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Human Resource Management looks after conducting development to the work process along with recruiting proper employee in the organisation. It also looks after doing construction in the training process to lead skill improvement to the employees. In this study, the focus is developed over Natwest bank, which helps in leading strategic planning by managing performance to the employees (NatWest, 2019). The purpose of conducting this study is to look after the organisational plans and policies which helps in managing the work in the chosen organization. The aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of the critical elements of Human Resource Management.

LO1: Discuss the purpose and scope of Human Resource management which can be used in fulfilling business objectives

P1: Discuss the purpose and Functions to Human Resource Management 

HRM mainly stays responsible for managing organisational plans and policies in order to develop recruitment and motivational process to the organisation. The purpose and function is going to be stated in this study, and those are;

P2: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches to the recruitment   and selection process

Human resource manager looks after conducting effective recruitment as it helps in developing the working process of Natwest bank. Recruitment is the process that looks after managing organisational work by integrating productive employees in the workplace. Recruitment and selection process plays a crucial role in maintaining the part of success in the organisation (Nankervis et al. 2016). The HRM department of Natwest bank recruits employees based upon the employee skills and the job requirements. Thus, strengths and weaknesses are going to be analysed to develop planning based upon these. 

Strengths- The HR manager first has to understand the work process and organisation issues, which is hampering their daily work. After following the needs of the recruitment process get conducted to integrate employees to manage proper workflow. If the HR manager fails to understand the needs of the organisation, then it may lead to recruiting the wrong people in the organisation. The HR manager also has a responsibility to look after the, along with identifying the areas where employees need to conduct development (Obeidat et al. 2016). The HRM department also has the responsibility to arrange a training program for the employees where they can perform development to their skills.

Developing skills of the employees can be useful in developing workflow quality along with managing the work environment. It has also looked after developing a robust communicative environment where employees can discuss the strategies. The HR manager also looks after conducting strategic development to maximise productivity level (Obeidat et al. 2016). The HR management also looks after replacing in-effective policies with the effective one. The department also looks after doing strategic planning for Natwest bank, which helps in managing work by developing an efficiency level.  
Weakness- If the right employee is not chosen in the recruitment process, and then it could have affected the work process. Employees with communication issues can affect the work process, along with raising conflicts (Nadda et al. 2017). Apart from these, it is said about keeping the recruitment process free from bias, which can affect the workflow to the organisation. In the case of internal recruitment, the organisation may limit the number of potential candidates, which can lead to not developing fresh ideas for organisational development. 
It is necessary for conducting and developing an application, which can be used for improving the process to the business. Sometimes the organisation provides the responsibility of recruiting process over any agency. In these cases, it is necessary for the organisational HR department to demonstrate the job role along with staying the required qualifications that they are looking in the employees (Lindgren and Österlind, 2018). If the requirement is not clear to the responsible organisation, then it can affect the work process as integrating the wrong employee can also damage the smooth flow of work. 
M1: State how the functions of HRM can provide talent and skills appropriately to fulfil business objectives
HRM department looks after developing skills to the employees of Natwest bank. The HRM department also looks after recruiting proper employee for the Natwest bank along with looking after developing the training process (Patterson et al. 2016). The managers provide weekly feedback to the employees on which basis employees go through the training process to build skill margin. Training process also get conducted by the HRM department who looks after developing the efficiency level of the employees so that workplace issues can be mitigated in an effective manner.

M2: Strengths and Weakness to the recruitment process 

In order to run the work successfully, it is necessary to develop an effective recruitment process which looks after establishing a new business. Selection and recruitment are said to be an essential part that looks after choosing the right employee for the right post. It is seen that integrating the wrong employee can affect the regular running of the organisation (Patterson et al. 2016). In case of discussing the strengths, it stays combined with developing potential level, which helps in strengthening the organisational work along with conducting strategic development. On the other hand, it is also mentioned about the disadvantages which get conducted if the recruitment does not get held in a proper way.

D1: Strengths and weakness to the selection process along with the recruitment one

Selection is the process where the employees get selected or rejected, which entirely depends on the job requirements and the employee's ability in the interview round. Based on the knowledge of the employees, it is said to integrate employees in work. On the other hand, it is also known that if biases get conducted in the recruitment process, then it can affect the brand name along with damaging the working process. Thus, it is said to integrate proper HR manager in the recruitment and selection process.

LO2: Evaluate the effectiveness of the critical elements of Human Resource Management
P3: State the benefits of Human Resource Management 
Human Resource Managers have several responsibilities in Natwest bank along with protecting the interests of both the employees and employers. In the case of employers, they look after managing relation along with identifying ways to cut labour costs. In the case of employees, the HRM department looks after ensuring rights, which get used to operating the scope of employment and labour law (Vanhala and Ritala, 2016). In case if any employee feels that their rights have been violated, then it looks after generating support to the employees. The HR department looks after integrating anti-discrimination and harassment laws along with developing assistance so that legal issues can be resolved in an effective way. They also look after mitigating disagreements between workers and employers to avoid possible legislation. In case of considering employees, the HR department looks after recruiting and training to the employees along with providing motivation towards them. In the case of employers, the HR department also looks after generating motivation to ensure a better working environment along with looking after the needs of the workers.
The HR department also looks after developing and managing organisation work along with developing training programs for the employees (Vanhala and Ritala, 2016). The HRM department of the Natwest bank also looks after developing a set of policies that get used in promoting time along with managing punctuality to establish vision and tradition. The HRM team also has the responsibility for conducting ongoing recruitment training, which also helps in doing technological changes. The employees also go through the skill development process, which ultimately benefits the organisation to manage the issues of the customers by managing the profit margin and brand name.
P4: Conduct evaluation to manage the effectiveness of the different HRM practices to   manage organisational profit and productivity margin

The HRM management of Natwest bank looks after developing better strategies along with developing an efficiency level to the employees to get better job outcome. The HRM department looks after maintaining proper workplace environment by managing the areas of conflict. They also generate necessary medical support so that emergency situations can be handled out. In this way, the employee retention margin gets increased, which helps in managing the work of the organisation in a better way (Ogunyomi and Bruning, 2016). Experienced employees also help in mitigating organisation issues without the help of hierarchies. Thus, the organisation has looked after developing a capable HR management team so that organisational work can be conducted in a proper manner. They also hold promotion to the employees based upon their work quality (Glaister et al. 2018). They also look after employee issues and focuses on solving those so that necessary training can be provided to the staff. Apart from these, the department also looks after generating motivation for the employees to develop work quality.

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