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Human resource is used to illustrate both the people and the departments who are responsible for carrying out their respective role and it responsible for managing resources. Besides, Bratton and Gold (2017) human resource management involves the administration and developing of programs which is set up for maximizing organizational effectiveness. This enables the business in managing the employee and employer relationship. Chowhan et al. (2017) mentioned that human resource based theories of strategy mainly focuses on the element of people for developing the strategy and emphasizing on motivation and culture of the organisation. Chelladurai and Kerwin (2017) defined human resource management as the process of recruitment and selection of employees according to the organizational policies and procedures. Even, the human resource management is associated with the role of providing training and development, motivating the employees, maintaining employee relationship and ensures in creating healthy work ambiance. Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory is a framework that to describe cross-cultural communication which states the effects of culture on values in the society. Besides, the resource based theory of human resource management draws attention to the values of the workforce and it is regarding the issues that are associated with workplace learning (Sareen, 2018). In addition, the 360-degree feedback is an effective theory in human resource management, which is used for taking feedback from the employees that helps to know the situations that are faced by the employees in the workplace.  

The chosen company for this assignment is Oman Oil Company, which is a commercially owned company by the government of the Sultanate of Oman. The company is a national petroleum investment company. Oman Oil Company was established in the year 1996 where the company has invested in power generation, oil refining, energy transportation, infrastructure, and petrochemical manufacturing. Besides, the statistical data of the company states that they have owned 49% stake in the Oman Oil Marketing Company. Besides, it has network of 179 retail filling stations all across Oman, which is performing under effective human resource management (Oman-oil.com. 2018). With the participation in energy the company is playing a vital role in the Sultanate’s effort in order to diversify the Omani economy. Besides, the company promotes Omani and foreign private sector investment. 

The objectives of the assignment are:
a) To evaluate human resource strategies and practices in the Oman Oil Company
b) To assess the relationship between the human resource strategies and the overall performance of the company 
c) To analyse the effectiveness of human resource strategy of Oman Oil Company by using SWOT analysis
d) To recommend Oman Oil Company for appropriate change management strategies in order to improve the human resources of the company.

Analysis and Contents

a. Evaluate the HR strategies and practices of Oman Oil Company and relate with policy of HR development

An organisation is able to make effective performance through the policy and practices of human resource, which is becoming crucial for contributing towards excellence. the human resource strategy in Oman Oil Company is related with managing performance of the employees. Performance is management through well-designed business policies and procedures. The HR strategy of the company makes sure that the employees are receiving suitable work structure so that they can feel safe and healthy while performing their work role. The overall business strategy of Oman Oil Company mainly focuses on innovation, business values and global integration. Behind the strategies, it is the employees who make it work accordingly with the support from leaders. Analoui (2017) stated that the HR strategy of the company also ensures that the employees are motivated and energized while they carry out their respective work role. Therefore, Oman Oil Company motivates the employees through leadership, flexibility, performance-based opportunities, hiring diverse and skilled candidates and with job satisfaction. Rees and Smith (2017) added that human resource management of the company makes sure that they identify business needs which is their foremost priority in order to carry out work in the region of Oman. Herein, the company makes sure that they make sure about the requirement of staffs who will be carrying out their role in different department like refining oil, in logistic management or financial department. 

The HR practice of the company mainly influences the performance of the firm due to which they focuses on training and staffing of employees. Beach and Lipshitz (2017) stated that training plays a vital role within an employee as it prepares them to carry out the responsibilities that they are given in Oman Oil Company. Being leading petroleum company they are strict in recruitment and selection process of the employees where they makes sure that the staffs are selected as per the job specifications and person description. Besides, it is noted that the HR practice and strategy that are undertaken by the company relates with the policy of HR department where it signifies on recruitment, selection, training and rewarding the staffs. 


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