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Guidelines Reflecting Organizational Procedures & Policy


 Guidelines Reflecting Organizational Procedures & Policy

 Assessment 1




OHS refers to the ‘Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004’. The act includes various laws for safety and maintain workplace health. It consists major principles, rights and duties on which the organization should run. The organization aims to secure the welfare, safety and health of the employers working in it as well as the other persons belonging to the organization. The organization ‘Houzit’ makes sure that the safety and health of public is not put on danger through any of the work activities (G. Lucchini & London 2016). Houzit enforces & monitors the compliance with regulations and rules in OHS. Houzit develops various recommendations for the Minister about OHS act, compliance codes and regulations. Houzit promotes discussion & public awareness about welfare issues, safety and occupational health. Also the statistics related to OHS are published by the organization. Houzit sets how the obligations, duties and processes will be followed. Houzit consists of various requirements for removing and managing asbestos, licenses for particular activities, training for the work incurring high risks and performing operations by providing safe hazard prevention facilities. The organization keeps on updating the guidelines on a constant basis. The revised draft of guidelines is than sent to organizational policy committee for its approval.

Data Privacy

It is the policy of Houzit to protect the non-public private information from unauthorized access, distribution, disclosure and use corruption. The organization includes all the applicable federal and applicable regulations (PETTERS 2020). The organization aims to not disclose and release any of the private information belonging to an individual except as authorized or required by the law and that only to those who have authorization permissions to access or modify it. Houzit does not utilizes any of the personnel information for any purpose that do not belong to business or satisfy business needs. The organization ensures to provide physical, technical and administrative safeguarding to the non-private personnel information of its customers (Snook 2019). The organization which utilizes the information should abide by all the Security and data privacy laws or having privacy procedures and policies similar to the Houzit. Houzit have appointed an information security officer who will maintain and review all the privacy procedures and establish compliance with all the guidelines present in the privacy policies. The employees of the organization have access to only limited information which is required necessarily for carrying out their respective roles and duties for the organization. The employers as well as the stakeholders of the Houzit will sign up the privacy policies belonging to the organizations which will abide them to follow all the must guidelines of the organization.

Staff Involvement

Employee engagement is lot more than knowing just whether the employees of the organization loves their jobs or not. The Houzit monitors employee engagement which lets the organization to know how committed the employers are to the respective business and the overall growth. The organization keeps analysis of how motivated their respective employers are and how much emotionally invested too in the work they perform constantly in their daily jobs in the organization (Employee involvement and participation at work: Recent research and policy developments revisited 2016). The company aligns the overall goal of the company with the work a particular employee performs. The Houzit keeps regular check on commitment the employers are providing for maintain the organizational values. Engaged employees will always have a clear understanding of work objectives. The organization always plan various activities and plans something which can increase employee engagement to a greater level. All the managers of Houzit are instructed to maintain the environment and culture in such a ways that employees feel happy in doing the work or roles assigned to them and also the performance of the work should be managed. The organization takes constant reviews and feedbacks from its respective employees about the organizational culture and environment, the way they feel when working with their respective superiors. 


KPI is referred to ‘Key Performance Indicators’. It depict the progress incurred in achieving a target. The Houzit organization follows appropriate approach for setting KPIs for performance measurement. KPIs of the Houzit organizations are valuable enough to manage organization’s business’s performance (Kenny 2020). If appropriate processes are not utilized in KPIs then it might lead to generation of various problems like measures will be not utilized properly, velar links will not be able to establish between strategy and measures and goals will not be able to measure properly especially which are qualitative and intangible. The organization follows a simplistic approach for setting KPIs. The organization is clear with the goal of setting KPIs and apply appropriate performance measures. The Houzit constantly evaluates existing KPIs and keeps on adding and removing the KPIs. The organization follows a deliberate technique for the respective purpose. The organization first ensures that the business goals are measurable and then creates performance measures. The organization constantly keep learning about how to set the KPIs and create reliable measures for measuring the performance of business performance. The KPIs set by the organization provides or gives proper objective evidences based on the degree to which performance occurs for a particular interval of time.

