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Leadership and Management

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Leadership and Management



Executive Summary

            The research report is about the elaborate study of leadership and management regarding the case study. The case study of this research report is about the current organizational situation and position of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited in relation with the leadership and management style of the grand company. This company is recently reining that entertainment sector in the countries New Zealand and Australia. Besides this current organizational situation, the utmost success of the company within the short period of time to provide a vast scope to the board of director to utilize the progressive situation for generating better position of the company in the international market.

            In this present scenario, the organization is now going under the remarkable change management regarding the innovation within the organization. From the year 1996 to still now, the organization is habituated to follow the repeated success progressive picture of the company. Therefore, the theoretical concept of open system planning and several change management theories like The contingency theory of Dunphy and Stace, Three stages of Lewin's Change Management Model, Practical use of open system planning, Shewhart’s PDCA Cycle and others. The prime roles and responsibilities of the leaders is also described with the evidence from the Sky City Entertainment Group Limited in current scenario. In a word, the research report is the clear description of change management and innovation within the organization Skycity Entertainment Group Limited along with several theories and models.

PART - 1

1 Introduction

The intermingling of technology and innovation has brought the radical changes in this digital life. This situation is constantly fuelling the modern industrialization specially the corporate section in global context. Therefore, the interference of internet service into this segment has offered the universe to utilize the utmost possibility in order to fulfil their target or goal.  In this context, it is to be mentioned that the whole process is operating with efficient and expert leadership style and capability. The maintenance of utmost perfection in leading style has enough potentiality to bring the sustainable change management in the current corporate sector in global context.  The prime aim of this report is to present the touch of change management with the help of innovation into the organizational operation and leadership style in order to bring perfection in the organizational progress and success in reference with the Sky City Entertainment Group Limited. The details of the case study which is regarding the Sky City Entertainment Group Limited is provided below -

1.1 An outline of the Sky City Entertainment Group Limited  

The Sky City Entertainment Group is a public organization, which is established in the year of 1996. The prime purpose of this brand organization is to serve the business gaming, casino and other entertainment section in several countries. In accordance with the (The Annual report, 2018) of Sky City Entertainment Group, this grand organization is nothing but the largest leisure, entertainment and tourism service providing company, which has started their business from New Zealand and Australia. In accordance with the (The Annual report, 2018) of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited, current employee number of this repute organization is more than 6000 in all over the very two countries.  In recent year, (Maori leadership, 2018) Sky City Entertainment Group Limited won the most prestigious Deloitte top 200 Inclusion and Diversity Leadership Award 2018.

The leadership style and innovation of this organization is responsible to bring this change management in the current competitive market. At present, the directors of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited are - MURRAY JORDAN, BRENT HARMAN, SUE SUCKLING, JENNIFER OWEN and RICHARD DIDSBURY. In this context, the chairperson is ROB CAMPBELL and the deputy chairperson is BRUCE CARTER. The board of this organization is comprised with these six personalities. On the other hand, the senior leadership team who are there to bring this success to this company are - SIMON JAMIESON, the General Manager of NZICC, GRAEME STEPHENS (the Chief Executive Officer), LIZA MCNALLY (the Chief Marketing Officer), JO WONG (the General Counsel and the Company Secretary) and others. Therefore, ROB HAMILTON (the Chief Financial Officer), GLEN MCLATCHIE (the Chief Information Officer), MICHAEL AHEARNE (the Chief Operating Officer) and others.

1.2 Sky City Entertainment Group Limited’s key areas of operation

In case of describing the operational section of this organization it is to be said that the Sky City Entertainment Group Limited is operating in three casino operators, which are publicly listed, operating the integrated entertainment complexes in the country New Zealand like Auckland, Queenstown and Hamilton, whereas two in Australia like Darwin and Adelaide. In the year 1998, the Sky City took the operation of gaming from previous gaming operator, Harrah’s Entertainment.  Along with this service in several cities mentioned above, in case of describing the regulatory environment, in New Zealand the casino gaming is regulated by the Gambling Commission and Department of Internal Affairs In accordance with Gambling Act 2003, whereas in Australia, the Territory Government and relevant State regulate it.

1.3 Sky City Entertainment Group Limited’s tangible and intangible assets

The proper maintaining of the tangible and intangible assets of the Sky city Entertainment Group Limited is there to provoke the management board to think about these revolutionary changes. The lists of tangible and intangible assets of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited are beyond imagination. Within this short period, the organization has acquired a large and remarkable are with their tangible and intangible assets. The company in every Annual report has provided the detail of current report regarding their tangible and non tangible assets (Media Centre, 2018). Now, the organization is located at total 5 location with 6 casinos, 3 hotels, 21 bars and 29 restaurants. Recently, the organization signed construction contract with the Hansen Yuncken, which is on track to achieve completion within the year 2020. The combined properties of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited at Queenstown grew their earnings by 56.5% to $2.1 million. The most remarkable intangible assets of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited is in the Accounting policy, which is consisting of the goodwill, casino licence, regulatory reform which is also associated with the casino licence and other acquired software. The A$95m impairment of goodwill at Sky City Entertainment Group Limited, Darwin, is raised by 278% in comparison with previous year. The license of casino venue in the Auckland city has the validity until 2048, Hamilton until 2027, Queenstown until 2025, Adelaide until 2085 and in Darwin until 2036.

1.4 Sky City Entertainment Group Limited’s recent performance in quantitative terms

In case of describing the current performance of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited it is mandatory to describe the ownership profile of the company. The base of current shareholders of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited by value with both offshore and domestic is presented, which is mentioned that 20 prior shareholders now hold ~ 78% of their stock as per the report on this September, 2018. The value price of these shareholders is 680,342,108, among which 5,515,841is held by several public trust. In this context, the shareholders of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited belongs to – 45% from Australia, 15%+16% from New Zealand,11% from North America, 11% from Europe  or UK and only 2% from Asia. The pie chart is provided below -

Leadership and Management

Figure: Ownership profile of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited

Source: (Our Business, 2018)

1.5 Financial outlook

The financial outlook of this organization is there to present clearly the sharp result of innovative power of the company with their most effective leading capabilities and efficient leadership styles. Recently, the share trade of this company is reaching zenith in Australian Stock Exchange and New Zealand Stock Exchange. In accordance with the recent history of (Share Quote, 2018), it is to be said that the daily volume of this share trade is 67,535 in New Zealand and 133,549 in Australia. The Annual Close price of Sky City Entertainment Group Limited from the year 2014 to 2018 is provided below regarding the both business countries i.e. Australia and New Zealand. 



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