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The time spent to interact with the Instagram page is highest for the Gym Junkie, followed by Social Posers and then New to Heath. However, the difference in the time taken to interact with the Instagram with respect to each psychographic group is marginal. To increase the time spent by each psychographic groups, the promotions and the advertisement reach and frequency should be increased. Instead of pushing the product through distribution channels and luring the consumers with best shelf space, the focus should for demand pull. The effective communication should be enhanced with advertisements that will increase the brand awareness to the consumers.

The social media advertisements and promotions should be increased as the consumers spend considerable amount of time using social media. Interesting posts related to the benefits of the consumers can be obtained from using GoGym products and the online advertisements at the time when the consumers are most active in the social media can go a long way in increasing the visits of the consumers in the Instagram page.   


There are 61 mobile used for New to Health, 51 mobile used for Social Poser, and 22 Mobile used for the Gym Junkie. Next, there are 19 Tablet used for New to Health, 11 Tablet used for Social Poser, and 9 Tablet used for Gym Junkie. Finally, there are 14 Computers used for New to Health, 26 Computers used for Social Pose, and 16 Computers used for Gym Junkie. The frequency is used after the data is split filed and then organizing the output by groups so that it provides the number of each type of devices being used by each category of psychographic groups. The device used is split into 3 types of devices one by one. This followed by splitting the psychographic sample into three psychographic categories. Then the frequency of each type devices is tallied with each type of psychographic group [Ref: Appendix 1]. 

There are a number of age groups whose frequency is tallied with the time of the day. The first 4 age groups in the ascending order are considered which are tallied with the 4 time of the day. The 4 time of the day differs with each age group considered.  For the Age Group 18, 38.9% access Instagram in the morning, 27.8% in the Midday, 11.1% in the afternoon, and 22.2% at night. For the age group 19, 42.9% in the morning, 14.3% in the Midday, 14.3% in the afternoon, and 28.6% at night. For the age group 20, 38.5% in the morning, 15.4% in the Midday, 30.8% in the afternoon, and 15.4% at night. Finally, for the age group 21, 38.5% in the morning, 15.4% in the afternoon and 46.2% at night. The frequency is used so that for each age groups considered in what proportion the access of Instagram can be found out with respect to each time of the day [Ref: Appendix 2

The interaction time is split across male and female. For male, the interaction time is 107 seconds. For female, the interaction time is 122 seconds. The frequency is supposed to provide exact number of seconds interacted by males and the exact number of seconds interacted by females [Ref: Appendix

The case selection is done on the psychographics with respect to the “Social Posers”. The condition to be satisfied is “Social Posers”. The “Social Posers” is represented by the psychographics = 2. Only the “Social Posers” are reflected among the categories of psychographics and rests are cancelled out. The standard deviation for Social Posers has been 0. The Standard deviation is 0 both male and female participants. The standard deviation is the average deviation from the mean. The mean is 2 for male Social Posers. The mean is also 2 for female Social Posers. The standard deviation being zero indicates that there has been no variability for the Social Posers with respect to their mean. Therefore, there is no dispersion observed for the Social Posers of the psychographics with zero variability. This essentially means that all Social Posers have the same value that is equal to its mean [Ref: appendix

The average aggregate of the mean of social media dependency of “New to Health” is 4.1968. That means the average number of dependency on the social media for the New To Health has been 4.1968 times. The average aggregate of the social media dependency of “Gym Junkie” is 4.074475. This means, on average New to Heath are more dependent on the social media than Gym Junkies. The aggregate average of the median of the social media dependency of the New to Health is 4.375 and of the Gym Junkies are 4. This means the New to Health are more than Gym Junkies to be in the midway of dependency on the social media. The average aggregate of the mode of social media dependency of “New to Health” is 4.25 and for the Gym Junkies, it is 3.75. Therefore, on aggregate average, the dependency of 4.25 for the New to Health occurs more times than the dependency of 3.75 that is occurring most times for Gym Junkies [Ref: Appendix 5]. 


The mean interaction time with respect to each psychographic groups is graphically represented below. 




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