Quality of Data

Information produced by the Houzit is developed or are based on only reliable data sources. The organization utilizes various methods for accepting data collection and are totally based on models and reviewed analysis. The guidelines for Houzit describes different procedures for Houzit employees to make sure that the quality of data remains maintained and gets enhanced. Utility guideline states that information’s usefulness should be always enhanced with time for its intended users (Cai & Zhu 2020). The organization develops new data, information products and models for always staying up to date with the information. Objectivity guideline focuses an organization on making sure that the information present with the organization is always genuine and accurate as well as unbiased and reliable. Information products presented by the organization should always be clear, accurate, unbiased and complete. The sources for the data are always utilized of reliable type and various analytical techniques are utilized in developing information products which uses proven methods. 

Work Plan for Conducting Research

Research Objectives


The major objective of the firstly focuses on developing guidelines for the Houzit organization for conducting a market research. The research aims to perform a feasibility analysis on the feasibility of adding lighting fixtures products for Houzit assortment. The research scope must encompass the Brisbane Area. The research aims to hire appropriate external consultants and buy material based on the allocated budget by the Houzit Organization. The research aims to discover all the appropriate consultants and suppliers for the Houzit’s new category of lighting fixtures products.

 Research Requirements


The first requirement of the research includes a new set of guidelines which can be utilized by the Houzit organization for conducting a market research. The guidelines should properly reflect all the organizational procedures and policies. The guidelines should properly include guidelines for maintaining OHS, Staff Involvement, Data Privacy, Quality of Data and KPIs. The research scope must encompass the Brisbane Area. The research requires creation of feasibility report of adding lighting fixtures. The research should be able to identify all the appropriate resources, consultants as well as the suppliers who can be bought in the allocated budget by the Houzit organization (Austin 2017). The research should be able to develop effective proposals for the Houzit organization for adding lighting fixtures in their business products.

In-House Resources


The in-house resources of the Houzit organization includes infrastructure of 15 stores, products related to bathroom fittings, mirrors, bedroom fittings and decorative items. The Houzit organization have $15000 money resource for the creation of new product belonging to lighting fixtures. The organization includes human resources as Tony who can handle work of website maintenance and ‘Search Engine Optimization’, Marie who handles public relations and advertising and Joanne who performs all administration related tasks as an administration officer. 

Monitor Milestone Achievements


Milestone achievements are refereed to those achievements which occurs after a successful completion of a task belonging to a particular research. The research of Houzit organization includes various milestone achievements and that are selection of all the resources required to develop lighting fixtures products, selection of appropriate suppliers for the resources and hiring of appropriate external consultants for the research purpose (Aramyan 2018). Milestone achievements can be analyzed by analyzing the time required for completion of a research phase and its effectiveness impact on the research conducted.

Consultant/Supplier Performance Management


Supplier as well as the consultant’s performance can be managed and analyzed by depicting the current market trends of the product’s resources available in the market, efficiency of resources bought from various suppliers, feasibility study of resources bought and advices given by various consultants and their impact occurred on the business. The organization’s stakeholders should constantly keep a check on all the consultants and suppliers hired for the research purpose.

Work Plan Summary

Required Resources


There will be variety of resources required to develop and sell new lighting fixtures products. The first resource required for development of new product is an infrastructure required to develop new variety of products. Second resource is the machinery required to develop new products. Third resource is the human resource required to build the products and manage the whole development process and also for marketing and selling of products. Other resources are sub resources like electricity, oils, etc.

