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Globex Corporation was founded in 2013 during the merging of two large regional business, Riverina Precision Farming, and B T & Sons Farming Equipment. Globex Corp is primarily located in the Riverina Region of NSW and has three locations, Albury, Griffith and Wagga Wagga. Globex have recently opened a new office at Orange so that we can better service the Central West and meet the needs of the many Stud Farms in the region.

Globex endeavour to provide quality agricultural solutions that are reliable, value for money and exceed the expectations of owners and operators throughout the Riverina and Central West regions of New South Wales.

Project Description

Globex is a long-standing client of Virtucon. Therefore, Globex has contracted Virtucon to project manage the development of a new online cash marketplace platform – i-Crop.  Virtucon will develop the i-Crop website and app in house, and will endeavour to deliver the solution on time, and as inexpensively as possible while still meeting all project requirements.

This is an entirely new system and does not replace any existing systems.  i-Crop will be a value add service for Globex clients who grow and purchase grain. It is envisaged, that by bringing growers and buyers together via a single platform, i-Crop will provide a convenient and easy way to manage, sell and buy warehoused grain.

The Globex brief for i-Crop requires that both the website and app will use an intuitive, easy to use interface and mobile-enabled platform, that enables easy access to domestic and export opportunities anytime, anywhere.
Due to the often remote locations of clients and their limited and unstable internet connectivity, Globex also require i-Crop to incorporate solutions within the platform to manage transaction issues should they occur..
Globex has identified several features for i-Crop which include, but are not limited to:



As a crop grower, clients will have the ability to set the cash price they want to sell their current season warehoused grain for, this is called an “offer”. All offers are immediately placed on the market and can be accepted by their preferred buyers.


Buyers can list cash prices and the tonnes they want to purchase, these are referred to as “bids”. Growers can view and compare bids based on price and payment terms and easily sell their grain in a few simple steps.

Preferred buyers

i-Crop will give growers the ability to build a list of preferred buyers, whose payment terms work for them. Preferred buyers will be the only buyers who can accept an offer a grower creates. This will enable growers to control the selling of their grain to the buyers they know and trust.

Transactions types

Transactions supported include cash transactions between growers and buyers as well as transfer of grain ownership to the buyers upon payment.

All cash transactions are Receival Only payment option, which means growers pay the storage fees and buyers pay the receival fees.

Seasonal sales on i-Crop

i-Crop will only support the current season of grain coming into warehouse for cash transactions. If an offer exists, on changeover of seasons it should no longer be visible. If a bid happens to be placed for an older season it cannot be transacted with.

Information sources

Price and market information

All prices and market information presented is based on the offers, bids and cash prices placed in i-Crop. Prices will include any buyer who places a bid (cash price).

Grain Silo Site information

Grain Silo Site information such as opening hours, locations, and contact details should be available for each registered Grain Silo Site.

System use

How do clients use i-Crop?

Clients can access and use i-Crop via any web browser or via the dedicated app.  Apps are available for iPhone/iPad and android phones / tablets.

Is the i-Crop app free?

The app will be free for clients to download however network charges apply.


Internet access, and loss of connectivity.

Based on the nature of a live marketplace information is constantly changing, clients will need to be connected to the internet to ensure the information they are viewing is correct. If clients happen to lose connectivity part way through placing or transacting with an offer / bid it could either submit or not at all. A solution will be required for clients to be able to confirm if the offer, bid or transaction has gone through, when they reconnect to the internet.

If clients lose connectivity and the screen they are on requires an active internet connection, a message should  be displayed to advise them that they are offline.

If the i-Crop platform is unavailable.

If clients have bids and/or offers during an unplanned outage, Globex must contact clients to inform them of their options.



On certain pages within the i-Crop website, clients should be able to use a ‘Print Screen’ button to print those pages (e.g. delivery summaries).

User accounts

Clients can be both a buyer and grower.  Both profiles should be contained in the one login – with the ability to switch between roles as necessary. Clients should be able to do this within the website and app easily.

Globex have also requested that:

A cost estimate and budget be prepared for the cost of the system development and implementation

Detailed reporting system to include (but not limited to):

Grain sales statistics (e.g. number/type/value of sales at each Grain Silo Site)

Client usage data by client type (buyer / grower)


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