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International business is referred to a combination of diverse activities that an organization performs to advance opportunities in the international market. Numbers of businesses are operating its business from their headquarters located in global cities. It is necessary to identify the key reasons behind setting out a business operational value at global cities because it helps in understanding the key aspects (Hill and Feagin, 2017). For a better understanding of the business operations and international working the Vodafone Plc is being considered an organization. A study will cover information about various factors that motivate management to set up headquarters in global cities. Along with this, the benefits of setting out headquarters in big cities will also be analysed effectively. Moreover, foreign multinational working respecting sustainability initiatives and CSR activities will also be reviewed in the study.

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Global business is considered as international borders trade that allows a company to expand its opportunities in all over the world. In this, exchange of products and services is being done on the basis of some international trade standards that help in meeting organizational goals. In other words, it can be said that a business firm that operates its activities in more than one country is referred to as a global level organization. It allows expanding business effectively and ensuring that the firm is attaining a number of benefits (Zhao et al. 2017). However, while operating business in the international market the experts need to focus on various aspects like legal, cultural and competitive measures. By considering such kind of factors in the practice, the issues can be resolved effectively to accomplish key goals and objectives.

Global level business operations are significant because it helps in advancing the technological factors that improve the overall practice. Benefits like an increase in market share, reduction in cost are two aspects that create sustainable aspects for business. Global level management is referred to as a practice that allows an organization to manage factors like sales, marketing, hiring and finance so that overall measures can be taken into account (Belderbos et al. 2017). It will enhance the work practice sustainability and assist in accomplishing key goals and objectives.

In addition to this, it can be said that for better consideration of global management, business firms are focused on setting out global and regional level headquarters. By considering such a practice, the activities are being performed in an integrated manner for long-term development. However, it is being witnessed that majority of companies are attracted towards global locations for their headquarters and tries to accomplish objectives. It is significant having an identification of measures that force management to select the global destination as a preferred location for headquarters (Kasemsap, 2018).

There is a number of reason multinational firms prefer global cities as the location to set up their headquarters such as resource allocation, easy connectivity with international clients, etc. By having an improved focus on global locations, the issues in terms of global operations can be resolved. It has been noticed that businesses are attracted to the global city because it offers easy connectivity to all divisions. Accessibility to have connectivity with diverse areas of world assists in global trade. Clients can reach to a business firm in an easy manner that enhances the tendency to get associated.

For example, Vodafone is operating its business from London Headquarters that allow its clients to reach business firm in an easy manner. It helps business to gain a better competitive advantage. If a company was located in some small city of UK, then it might be possible that direct international flights may not available for the client. It will create some challenges in customer reach so to overcome such issues the businesses are setting out their offices in big cities that have proper transportation facilities for international clients (Manning et al. 2017). Availability of factors like water, the quality of public transportation is also effective in global cities as compared to small destinations. It creates a better opportunity for a business firm and leads to an impressive level of success. 

In addition to this, it can be said that resource allocation can also be boosted effectively if a business is set up in a global city. It also attracts business entity to set out its operational activities with easy access to big cities. It has been noticed that an international business firm requires an easy allocation of technological factors so that they can have better connectivity with an international market. Also, an operational activity of international firms requires the support of other technological factors (Brannen et al. 2017). Classification of technological aspects can be as database management, cloud computing, email servers between branches and CRM. 

In small cities, it might be possible that these technological aspects may not available in an efficient manner. Although, exporting of such measures in business from some big city might increase the cost factor. It clearly indicates that easy application of technology with the cost-saving factor attracts the entities to set up their headquarters in global cities. For example, Vodafone is a telecommunication firm that operates its business in diverse nations. It means the basic need of business is a technological factor according to the nature of the telecommunication sector (Park, 2018). If a company is not having easy access to such values properly then overall operational effectiveness might get influenced in a negative manner. Exporting the technological aspects like fibres and cables from another city will enhance the operational cost that might affect the overall turnover so to avoid such negative values the Vodafone has set-up its headquarters in London. Effective technology infrastructure facilitates in building better communication with society and assist in resolving problems.

Workforce allocation can also be improved in a critical manner by having a business set up in a global city. It has been noticed that the success of every business is dependent on the effectiveness of its workforce because they are the one that focuses on the accomplishment of activities as per standards. If workforce allocation is not according to standards, then it might affect the overall outcome in a diverse manner (Kara and Fırat, 2018). In big cities number of educational institutions are operating that allows businesses to hire skilled workforce in a better way. It improves the operational values of business and leads to an impressive level of success. Improved level of human resources available in global cities is also a major reason that businesses like Vodafone are considering their headquarters set up in big cities.