Resource Acquisition/Requisition


Resource acquisition refers to set of processes and procedures required to acquire any resource. The acquisition process involves various sub process including identifying all the resources, identifying various suppliers of the specific resource, choosing the best one which suits the product and is effective as well as cheaper to buy (Carman 2016). Than the bargaining is performed with the supplier for a particular resource and is bought on the decided cost. For the project of developing lighting fixtures we will require variety of resources including the various materials and labors. After selection of appropriate vendor of resource specified below, bargaining will be done by the Houzit staff and the appropriate resources required to develop lighting fixtures will be bought.



There are three consultants which the Houzit organization is preferring to hire and they are Acworth Accounting, Lombard Consulting, and Holt & Burrows.

Acworth Accounting is located at ‘27 Pitt Street’ in Hawthorne QLD. The respective organization developed business plan for the Houzit organization. The respective organization do not have any staff for specialized market research.

Lombard Consulting is located at ’78 Queen Street’ in Brisbane QLD. The respective organization is local specialist in market research. It is mainly specialized in markets and products related to home accessory.

Holt & Burrows is located at ’58 Lonsdale Street’ in Melbourne Vic. The respective frim is national marketing organization originally based in Melbourne. The organization provides consulting services on all types of issues related to marketing and branding to various other industries. The firm is majorly specialized in consumables, cosmetics and fashion.

Requirements for External Consultants

There are various requirements for external consultants which are described below:

The consultant should be expertise in the field of business Houzit is willing to open.

The consultant should provide appropriate and effective advice to the organization for successful completion of project.

The consultant should be able to develop feasibility reports and perform various kinds of analysis beneficial for the Houzit organization.

The consultant should be a frim which is market specialist.

The consultant should have extensive knowledge about the target market.

The consultant should be able to perform variety of researches or methods to complete the given project in desired interval of time.

The consultant should be able to take effective decisions rapidly.

Selection Criteria for Selection of External Consultants

Selection criteria of selection of external consultant is described below:

Firstly the consultant should be in budget allocated by the Houzit organization.

Secondly the consultant will be hired based on the variety of research methods, skills possessed by it (Taherdoost & Brard 2019).

Third the experience will be taken into consideration for selection and also the field will be seen in which the consultant is expertise.

Questionnaire for Selection of Consultant/Supplier

What are the different products created by the suppliers?

Describe the reasons to select you by defining the comparative data of different available suppliers?

What are the additional services you provide with the resources bought from supplier?

What is the assurance of efficiency related to supplier’s resources?

What makes the consultant best in the targeted field?

What experience and skills consultant possess in the targeted business?

Suitable Consultants

The suitable consultant for the Houzit organization is ‘Lombard Consulting’. As the consultancy firm is specialized in market research and is local too the consultant should be most preferred. Also the firm is specialized in creation of home accessory markets and products so the consultancy provided by it will be very beneficial for the Houzit.

Providers & Suppliers

Preferred list of suppliers created by Tony for Houzit organization includes the specified:

‘Homeware Trade’ association which have a large report of Australian Wide Industry. The report is of cost $1000.

‘Australian Bureau of Statistics’ have census data related to the target area. Mostly it is free of cost but search fees is about $250.

‘IBIS’ contains report about the market including every market located in Australia. It includes Brisbane Area too. Its cost is around $1200.

‘Australian Chamber of Commerce’ have reports of surveys based on Australia industries. It costs around $1450.

‘Homeware Magazines and Publications’ is an international level of magazine. It includes various innovations related to homewares. It costs around $250 per quarter.

Newspaper subscriptions includes all the local issues. It costs around $100 per quarter.

Selection Criteria for Selection of Suppliers and Providers

First selection criteria for selection of supplier is the cost at which the supplier is ready to sell resources (Mel Shutes 2019).

Second criteria is the effectiveness or the efficiency of the resource.

Third criteria will be the budget allocated by the Houzit organization for buying of resources.

Various comparisons and analysis will be performed based on the type of product and service the supplier provides to the organization. 

After the opting of appropriate supply vendor based on the above specified criteria the resources will be bought from the opted supplier of resource.

