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ICTWEB501 Final Assessment 

Course Aim: 

It applies to individuals working as web developers who are responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, and testing of websites.

Assessment Overview:

This project is continuation of ICTWEB411 final project. 

As the sole project manager, system analyst  and web developer, you must plan, build and test your website for your chosen web project.  This website will include a number of dynamic components that you will customise. The website must adhere to your original specifications in ICTWEB411 final project.

You are required to create a written specification that documents and defines what your website will be and what it is for. The written specification must have a title page (showing the title of your website project, your name /student number and other important information), table of contents, and or list of figures. This report must be written in MS Word with each section clearly with a header. 

Specific Tasks and Requirements

Task 1: Project Specification

Create a written document that defines exactly what is expected of the website.  

Identify business requirements of the website

Explain the exact purpose of the website

Define the expectations for the website’s performance including technical and quality standards

Define and analyse your intended user interface:

Explain how users navigates the website

Highlight any specific user needs

Create detailed wireframes of the website and it’s interface that can be used as a prototype

Define the platforms that target users will be browsing with

Describe the design principles and aesthetics that are relevant and appealing to your users

Create a sitemap/hierarchy of your website pages

Define and explain the architecture of the website to include the following

How your data is stored (Hosting / domain / databases)

Coding languages to be used in the building of your website

CMS or software used for your website (define the version)

Additional software required in the construction of your website

Task 2: Produce the Software Design Specifications

Create a hierarchy or a sitemap of the website showing navigation

Create a sitemap/hierarchy of your website pages 

Ensure that the content is logical an d functional

Produce the prototype of the user interface

Define and explain the following architectural requirements of the website:

Coding languages to be used in the building of your website

How your data is stored (Hosting / domain / databases)

Database setup and data storage requirement including the data dictionary

CMS or software used for your website (define the version)

Additional software required in the construction of your website

Task 3: Develop the Website to the Specified Design

Create the Software components of the website. The website must:: 

Be created using several coding languages: combination of HTML with CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL.

Be hosted online (your tutor will guide you through how to secure one)

Include at least two functionalities for the user (interface controls, galleries, community components, etc.)

Test the components of the website

Please use the following for the guidelines: 

Integrate the components to produce the web application

Finalise the design and development of your website and produce the production sample ready for the user acceptance

Task 4: Test  and evaluate the web application

Test the website against the requirements

Write a short report that evaluates your project and include the following:

Overall success of the project including your strengths and weaknesses as a web designer

How does the website perform and function based on your original specifications?

Screen shots of your final website (show the main pages and key features)

Explanation and supporting screen shots to explain what you use HTML/CSS/JS/PHP or other code to achieve.







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