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Lead and manage effective workplace relationship


Lead and manage effective workplace relationship


In this assignment an appropriate communication strategy is provided to help JKL industries to overcome the communication issues within their organisation. Communication objectives are set by the communication consultant to improve the communication process of the organisation. Communication objectives are the procedure of setting targets for communication. It describes the target that can be achieved with the help of planned actions. Further, applying the bottom-up approach will help to increase the communication flow. Furthermore, the assignment includes internal strategies for achieving the organisational goals and objectives. The business ethics policies are included in this assignment. JKL Industries policy are mainly regarding the diversity management which are aimed at providing a cultural sensitivity within the employees and according to their policy every employees should be considered since only employee not the representatives of an religion. Lastly, two activities between salesperson is included to make the understanding of the total process in a clear way. 

Appendix 1

Part A: Communication planning portfolio

Role as a communication consultant

A communication consultant performs the following roles:

To provide superior communication services in loyalty to client culture and needs (Sarapaivanich and Patterson, 2015). 

To suggest effective strategies for achieving client goals but not exceeding the project budget

To make sure that the resources of the company are utilized properly

To guide the business partners according to the requirement of the clients

To ensure that employees and managers with correct information to carry out their respective duties in an effective manner (Darics, 2017).

To integrate an overarching approach for appropriate management of information, which will help the management to promote the organisational values and team goals to develop better strategic relations (Scandelius and Cohen, 2016)

The JKL industries have bargained about the sales rights from a various range of modes those are sourced outside the overseas. In the Brisbane area of JKL industries, a new manager was appointed with a view that he will solve the issue within the organisation. There were various issues that the manager of the organisation has to experience after considering the charge of the company. In the initial period, the manger has to examine the problems those were awareness related, these problems were present within the purview of the organisation, and the awareness was mainly related to the external and internal opportunities. The manager has recognized the lack of the networking understandings and it is related to the individuals and goals of the organisation.Policies and processes help to promote cultural diversity, ethical values and building relationships by promoting ground for sharing of views of the individuals and in this way the organisation can move towards the path of success. Changes that would make JKL industries policies and processes to promote cultural diversity and ethical values are the organisation must allow its employees to take part in the organizational activities since it will help to retain the employees and at the same time increase the employee engagement with the organisation The manager has to solve the issues by providing several cultural diversity programs that the members can resolve The JKL industries have an advantage over its competitors due to this reason. The organization develops an effective policy frame work for managing internal communications for maintaining a positive organizational culture. The stakeholders of the organization are the overseas suppliers and the skilled employees who wish to work here.  The organization will focus on its retail sales and service for repositioning itself. 

Communication objectives:

Communication objectives are the procedure of setting targets for communication. It describes the target that can be achieved with the help of planned actions.

Building awareness: It is necessary to build awareness for new products and companies, which are not yet recognized in a market. The aim for the promotion effectively reaches the clients and benefits of communication (Schultz, 2018). 

Providing information: It is only required to help the clients for seeking information about the process of purchasing. 


The audience for this plan will be the senior management and the work teams, as they are the main functioning area. By learning effective communication process the management team and the work teams will be able to perform the necessary functions more efficiently like informing the clients and the stakeholders about any kind of changes or activities of the organization. 

Two methods of communication 

Non-verbal communication:

The body language consists of actions, gestures, and other aspects of physical appearance that combined with facial expressions such as smiling or frowning. This can be powerful means of transmitting messages. At times people are “talking” instead of he or she keeps silence. And few times peoples' bodies may say different things than their words speak. When a person is nonverbally communicating one message, while his or her words say something else the mixed message takes place (Burgoon et al., 2016).

In the modern time, technologies like email provided the significance of nonverbal communication, but still the main part of organizational communication happens with the help of one in one conversation. The oral conversation is included with a nonverbal component. Receivers interpret conversations by taking in meaning from almost all the things that are available. When non-oral indications are included in oral messages, they take actions to create the messages. But sometimes it creates confusion for the receiver when the verbal and non-verbal messages are contradictory to each other. Because the manager spent communicating maximum time of a day of with other managers and employees, the abilities for speaking and listening are important for succeeding. (McQuail and Windahl, 2015).

Oral communication:

Generally, managers prefer oral communications because communicating with each other happens more completely and fully when talking in person, while in the one to one conversations, people can react according to the expression of the other party and can get immediate feedbacks and answers. In reality, people think that one to one conversation is more reliable than the non-oral communication. One to one conversation allows the exchange of words, along with the opportunity to look at the non-oral conversations. ((Brink and Costigan, 2015).

However, oral communications dose has some disadvantages, as it can be inconsistent until all the parties hear the same conversation. Whereas there are some advantages also that are linked with the oral communication since this allows the individuals to viewpoint the others and foster an openness, which will encourage individuals to communicate, it is a weak tool to apply the issue directives in which many particulars are involved. 

Two most important abilities for an effective oral communication:

Active listening: Listening is significant for making the point of what a person hears and it requires attention and sound stimuli. Effective listening is significant since it requires the listener to get an inside of the speaker’s mind and understand the viewpoint of the speakers. Effective listeners act according to the following way, which is shown below:




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