Suitable Providers and Suppliers

From the list of all easily accessible and within budget suppliers the most suitable ones are the:


‘Australian Bureau of Statistics’ as most of the information provided by it is free of cost and it holds the information on the target area the Houzit organization is willing to work or grab. 

‘Homeware Magazines & Publications’ is also best suitable for the Houzit organization as it covers all aspect related to not only national but international matters too. As the magazines includes all the new innovations in products related to homewares, it will help the Houzit to create innovative products for the homes.

Statement of Work


The statement of work defines that the all the resources for developing the lighting fixtures products is been mentioned briefly in the document (Landau 2018). Also the various suppliers and consultants are defined well and suitable are suggested with the reasons justifying the selection. The research is carried out on various consultancy firms and the appropriate ones are suggested for implementation and also the reason behind the selection is well mentioned.

Proposal Evaluation


The implicit evaluation of the proposal states that the resources are well identified and the resource acquisition process is well described (Latta 2018). All the suppliers are identified and selected on the comparative analysis performed. Also various consultancy firm expertise in the targeted business of Houzit organization are described and the best is selected on the basis of requirements and demands Houzit stated. The explicit evaluation states that the resources, suppliers as well as the consultants are in budget of the Houzit and are best suitable for light fixtures development.

Report to the CEO

Industry Overview


The Houzit is a chain of 15 stores of homeware stores located in Brisbane. The stores are specifically specialized in bedroom fittings, bathroom fittings, decorative items and mirrors. The organization wants to broaden or expand its business by including lighting fixtures. 

Target Category and Market


The organization aims to target peoples having requirement of bedroom fittings, bathroom fittings, decorative items and mirrors. The business market of the organization mainly includes the homes, organizations or any kind of infrastructures having requirements of the products developed by the respective organization (White 2017). The Houzit procures every kind of products related to bedroom fittings, bathroom fittings, decorative items and mirrors. The range of organization’s products have variable amounts depending on the quality of product needed by any respective individual or infrastructure. The organization have offline market and does not deal its business on online platforms. As the organization is planning to include lighting fixtures too in their product category, a whole new group of target audience and market will evolve for it. As the lighting fixtures have variety of products include in it so the Houzit can earn good revenues from the new business. 

Business Environment 


Business environment of Houzit organization refers to the sum of all the internal as well as the internal factors which influence their business category. The organization imposes a whole set of policies and procedures to produce an effective culture and environment for the organization. Polices include various guidelines based on OHS, Staff Involvement, Quality of Data, KPIs and Data privacy. These all guidelines present in the privacy polices safeguards the employees, stakeholders and the data owned by the organization from unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure and modification. It helps the organization in maintain trust of their customers on Houzit and develops a business environment that is effective and will help in increase their business value and growth.



Houzit have various competitors which deals with the same business in which the organization deals. As they offer variety of products including bedroom fittings, bathroom fittings, decorative items and mirrors they have numerous competitors wanting to minimize the business of Houzit. As the organization will launch its new category of products in light fixtures, it will have increased number of competitors in the market. To establish an advantageous competitiveness the organization should follow the trends running in the market and should always keep changing the business as the new market demands.


The organization ‘Houzit’ wants to launch a new category of products in light fixtures. The organization market keeps on increasing as the new products gets launched in the market. The business environment followed by the Houzit organization is of efficient type due to the constant variation it implies based on the current marketing trends. Due to increment in number of competitors in the market the Houzit organization is always keeps on evolving its business culture and environment and follows the new trends of the market related to the business in which the organization deals.

