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 Modern business methods have changed to encompass new techniques such as management by objectives and scientific management techniques. These tools have provided sufficient improvement in the worker’s productivity and efficiency generating more revenue for the company. Compensation and benefits as well have motivated employees to become better at their specialty, making them more integral to their respective organizations. In addition to that, performance appraisals come in handy to evaluate the contribution of each member thereby dictating the extent to which they are given benefits in the form of appreciation. All of these factors culminate in my dream job as a human resource manager, a role essential to modern day ways of business management.

Job Description

The human resource department deals with the dynamic factors that influence the productivity and efficiency of workers in an organization. It is headed by the human resource manager and in terms of job description, they have varying duties. These include staffing departments, recruiting appropriate workers for each job opening or positioning and developing the organization. Moreover, they monitor performance improvement systems such as activities to motivate workers and ensure relations between workers are in accordance to the firm’s policy. Employees’ health, safety and welfare al fall under the docket of the human resource manager, who has to ensure that sufficient communication is established to detect problems as early as possible.

Job Specification

Job specification details the qualifications that come along with any job position in the formal business world. If these qualifications are met by an individual, then they become eligible for that job. Human resource managers have to be experienced with managing and supervising professional workers. Additionally, at least 5 years of practical work in the field is an added advantage as it brings skill to the job(Arnold & Pulich, 2007). Moreover, having a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Human Resource is required with a distinction given to those with a Master’s in similar fields. Being able to develop teamwork skills that focus on exhibiting efficiency and commonsense when working with other workers is expected. This trait as well culminates in having methods or approaches which bring out the best in employees in terms of productivity.

Additionally, a human resource manager has to display an ability to adapt to change, thereby acting as a leader in the company(Arnold & Pulich, 2007). Finally, committing to learning new aspects of the employees and how to manage them is the one of the distinguishing factors of an exceptional manager. It implies a vested interest in the labor that drives the company, a concept which is beneficial to the company since these employees will feel needed therefore becoming more efficient.

Compensation and Benefits Package

Benefits and compensation plans lead to a more satisfactory frame of mind which influences the work rate of an employee(Ellig, 2014). Benefits are added on top of the salary and may include areas such as health, retirement, tuition and vacation. The first category will focus on the pension accorded to the human resource manager. It will entail a contribution plan which is deducted from each month’s salary from the time of the work’s inception. 5% of wages is contributed by the company and an additional 5% cut out of the employee’s salary until such a time that they want to cash-out. Immediately after employment has ceased, the cash-out option is available

 Moreover, medical cover and health insurance will be provided for the human resource manager with the inclusion of their immediate family. The policy will be paid to the tune of $5,000 per year which will be inclusive in the budget. Additionally, any leave that is due to a disability will be paid for to the extent of a year. Tuition for the employee’s children, if any, will be covered partially, roughly 20% of the school’s fees per year. Additional compensations and benefits include a 4 weeks’ vacation leave per year spread out according to the Human Resources Manager’s choosing. This is inclusive of any personal or reflection time taken.

 Fringe benefits such as food and utilities will be covered under the mandate of the company without requiring the employee to chip in. Financial planning services will be provided periodically that go into the money management techniques of the employee. Outstanding work in conservation of resources or energy will as well be recognized annually with a subsequent 5% bonus allowance in terms of salary on the basis of exceptional work.Finally, products affiliated to the company or organization will be given at a 30% discount to the human resource manager.


Much of the research is dependent on state laws and regulations which govern the basic amenities given to workers. Bias has to be considered and well managed in order to prevent lawsuits from being given to the company. Specifically, each rank or employee importance has to be considered without discrimination to their color, ethnicity or sex(Ellig, 2014). As such, full equality will ensure the benefits are dished out in a deserving manner which will respect the laws in place and as well go towards increasing employee motivation and belief in the company regarding factors such as overtime work.

