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·         Extensions: All requests for extensions must be made using the special consideration process and include supporting documentation e.g. medical certificate

·      NB: All requests should be made prior to the due date of the assessment

·     PART A

WHY? Because this is the word count required by NSW heath in your new grad applications and longer answers will NOT be able to be entered in to your online application – you will get an error message.

·         Demonstrate an understanding of the professional, ethical and legal requirements of the Registered Nurse.

·      NB: If you don’t include an answer for this – only three of your responses will be marked

·       Use the specific language from the criteria in your answer e.g. CORE values – there are 4 so you should name & briefly discuss each 

      Choose THREE (3) others from the list below:

·        Demonstrated high level interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.

·        Demonstrated clinical knowledge and clinical problem solving abilities.

·         Demonstrated ability to work within a team.

·         A demonstrated understanding of the role of the Registered Nurse in applying continuous improvement and quality and safety.

·       A demonstrated understanding of NSW Health’s CORE Values – Collaboration, Openness, Respect, Empowerment.

NB: Make sure to include a specific personal example in your answers.

Setting out your assessment

·         Include the selection criteria above your response (this will not be included in your word count) – that way we know exactly which one you are providing a response to.

·        Number these – 1-4 – this is how we are marking them

·        First impressions count – NSW Health receive thousands of applications –so make sure you have checked your work for any spelling errors, that you have written in full sentences, that your answers are logically and neatly presented

·        Provide specific details in your answer – i.e.: it is not enough just to say you have clinical knowledge and clinical problem solving abilities. The key word is “demonstrated” – so how have you demonstrated this?


·    If you have worked as an AIN or EN you could include your experiences here – however remember the interviewers are looking for your skills as a beginning RN – so make sure you are explicit about that

·      Provide an example – this is the best way of demonstrating that you meet the criterin


Identify a Local Health District (LHD) in NSW and answer the following questions in your OWN words.

500 words – approximately 250 per answer

·     Identify the name of the LHD in full the first time you refer to it e.g. Hunter New England Local Health District (HNELHD)

·      Write out each question or provide a heading as per the marking rubric – then provide your answer below it so that your marker knows exactly what they are marking

·      Don’t just cut & paste information from the LHD website – you need to put this in to your own words as much as you can

(a)   What are thevalues of this LHD – make reference to their mission statement and strategic goals in your answer.

·         Key words here are values, mission statement and strategic goals.

·        Be explicit in using these words and saying what they are – if you miss discussing one you will be pulled down in your marks

·         For the higher marks show the link between these three things – you will usually find there is some repetition in these areas

·        Don’t just list NSW Health CORE values – you need to look beyond this to your specific LHD

 (b)  What are the research priorities of this LHD – make reference to nursing research in your answer.

·   Include the research priorities of the LHD overall

·  Make sure to discuss research being undertaken by nurses/research opportunities for nurses/any nursing research networks or groups or activities  Nursing research is NOT nurses assisting others to do research – look for projects being run by nurses

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