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Executive summary

Coffeeville is a family-run coffee shop in Victoria. The organization has developed numerous strategies so that they can expand their business by acquiring competitive advantages. However, it is observed that the recruitment and selection procedures need modification. There is a conflict witnessed between the directors and the HR department regarding the recruitment policies. It is therefore recommended that the fir must re-shape their recruitment strategies so that it includes decision-making perspectives of both the directors, as well as the HR unit. Moreover, sustainability must be an important factor for the recruitment and selection process so that employees remain in the organization for the long-term.

Organisational data and trends in Human Resources 

Coffeeville has secured its position in the market by developing effective business, operational and marketing plans and strategies ("about us", 2019). The mission of the organization is to deliver high-quality ad fair trade coffee to the customers. They consider their workforce as a strong factor that aids in organizational success. Under the policies and procedures, Coffeeville has segregated its rules and regulations for its customers, as well as its employees. The organization has developed a dress code for its workforce and has set standards to manage management-employee relations. Additionally, Performance Management Policy, Misconduct Policy, Anti-Harassment Policy, and Risk Management Policy are some of the important regulations designed by the Coffeeville (Earl & Taylor, 2015). Reviewing these standards, it is evident that Coffeeville is dedicated to serving its employees as they believe their success depends on employee performances. Thus, Human Resource plays a crucial role in strengthening the business operations of Coffeeville.

Issue faced by Coffeeville and suitable options for change  

Coffeeville although has designed a secured plan to tackle the issues related to business operations, however, they lack a proper HR structure that deals with hiring and selection of employees (Bish, Newton & Johnston, 2015). From the organizational standards, it is evident that the director and senior manager deals with the recruitment processes, which do not align with the standards, set by the Human Resource department. The Human Resource department of the organization has set different policies and procedures that demand recruitment of the skilled and competent candidate for a specified position. However, the higher authorities recruit incompetent employees to grow their business that ultimately led to the dissatisfaction of the customers. Thus, the recruitment policy must be changed and it should be an amalgamation of the decisions taken by both the HR team and the higher management team. The recruitment and selection should be an integrated plan that defines the demands and satisfaction of stakeholders.

Links to sustainability initiatives 

According to Jepsen & Grob (2015), an extension observed in the resource-based outlook of the organization suggests that all resources including the Human Resource department must contribute to the organization’s competitive advantages. This reveals that the organization must maintain a healthy relationship with the natural environment. It has a significant impact on the recruitment and selection of qualified and skilled employees. This is because candidates are attracted to those organizations, which hold positive reviews in the competitive market. Thus, HR is denoted as a symbol of the long-term and integrated personnel management approach that results in workforce benefits and sustained business performances. Coffeeville must implement sustainable HR practices so that they can evaluate the response from their stakeholders and other civil society firms to generate a responsible corporate business strategy. This, in turn, will enhance the recruitment rate as candidates will want to involve themselves with the sustainable plan of the company.

Barriers to change and accurate solutions

Abraham et al. (2015) stated that while implementing changes in an organization, numerous barriers are encountered by the company. These include unfamiliar risks, inefficient leadership, miscommunication, and other complexities. In the case of Coffeeville, barriers are certain as the overall recruitment process is in a stage to change. The change in the recruitment policies in Coffeeville can bring several hurdles for efficient organizational performance. It is believed that a limited evaluation of the change can have a significant impact on the business operations of Coffeeville. A rift can occur between the higher management and the HR unit. This can have a significant impact on employee performance. It is, therefore, recommended that all the hierarchies of the firm must be involved in the decision-making process. This will help the organization to develop creative ideas to solve the issues that can arise after the implementation of the changes.

Internal and external stakeholders of the organization and their influence to develop an effective strategy

The internal stakeholders comprising of the employees, directors, and managers must try to resolve the issues occurring due to ineffective recruitment and selection of skilled personnel. Coffeeville has developed numerous policies and strategies so that they can expand their business effectively in the competitive market. However, a gap is created between the directors and the HR team regarding the hiring procedure of the firm. It is recommended that the best policy must be chosen from the respective standards of both the HR and the board of directors so that the organization gets competent and skilled employees. On the other hand, Mazur & Pisarski (2015) stated that external stakeholders are the most important part of any organization. Coffeeville has a mission to deliver high-quality products to the customer base. Thus, customers’ reviews must be responded rapidly by the organization so that they earn customer loyalty for a long time span.     


Coffeeville is suffering from effective recruitment policies as the hiring method is intervened by the board of directors (Milliken et al., 2015). The Human Resource Department has developed a different systemic approach to select the best candidates for the firm. However, interruptions from the directors have led to the downfall of the recruitment process. It is recommended that both the higher authorities and the HR department must work together so that the competencies of the candidates are analyzed through different perspectives. The candidate must be subjected to numerous evaluation processes and each department of the analysis must be handled by both the HR and the board of directors. This will present the efficacy of the candidates to excel in their careers through Coffeeville. The strategic planning for the implementation of an effective recruitment procedure must include:

Short plans for achieving key milestones

The primary solution to mitigate the issues related to recruitment and selection is an open discussion of the board of directors wit the HR team. This is believed to solve internal conflicts and will develop an array of prohcesses for the effective recruitment of skilled employees. Coffeeville must add new policies to its recruitment scheme that will include both the aspects of directors and the HR department. It is necessary to maintain a united approach to eradicate issues related to recruitment and selection of candidates. The key milestone must be the hiring of skilled and competent employees (Carter & Ardery, 2016). The designing of this strategy will require some time but it must be accomplished within a time frame. The employees must be provided with effective training so that they can finish the assigned task aligning with the objectives of the firm. Coffeeville must be competent enough to satisfy its stakeholders by delivering high-quality products within the designated time.

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