Budget allocation as well was a crucial element. Each company or corporation has to divide its earnings so as to decide which portion is responsible for salaries and which sectors go towards compensations/benefits. For instance, if the company uses 80% of its earnings on salaries, then the 20% goes to compensation and benefits. Subsequently, the 20% has to be rationalized so as to meet the budgetary requirements. They may be divided according to health benefits, vacation benefits andhealthcare management.

The salary range of a human resource manager in the modern world is about $64,000 per year(Arnold & Pulich, 2007). A crucial detail considered is the salary earned since it is weighed against the value and amount of benefits that the employee will receive. Additionally, it enhances competition amongst the workers since a higher paying job indicates better benefits but as well requires greater skills, motivating the workers to do better. Therefore, with a salary of $64,000 per year, 5% of it went towards pension savings with a subsequent slight amount being considered for group benefits.

Finally, the research considered the company goals and targets(Park, 2017). These factors integrated into a performance management system that then structured any coaching work productivity methods used to gauge the employees. By using the goals of the company, the human resource manager’s benefits can be meted out to the extent with which they have made progress towards them.

Performance Appraisal Program

Assessing the position of human resource manager would be the first step in performance appraisal, followed by a scale of the company, whether it is a big enterprise or a small business. Additionally, this step helps to determine the type and manner in which the appraisal will be conducted, whether formally or informally. Creating a policy will be the next step, a policy that addresses the corrective measures that will be taken upon the completion of the performance appraisal program. These steps include corrective measures, guidance, counseling and using positive support to help improve the efficiency of low performing employees.

Subsequently, the job description of a human resource manager has an expected level of literacy and experience. These aspects as well will influence performance appraisal methods or techniques which showcases the extent of their duties. Depending on the job description, performance standards will be set that indicate the expected level one should achieve before consideration for appraisal. Fourth,assessing and deciding on a specific appraisal method is vital. Graphic presentations and utilizations cut the stress of going through heaps of essays for appraisals. Management by Objectives is most suitable especially for people in a leadership position which is consistent with the position of a human resource manager.

Conducting training sessions that educate employees on the need for appraisals will be included in the program. These sessions will mostly include discussions that aim at motivating employees especially the human resource manager on exactly why they should garner for appraisals though achieving and striving toward achieving company goals and objectives for each sessions or season of the year. Self-assessments are an innovative way to create more responsibility and accountability in the modern business word. Since it is a single position in the company, the human resource manager will undergo training, as the final step in the program, on how to effectively assess their performance and productivity in the company over their tenure. The employer will give their feedback on what points they agree or disagree on, allowing the human resource manager to identity their mistakes and make subsequent improvements


Since it is a tool that evaluates individual benefits and contributions to the company, a lot of research was conducted into the people who will be evaluated. Specifically, a human resource manager’s position was taken into context and subsequently used to determine the outcomes expected when executing the job and specifications required. Moreover, the outcome of appraisals was considered and it was decided that it would either end in a promotion, sufficient compensation or the demotion of a worker. Once these factors were put in perspective, it became easier to decide which method would be used in analyzing the work of a human resource manager.

Traditional methods of appraisal are such as using a checklist, ranking the workers, using an essay where the worker outlines their performance, having a confidential report and using a paired comparison technique(Park, 2017). These tools were compared to modern methods such as Management by Objectives, cost accounting mechanism, using behavior as a rating scale and a 360-degree performance appraisal. Modern methods are found to be time-saving with a consideration to the research used. For instance, the essay method used a lot of paper for an examination that would have been done over time or in a single session. Finally, MBO was taken as the most viable method to appraise a human resource manager.


In conclusion, my dream job is to become a human resource manager. The position offers challenges and risks that align with my interest. Moreover, it is a position that is well respected and with an aspect of human engagement or interaction, an area that I am particularly interested in. It is a dynamic position whose benefits include areas such as healthcare, education, vacation and paid leave in case of disability. When these factors are paired up with the effectiveness of performance appraisals and their subsequent rewards, they add to the allure of the job and its importance in the modern business world.


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