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I. Introduction  

Many advanced economies have skilled AN upsurge in immigration over the past 40 years. the size of this influx has light-emitting diode to in style unease concerning its long implications. it's conjointly stirred a dialogue concerning the prices and advantages of immigration for native taxpayers. during this dialogue, those that square measure troubled concerning immigration have attended emphasize its negative implications, like welfare dependency among bound forms of migrant, particularly those from poorer countries. Conversely, the supporters of immigration have stressed its positive implications, like the government income from extremely skilled immigrants. Alongside the popular dialogue there has arisen an instructional literature that seeks to supply a additional objective and balanced assessment of the problems. the aim of this paper is to summarize this literature and to explore some its main themes. The structure of the paper is as follows. First, there's a discussion of the demographic issues that play a vital role within the dialogue over immigration. this is often followed by a section on a number of the mensuration problems that square measure concerned in estimating the commercial enterprise impact of immigration. there's then a survey of the international proof, principally from Europe and America, concerning the commercial enterprise contribution of immigration. this is often followed by separate sections on the united kingdom and on the commercial enterprise impact of immigration on low-fertility countries. The paper concludes with a brief outline.

II. Demographic issues 

(i) Age-structure 

The age-structure of advanced economies is dynamic beneath the impact of lower birth rates and longer expectancy. The proportion of older individuals within the population is rising and therefore the commercial enterprise cost of supporting them is increasing. in essence, immigration will alleviate these effects by helping to rejuvenate the population and providing extra employees to come up with government income to finance pensions and welfare services for the older. Immigrants square measure usually rather young and therefore the immediate result of immigration is to extend the working-age population and thereby widen the potential tax-base. Immigration may have AN indirect result on the age structure through its impact on the birth rate. Immigrants square measure principally of child-bearing age and many of them come back from cultures wherever families square measure comparatively giant. this is often a serious reality behind the recent increase within the Great Britain birth rate. Provided the immigrants and their descendants
can get employment while not displacing native employees, their impact on the age structure is likely to learn government finances.

The rejuvenating result of a happening injection of immigrants can usually fade within the course of your time. a number of the immigrants can leave. Others can stay within the country however get old, and therefore the fertility of their descendants can eventually fall as they assimilate to native norms. To sustain a permanent rejuvenation through immigration needs a unbroken flow
of new arrivals, and if they and their youngsters stay within the country the additive impact on population can become terribly giant. this is often illustrated in Table one, that presents some projections for the united kingdom over the amount 2006–81. These square measure supported projections created by the govt. Actuary’s Department (GAD). The Department assumes in its ‘principal projection’ that internet immigration continues indefinitely at AN annual rate of a hundred ninety,000. With this rate of migration, population reaches eighty five.3 m by the top of the amount and therefore the old-age dependency magnitude relation reaches zero.396. The table conjointly presents an alternate projection beneath that the migration influx is way lower and is precisely adequate to the outward flow of emigrants. As a result internet migration is zero. With balanced migration of this sort, population would rise to solely sixty four.3 m in 2081 and therefore the dependency magnitude relation would be zero.431.1 comparison the 2 The balanced migration estimates square measure derived by linear interpolation from the official projections that square measure available on the GAD web site (GAD, 2007). For details of the strategy see Rowthorn (2007).
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