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Mary is an Australian having a background in food family. Mary own a small shop name the aroma shop which was influenced by Mary’s parents because they working as chef and having a great recipe for condiments sauces. Mary opens The Aroma shop and small factory which serves an organic ingredient and their perseveration in Wagga Wagga. Now Mary wants to expand the business in china. Mary wants to serve the product like chilli sauce chutney, jams and paste. For expanding the business, Mary needs to fly to china and meet mr Lau who is an old manager of popular store in china. The essay developed the commination and business problem for Mary. 
This part of the essay mainly focused on the cross culture miscommunication by Australia and china which is problem for Mary and Mr Lau to communicate. In this section also discussed about the Hofsted model for culture to understand the china’s culture by Mary. This essay also contained a suitable business adjustment for Mary to grow business in China. Also there is recommendation for the meeting happened to Mr Lau. 

For a successful business in China, the cultural awareness and business etiquette will help to maximise Mary’s potential in China because the cross cultural miscommunication can draw a barrier for Mary. The cross culture miscommunication between Australia and China are as follows:

Work hours- in Australia people like to finish their work as early as possible and go back to the home and allocate time with their household in the evening or afternoon. But in China it’s expected that they come to the office at 11am or 12pm and they work till 11pm or 12 am. So they are more accessible to make late night calls but they don’t desire to start their work early.

Interaction with seniors- in Australia the idea of sitting on the floor is much more embraced whereas in china the boss keeps his office disconnected from the other employees. According to Ballantyne and Hughes (2014), in China a low graded staff and the person who runs the marketing both get equal amount of respect

Socializing and food- in Australia one can build a strong relationship with office folks unless they are making a hangout and sharing foods with them. Here socializing happens over few drinks on Friday afternoon. But in China office, every other day of a week everybody makes a stop for an hour and gets socialized around food.

Office layout: as stated by (Lasserre, 2017) the office rooms in Australia try to maintain the ‘Australianise’ thing with a touch of kangaroo prints on wall, maps of Australia etc. Although China has the local touches. But still Australia is most creative and they let the inner personality and feeling fly free.

Asking questions- Australians are more informal and direct. People will throw the direct questions to the CEO. But in China, it will take a team to ask a question and they ask probably the more respectful and business focused questions.

To compare the business preference, Mary needs to do some personal analysis about china that the aroma shop business is running with Mr Lau successfully. To analysis the business preferences Marywill take help from the hopsted model of culture.

Power distance: the power distance contact with the statistic that all the people living in the society are not the same. As stated by (Deresky, 2017), It shows the attitude of the people towards the inequality. It also extends the number of institutional member with the less power and it also includes what a country should except and accept. It helps Mary to understand the scenario of the china people and their inequality.

Individualism: the individualism is discussed by the amount of degree of interdependence under the society which maintained by the other member. Individual person in china are supposed to look their own self and only their direct family. As recommended by (Ng et al. 2015) Commitments of the employees are very low. It helps to Mary to understand the employees in new area.

Masculinity: it shows in china that masculine people are driven by the success achievement and competition. As said by (Moran, Abramson and Moran, 2014), It also seen in the community that who have a low score in masculinity, they have less value in society. Mary has to understand the reason behind the motivation of the china people and set the best masculine goal to do the meeting and business successfully.

Uncertainty avoidance: the uncertainty avoidance extended that cultural feel to the member and threated by the confusing stuff. According to (Ehrich et al. 2016), Mary needs to understand the institutions to avoid this unwanted hazard and grow the business easily.

Long-term orientation: as stated by (Drogendijk and Martín, 2015), the long-term orientation is the process to maintain the link with the past and deals with the challenges which comes in the present and future in the society. Mary needs to understand this so that Mary can low down the risk in the business.

Indulgence: indulgence describes the process of extent that control peoples’ impulse and desire. As reported by (Tung, 2016), Mary has to understand the society and their desire first and this process can help the Mary to grow the business a lot.

China is the dream market for many. But at the same time, there are innumerable stories faced by foreign entrants. So for Mary there is a high chance to fail to compete and also survive in the unforgiving business surroundings of China. There are many barriers like language barriers, local competition, and lack of clarity. As stated by (Zhang, van and Leeflang, 2014) there are some valuable lessons for a foreign business entrant that could rescue them from making destructive errors and help them to increase their probability of gaining success in China. Some suitable adjustments for business that Mary has to proceed to run her successful business are mentioned below:

Localise the product- Mary has to reach out to a business builder of China to create a regional or local version of her product. When get into China, she must consider that she has lost product market fit and she has to rediscover it. As recommended by (Triandis, 2018) she should start with RAT (Riskiest Assumption Test) or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) mind-set to validate what is or is not doing well.

Know the Chinese user: cultural circumstances- Mary should be user-obsessed and also understand the Chinese users very well to run a successful business because they are very dissimilar in various ways from the west and/or in the other parts of the world. According to (Samovar et al. 2015) easterners are more anxious with collectivism rather than individualism. Mary must discover the differences in her target audience by user research.

Hire a local partner- having a local partner can help Mary to tackle many factors including language barriers, the deficiency of access to the business network, local regulations for setting up the foreign investment. It is an invaluable consideration in long run.

Adaptation of local ecosystem and marketing strategy- to be successful it should be done to adapt the Chinese platform and adapt the local ecosystem and the marketing strategy in which Chinese are used to.

Mary wanted to expand the business in china and having a meeting with Mr Lau. Mary has a number of barriers in the path. There are some recommendations for doing a great meeting. Mary needs a clear communication with Mr Lau to expand the chilli sauces business in china. It is very important to have a clear communication with Mr Lau. Mira have to learn the language first or else have to hire some translator or applications which help the words to converts Australian language to china. Mary needs to take some time to research on the culture of china and Mr Lau. The lady need to learn the customer mind first it will help really. They have to surfing the net and gathering the knowledge about their china’s protocol business practices food protocol because everything is new for Mary in china.Mary need to go more than one time for the meeting because by using the lunch and learn process are help to communicate in difference culture and accept them. Mira have to give the own value and not compromise it, like if Mary has a problem with some thinking or point saying by Mr Lau then Mary have to speak out and tell the view. Mary has to maintain the cultural requirement by Mr Lau such as the religious holidays, prayer time. So Mary set the meeting time according to this time. 


From the above study it can be concluded that Mary need take some to understand the Mr Lau and their culture properly. Being an Australian it is really difficult for Mary to understand the Chinese business culture because the aroma shop serve the chilli sauce, paste and many other chilli product and china have a great market for that. However Mary needs to go china and do a meeting with Mr Lau about the chinese business culture and the 


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