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 Assignment 1 (Learning Aim A)

Form of assignment: 
Completed report. 
Other assignment materials can be attached to your report (presentations, pdfs).
Must be written in MS Word document, not less than 2 pages.

Assignment objective: 
Examine the IT system support and management needs and characteristics of different organisations, which are essential to their operation
You have been working for a PC repair company as an IT Technician. Your manager is interested in branching out into the IT support and management market, providing outsourced IT support to local businesses. She has asked you to examine what might be involved.
Write a report for your manager in which you evaluate the support and management needs and characteristics; including purpose and nature, safe working practice, job roles and system and network tools used, for at least 2 different organisations. The organisations should run IT systems which are different in their nature, for example the numbers and/or skill levels of the users might be different. 

The way they provide IT support should also be different (for example one might provide support in-house while the other outsources support) 

You should also consider what improvements might be made and justify the suggestions you make (for example where a large number of non-expert users are supported it may be helpful to develop on-line training materials).
Recommended form for Assignment report
The ideal report form will consist of the following parts:

Description of IT system of the customer
Description of current problems in the IT system of the customer
Explanation of how is IT support is organized 
Conclusion focusing on recommendations and improvements might be made 
This report discusses IT system of large retail business, particularly the use and purpose of IT system within some popular supermarket in Uzbekistan. The report reflects information about automated warehouse system, automated cashier desk and self-service checkout desk within supermarket.
Description of IT system of the customer
The supermarket implemented automated warehouse system in order effectively and efficiently manage and keep record of goods and products sold, monitoring their daily supply, assigning prices from one system. 

           The automated warehouse system (AWS) is a software developed from famous developer SAP Technologies and used widely in different retail service worldwide. This software is located in cloud-based server system of the supermarket head office. Location of AWS is proposed to be placed in centralized system in order all supermarkets can access the system from the Internet. 

The automated cashier desk (ACD) is used in supermarket in order to serve customers quickly when they are coming to the cashier desk. The system consists of PC with touch screen, keyboard and mouse, QR/Bar code scanner, thermoprinter. ACD is connected with AWS in order to obtain information about cost of goods and products, and also to monitor quantity of products left in the warehouse.

The self-service checkout desk (SSCD) is designated to provide quick service for customers with small amount of goods and products. Using this system customers can go through checkout without cashier’s assistance. This is comfortable system to use while customers buying only small number of products (for instance only water and bread, and there is no need to wait in queue). 
Description of current problems in the IT system of the customer
Think what kind of problems can arise in the it system of super market?
Explanation of how is IT support is organized 
In general IT support within supermarket is organized with attraction of own IT support department, because there are many branches of the supermarket in town or country, and they all have similar IT support issues. There are two support issues to be considered.

Software support issues are managed from IT support department together with developer SAP technologies according to technical support agreement.

Hardware support issues are managed mainly from IT support department. In some cases, while own IT support department cannot resolve some hardware issues (for example fixing the thermoprinter or payment terminal) by themselves the IT team refers to outsourcing companies.
Conclusion focusing on recommendations and improvements might be made 
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