a leader impacts the organisational culture and employee motivation. For the purpose of this research paper, we shall be discussing the leadership styles of Howard Schultz, who is the CEO of the famous coffee chain all over the world Starbucks, Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, one of the most widely used social media platforms the world over and Phil Knight the former CEO of Nike. A comparison between the changes that have been witnessed in their organisation will also be analysed so that we can effectively understand the relationship that exists between leaders and their organisations.

Leadership & Culture

It has been observed as per the statistics that Starbucks is one of the best places to work in the year 2016. The organisation inspires and motivates its workers by providing them incentives along with rewards for their performance so that they can maintain equilibrium in their personal and private affairs.  Whilst at Facebook the employees are provided with free vacations along with monetary support that has helped the organisation to earn the loyalty of its workers (Hoffmann, Proferes and Zimmer, 2016). Nike has faced several problems in the past due to its sweatshops that have been under the scanner as a deal to get cheap labour in the south Asian countries. Thereby suggesting that both Starbucks and Facebook have ensured that the best interest of the workers is kept in mind at all minds. Howard Schultz ensures that he has a close relationship with all his store managers thus making him accessible at all times (Allen, Shankman and Miguel, 2012). He organises regular meetings where all the workers can voice their opinions and suggest changes for the growth of the organisation. An organisation will only be a success when those guiding it allow freedom for the workers to voice their concerns and lend a hand in obtaining the goal of the organisation (McCann, 2011).


Out of the three leadership styles that have been analysed above we can certainly state that Howard Schultz has made use of emotional intelligence to form alliances with franchise chains all over the world rather than solely  making use of adversity and using unethical means to increase their profits. It is his hierarchical method of leadership and his skills to provide the best for his workers that has led his organisation to be such a massive success. He adapted to the change in the market environment and has shown exemplary vision to bring about a change in Starbucks thus turning it into a brand name that is recognised the world over. While the leadership styles of Mark Zuckerberg is very aggressive in nature the leadership style followed by Phil Knight led the organisations to face major setbacks thus concluding that both the organisations need to make amendments to help in brining a change in their organisational culture to ensure success. As per the research that has been conducted it is essential for a leader to make use of traditional leadership skills that highlight their moral and ethical decision making so that they can further solidify their roles as leaders who are equipped to face all scenarios and crisis (Aronson, 2009).

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