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In a business process there are certain managers who observe and operate different organisational tasks in order to fulfil the goal of an organization. Duty of HRM generally lies on the manpower, employees and predictability of the company which is different among different countries because of certain factors. It is seen most of the times different cultural diversity differentiate HRM practice of different organization. In this contemporary study, certain differences in HRM practice of UK and Chinese business organization is are properly highlighted. Difference regarding staff recruitment, performance management, training, occupational health and safety and balance of work-life are properly presented aligning with different companies.


Different Human Resource Practices

Different Recruiting and selecting staff in UK and China




Being a developing nation China has been implementing several recruitment and and selection policy changed after the introduction of open door policy by government in the year of 1978. Chinese labour market plays essentially important role regarding the recruitment and selection process of the staffs and over 48 percent of Chinese companies acquire external recruitment process for the company. In China, one to one interview is the most common way through which recruitment process is observed by the HRM of the companies. According to Begum (2014, p. 150), it can be seen in the recruitment process of Lenovo that certain application forms are acquired and they are generally evaluated through the availability of references. On the contrary, Li, S. and Nesbit (2014, p. 1540) defines that in contemporary context of China, there are two kinds of selection process which are being practiced by most of the companies like Lenovo. Both Exchange and Psychometric process are being used by HRM management of Chinese companies for selection and recruitment process.



In context of UK, different companies attain different types of recruitment process keeping different factors in their mind. It is mentioned Ahlvik et al. (2014, p. 350), there are mainly three types of recruitment process that are highly practiced in context of UK. Informal recruitment process is one of the popular one as it defines importance of cultural factors that determine orientation of different external and internal market.  In this type of recruitment, certain social factors like relationship, cultural background and social networks play huge roles. On the contrary, a modern UK company believes on Equality Act of 2010 that defines every candidate must have same opportunities regarding acquiring a job and therefore the recruitment process is done accordingly. Another new recruitment process is seen among the companies like Accenture that the HRM of the company hugely depends on web based recruitment process. This process became essentially popular and also causes several problems for the companies. It is seen very often that employees often seek different jobs through websites in working hour that hampers company’s predictability.

Different Performance management – pay and rewards in UK and China



In context of China, companies like Huawei acquire certain strategies regarding pay and rewards for the employees and staffs of the company. It is mentioned buy Zhu et al. (2015, p. 616), the company has high salary policy since the year of 1996 and salary for the undergraduate employees were more than 4000 RMB than that of average salary of China. On the other hand, performance related payment also can be seen in the process of the company which is mostly seen in all Chinese company by which all of the companies try to build up mechanism of self improvement for better performance of the company. Huawei's strict performance payment process can be seen in all levels of the company therefore, any biased performance pay process cannot be seen in the company. According to Ružić (2015, p. 60) companies like Lenovo and Haier acquires long term incentive process through which these companies has acquired certain method regarding business and manufacturing process. Bonus, share schemes and remuneration policies are acquired by Lenovo group in context of China.



In context of UK, pay and reward system, there are two kinds of HRM system are involved in this process. Fixed payment level is the most commonly used payment service through which companies provide fixed salaries for employees. This process is divided among different pay scales which can be determined regarding certain factors like age and experience. Link between performance and reward is one of the major attribute of the HRM process of the UK based companies. On this aspect, it is seen that both Chinese and UK based companies acquire same approach regarding reward for the employees by measuring performance of employees.

Different Training process UK and China



Most of the Chinese organisations acquire different training process as HRM facility in organisations in growing state therefore certain difficulties can be seen while commencing a training process for organisation. Wang et al. (2014, p. 10) the work culture of China defines that most of the employees believe to stay in a company for their lifetime. The practice of frequent change of organisation is very much rare among the employees of China. This factor compels companies to acquire better training process as trained employee do not have tendency to leave a company which is essentially fruitful for the company. On the other hand, better training process also provides companies a better employee retention rate which creates a better working environment in an organization.  In context of China, there is lesser diversity regarding culture among people which also helps companies to acquire lesser number of training programs which in other parts of the word causes huge problems for companies.


In UK there is a more organised way of employee training program because of the availability of better HRM facility in the companies. It is seen in most of the companies that training process for the staffs goes through certain steps like proper analysis for the training through which the Human resource director of a company agrees and monitors staff training facility and process of the company. On the other hand, it is the duty of HRM of the companies to acquire certain knowledge regarding the need of staff training program by which improper allocation of training process are usually omitted and therefore challenge of improper use of money can be mitigated. In staff training process, appraisal and induction of new system is essentially important through which company can run a new business process through proper way.






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