It has been witnessed that legal values application is also a major concern that businesses are considering while setting out the headquarters in the global city. If a business firm is not considering legal values application properly, then it might affect the overall business in a negative manner. In global cities, there are a number of legal monitoring organizations that work to ensure legal frameworks in the workplace (Paik et al. 2017). By taking the assistance of such authorities the business like Vodafone make sure that they have an ethical workplace. If a business firm had operations at some small place, then it might be possible that accessibility of such monitoring authorities might get affected in a negative manner.

Along with this, it can be said that a supportive business environment is better in big cities as compared to small cities. It is also one of key reason that businesses are more focused on setting up a headquarters at the global city. Public funding to run businesses is a factor that helps in developing aspects. In big cities like London, such measures are highly promoted that assist business to accomplish goals (Odriozola and BaraibarDiez, 2017). It indicates that economic and social support to business is high in global cities that attract organizations to run their businesses in big cities. Relation with government bodies can also be building in the desired manner because government offices are also located significantly in global cities as compared to small cities. It facilitates business entity to improve the frameworks and ensure that objectives are being accomplished.

According to a detailed consideration of reasons choosing global cities, it can be said that business firms can easily attain various benefits if they are operating from global cities. It has been noticed that companies are more focused on the selection of global cities for headquarters because it allows having a better entry in the international market. With the assistance of this sales growth can be accomplished in the desired manner (Kim, 2017). Although the risk diversification can also be promoted effectively if a business is being set out in a big city like London. 

Strategic advantages that a business can attain while operating in the global city are classified as an exchange of information, new labour and capital, financial markets and human resources. It indicates that the sharing of information is more effective in big cities because wide ranges of communication channels are available. By having advertising at a big scale of a global city, the issues can be resolved in the desired manner (BernalConesa et al. 2017). For example, a company has expanded business in Asian country then they can advertise products in a unique manner. Vodafone can use content as the biggest communication network of London is now in your city. These kinds of lines attract customers in a more efficient manner and assist in accomplishing goals and objectives.  

The organization succeeds when they build up the goals of their quality in a general city to extend learning. Effective endeavors to redesign business affiliations and structures association aptitudes can enhance all parts of the business. For instance, generally broadened information association can speed new things or information to display and thusly gain an advantage over the confinement. A new relationship in territories, for example, data improvement, R&D or spread can chop down expense or give better association (Halme et al. 2018). In addition to this, it can be said that by having a consideration of such factors while operating a business firm global city the issues can be resolved in the desired manner. It helps in improving the performance and leads business to an impressive level of success. The cost factor is being controlled properly by businesses that assist in gaining competitive advantage. Using the marketing opportunities available that big cities the business firm can have sustainable development. It helps to make sure that goals and objectives can be accomplished more effectively by having the support of citizens. Easy reach to customers is also a benefit that entity can attain while operating in global cities.

Vodafone Plc is one of leading telecommunication business that operates in various nations. By having an improved focus on centralised working, the company has promoted its business in a diverse manner. It has been noticed that centralised working has allowed the business firm to control its all regional branches in an effective manner through its London headquarters. In this, the same cultural value has been employed at all regional levels according to standards of the home nation (BernalConesa et al. 2017). Appropriate control over operations has helped in meeting standards of wok-place that leads to an impressive level of success. Centralised working from headquarters at the global city has allowed a business firm to attain various benefits. It has lead operational activities to an impressive level of success. Workforce allocation and infrastructure arrangement has been made in an adequate manner that leads to an impressive level of success.

Vodafone has hired skilled workforce at all levels and ensures that key goals and objectives can be accomplished. By having a skilled workforce, the operational issues have been resolved. It has helped in gaining competitive advantage that assists in meeting objectives. Infrastructure assistance has allowed a business firm to ensure that key resources are being properly accomplished properly (Kim, 2017). Public transportation has also allowed growing business in an appropriate manner because reach to customers is easy. Business networks are being developed in an effective manner that has offered in meeting sustainable development. Professionalism has also been boosted in recent years that assist in meeting goals and objectives.

In addition to this, it can be said that by having an effective development of practice at headquarters in London the business entity has improved its customer base. Numbers of conferences and meeting have been arranged by Vodafone that has attracted a wide range of customers. Urban societies routinely have an alternate social base (Driozola and BaraibarDiez, 2017). Affiliations that offer an association or thing to a tight quality will discover more clients in that distinguishing strength in a more noteworthy mass. It has been identified that using various aspects the Vodafone has targeted a wide range of customers that have boosted the business opportunities. A professional network is also an aspect that has allowed meeting the objectives in the desired manner. Through centralized working, at London headquarters, the business firm has effectively developed a professional network (Paik et al. 2017). 



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