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Investigate threats and vulnerability for layer 2 and layer 3 switch blocks in enterprise network with mitigation strategy 

Dissertation (project) Overview: 
This project for MSc network systems  level  it should be around 14.000 words with Harvard style for referencing . this project based on 30 research peeper , conference and white paper, Books are not allowed as references . The use of references published in the period between 2007 until 2017 does not accept the oldest of it, also use  good academic journal as a sources for the referencing  . This work I should submitted  to  engineering and  computing since faculty . let me to explorer for you what the idea for this project  and what I need to achieve this project .
  this project focusing  on security  of layer 2 and layer 3 switches, What are the dangers facing these layers in the network and what are the potential threats and how to avoid them. threats, vulnerabilities and attacks in switch blocks and path. the project problems related to layer 2 &3 switches. These switches help to make the network more secure as the organisation can receive the information in the effective way 
the venture have been problem building effective network between layer 2 and layer 3 switches, leading to a threats related to the protective of data. This project aim to research, design and deploy a secure solution to the problem.
Project objective :
Research threats and vulnerability to layer 2&3 switch blocks and how to mitigate them.
To demonstrate and build secure path between layer 2&3 switch blocks.
Research security issue associated with communication protocol opportunity within layer 2&3 switched network  
Research strategy to secure network edge from attack.
To build a prototype network that will implement that findings.
To test for errors and exception handling, fixing any errors as necessary
To evaluate the product that delivers to identify field for improvement and development, with client acceptance for the product.
Identify the level of success that achieved
To produce a dissertation that meet a needs for MSc Network System level.
Research statement 
The research focus on types of attacks and threats on switched network, and what are solutions are available to protect the network from these attacks and how implement them. 
This unit discusses the research questions represented by the following:-
Research threats and vulnerability to layer 2&3 switch blocks and how to mitigate them. (In enterprise network ) 
Research security issue associated with communication protocol opportunity within layer 2&3 switched network 
Research on the functionality of layer 2 and layer 3 devices.
Types of attack  that effect the layer 2 and 3 switches in enterprise network
ARP attack , STP , DHCP attack ,DDOS How its work the effect and how I can mitigate them etc……

methodology :  
Prototype network that evaluate enterprise switch block security to be tested and evaluated.

Build a secure network between layer 2 switches, layer 3 switches
Explore the internal attack from inside the network and the external attack as well. 

Also you can check the campus network  this project talking about the switches network from the campus network basically it is part of campus network  and the important part that I need to focus on it the security of switches and the threats and vulnerability in communications protocols that I used in my network first one: OSPF you should find that threats and  vulnerability. the advantage and disadvantage to using this protocol in my network and the same thing for IGRP .
I believe you have the ability to produce excellet work 

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