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In this report, the various of the learning experiences and the options shall be taken into account. The programme is mainly related to arranging and forming up a group of students and make them train about the course in the module, that is the Human Resource development. The topics and underlying concepts related to the subject shall be explained to them and the different kind of learning choices shall be figured out. The options related to the training shall be put into action by having a detailed discussion with all the group of students and then, a conclusion shall be reached upon that. A choice shall be made and the most appropriate option shall be put to action. Here, an involvement of the class in actively participating in the learning experience, leading to enhanced understanding shall be presented. Further, post-training evaluation with the class and demonstration of a strong appreciation of course concepts and the ability to develop quality training materials shall also be made in here. 
Detailed analysis
The training related to the development of knowledge in Human Resource Development shall has been undertook in here. The class of students needs to be well trained in the subject in order to make them more accustomed with the concepts of Human Resource Management, how the concepts work and the manner in which staffs can be effectively organized and put to work has been taught and demonstrated to the students. The learners have actively taken part in the classes and they have put forward their opinions regarding the choice of the various kind of methods of learning of the subject. The learning package that had been provided to them included three books and a question module book which they needed to daily complete in accordance with the progress made in the class. They need to answer the questions in the book and submit the same to the class. Further, regular tests were also taken in order to know about the progress that they made in their overall learning sessions. The students needed to elaborate upon the things that they learnt and what changes were brought in their life due to this. They further needed to elaborate on the things that how those teachings would benefit them. 
The objectives and outcomes of the learning programme was to make them fully knowledgeable with the proper understanding of how to manage human resources and in what way full benefits can be reaped from them. Further, the other objectives form to be training the students so that they can get jobs in the future period of their life. 
The different kind of materials that were put to use were video presentations of how different companies carry out with their HRM and the recent development in the subject field. In addition, the students are also made accustomed with various of the labor laws that are to be kept in mind while practicing in the field of Human Resource Management. The lesson plan included a total of 30 chapters each covering from the very starting of the concepts to our recent development. The history and the birth of the subject has also been mentioned in those chapters and the contemporary human resource practices that are taking place in the world. The failure and overall success of the field of the study had also been taught to the students in the training module that was being designed for them. The training package included series of video materials in order to point out and make students understand about the basic and underlying principles of Human Resource Management. Some books with statistical data also were presented to them which reflected success rates of various business organization who succeeded to make the proper use and application of Human Resource Management. The final outcomes were also seen to be quite good and satisfactory. In many of the tests, the students did perform very well and showed a good amount of satisfactory progress. When they were given with a cases of issues, they were readily able to solve all those issues. They gave such kind of wonderful and effective solutions that could be put to use in practical terms and the issues that occurred in the mentioned cases could be easily avoided. 

Based on the success of the teaching and the arrangement for the teaching module and based on the outcomes, the group was left with choosing various of the options for getting detailed knowledge and further teaching till the end of the module session. There were different kind of options that were provided to the student such as teaching them from books, teaching them from videos and presentations. They were also shared with practical stories and graphical data of various business organizations who have attained a high level of success by making use of the right kind of HRM policies and practices in their respective organizations. The group of the students took to and mainly chose the medium of using books and video representations for the learning process. They expressed their desire and said that these two options formed to be the best which helped them to get the best out of the subject and quickly understand all its underlying theories, principles and other things. As per the teaching programme, it can be said that the best and effective method has been the use of video representations. It is more effective and helps in retaining more information in the kinds of students as compared to books or other kind of graphical data presentation on sheets of paper. The students could easily retain and answer to the things which were presented and shown in the videos and presentation that were introduced to them in many of the classes. 
The whole of the class had actively taken part in all the lectures and the learning classes. They listened to all the lectures and paid attentions and saw the different of presentation that were put forth before them. As for the post evaluation of the training modules, it can be clearly said that the students had learned what was planned to be inculcated to then. They could fully learn the things and lectures that were delivered to them. Further, in four of the tests that were taken during the classes, they scored well. Around 80% of the students scored above 90% in the two tests that were taken after the classes. The two tests out of the four which were taken during the classes, around 560% of the students got above 85% in the total scores. These all results prove that they were able to learn the most out of the efforts that were put forth in the classes in order to make them learn different things about human Resource Management.  The training materials were also produced and designed keeping in mad all the standards and the rules. The training and learning material consisted of all the detailed things, laws and regulations and other contemporary development of the subject which has helped the students to get a clear overview of the subject at even the first class. 
Different kind of measures were also taken up in order to bring an overall improvement in the level of the performance made by the students. They were also given extra class, the student who failed to properly grasp about the subject in the regular class. Further, the weaker students who failed to qualify the test were given extra chances and given with more intermediate tests and extra classes so that they could really make them accustomed with the principles and concepts of the subject of study. There had been accurate transfer of knowledge to the student and it can be said that the overall aims of the whole of programme was somewhat effectively achieved. The students were confident with all the things that they had learned in all of the classes. They also expressed their gratitude towards the teachers who were responsible for teaching them all of the subject in a detailed and thorough manner. 
All the programmes had been arranged in order to name the student know about the concepts and principles of Human Resource Management (HRM). The student has been explained and taught about how and in which way humans resources can be best and effectively managed and pu6t to use. They were taught about various of the legislation that support the topic of study. The history of the subject as well as contemporary development and changes in course of the applicability of the subject had also been explained to them in the classes. Various of teaching methods were applied in orde3r to make them learn and the beast chosen method as per them were mentioned in the study. The overall progress that they made after the class and what means led to their overall learning and development in the subject have also been mentioned in this study. Further, the steps that were taken in order to prove that the students have properly learnt the things that they were taught have also been presented in various parts of this whole study. 
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