Assessment 2


Progress of Project

The CEO of Houzit Organization has opted to take services from the ‘Lombards Consulting’. It is carrying out various market researches to add Lighting fixtures to the Houzit assortments. The management officer is working from ’12 Clarence Street’ located in Hendra, Queensland. The contract is to be developed which will cover all the respective areas belonging to the agreement. By the second week of the respective project all the phases related to scope/definition and supplier/consultant selection were fully completed. The project was 5% completed at this particular time period. Information related to market research and questionnaire were developed on the time. Product was completed 10% by documenting all the information needs but was completed one week later. Information was identified one week late by the research. Product was completed 15% one week later when the information sources were identified appropriately. Approval was made of every requests for purchase of respective materials except the wide surveys belonging to ‘Australian Chambers of Commerce’ due to its high cost of $1450. Research participants were identified on time. Research techniques were identified one week later than the assigned time. Project was 30% completed two week later than the assigned time after the identification of budget ad timing requirements. Consultants demands for more time but the Hozuit does not grands it. Project was completed 50% on the desired time after the customer surveys, interviews were carried out. But the interviews were not completed with group buyers and managers. Houzit again rejects consultant requests. There was difficulty faced by the consultants in working with various store managers. Project was 70% completed on the allocated time after the secondary research of market consisting material data was completed. Consultant demanded for customer related internal data by the Houzit ignored it. Research finding were documented on the allocated time. Research report was created two weeks later than the allocated and the project got its completion.

Adherence to Plan

Research plan suggested to opt for ‘Lombards Consultancy’ and the Houzit organization opted the same. All the things were completed on the allocated time except the documentation of information needs, information identification and identification of sources of information, identification of research technique, budget and timing requirements identification. ‘Australian Chambers of Commerce’ was not included in the plan but advised by the consultant and was always neglected by the Houzit organization. Guidelines described in the plan showed that no personal data of customers will be disclosed and the Houzit neglects the requests for internal data related to customers. All the work activities adheres to the research plan described previously.

Contract Performance

External contractors hired for supplying resources supplied all the resources in appropriate interval of time. The resources provided were of efficient and effective quality. The ‘Houzit’ organization faces several issues with the external consultants hired. The consultants requested ‘Houzit’ for purchasing materials required for the research from ‘Australian Chambers of Commerce’ again and again but the ‘Houzit’ did not give permissions for it as purchasing those resources could have exceeded their allocated budget for development of lighting fixtures products. Also the consultants demanded for extra time but Houzit did not granted it. Interviews too were not completed by the consultant teams on the allocated time. External consultants also demanded the private data of customers but ‘Houzit’ neglected their request.

Assessment 3



The research includes various findings related to the research plan created and implemented and the ways the whole process of development of lighting fixtures products occurred. The research followed all the guidelines developed by the Houzit for research purpose. The report briefly described all the aspects related to the research. The included data was genuine and original responses collected from various focus groups, taped interviews and customer surveys as well as the notes taken from the conversations occurred between the staff and the customers. Copies were available of secondary data cross referenced with the original one and were also physically discovered in the market research report. Consulting utilized various scientific methods for careful observation, hypotheses formulation, testing and predictions. Multiple methods were utilized for assuring greater level of confidence in research findings. The research report might seem complicated, abstract and tentative while the manger wanted certainty, simplicity and concreteness. 


The research was effectively carried out and the project performance showed the efficiency of the research plan. The Queensland area demanded high quantity of products. The home-wares business will reach $130 million in 2009/10. There are total 12 outlets presently available for selling this new category of products. The market is growing constantly with 3.2% p.a. the income generated by the Houzit employees on average stands out to be @110,000 per annum. The market research appropriately supported the Lighting fixtures products and was feasible too. It generated positive responses from the customers and made high profits with enhanced growth for the business.


General Manager taught that he felt disappointment when the ‘Lombards’ did not talk to the store managers appropriately. They were not involved formally in the procedure in spite of having daily contact with various customers and knowledge of customer demands. CEO of the Houzit organization was happy with the performance of the project and successful completion of the project on time. The general manager wants that in the next upcoming projects more formal approach should be carried out by the Lombards. Different procedures were carried out in the project phases like monitoring milestone achievement and project evaluation which provided effective monitoring activities and monitoring reports. The research should be more effectively carried out by opting for more monitoring activities and latest research methodologies.


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