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  Women’s are playing an eminent role in every activity of food chain like production, storage, marketing and finally cooking food for family. Global food chain is a trending instance of this industry which has been transformed via the procedure of globalization and its result had directly influence women. In fact, world-wide food production and retailing of diverse countries has also include a substantial proportion of female employment. Apart from this, number of facts are identified in context with food gender inequality because of several reasons which are further detailed in this essay by considering previous article or research papers. Main objective of this essay is to outline the facts which shows that how global food chain are misusing the consciousness of women towards their beauty or body sizes in promoting food inequality. Along with this, describe the politics which are accomplished by food chain through gender inequality. In short, essay will signify various domains which can define women’s relationship with food and facing inequality.  


According to the article of Patricia Allen and Carolyn Sachs, 2007 depict that involvement of women with food shape their personality that who they are in the globe as individual, family members and workers. Traditionally, women are liable to perform food-related work but still they just controlled limited resources and holding minute level of decision-making power in food sector. Though women are responsible to nourish others but never get opportunity to nourish themselves. In this article, both the authors have reflected contradictions on politics which are encountered by women in food chain on the basis of three questions. First query is; how women subordination and sublimation of feminist consciousness has been involved and described in agrifood or feminist scholarship? Second question is; what is the alignment of food-connected gender relations? And the last question is; how researcher can understand the complicated and contradictory connections between food and gender?

            Initial thing which is portrayed by researcher in their article is the relationship between food and gender. It is identified that women are engaged in and thoughtful with food on regular basis, notwithstanding of culture, ethnicity and class. Author belives that women are still disadvantaged in various domains of agrifood system like material, socio-cultural and corporal. Thus, women are still doing lots of efforts for reforming the system but main focus is on enhancement of gender relations. In this paper, authors have claims that corporeal and social cultural are two developed domains which shows the theoretical relationship as well as connection between food and gender.

            There are some feminist scholars that has explained the modes from which women obsess about and tortured by food. Identity of a women is knotted with food. Bordo, (1998) has recommended that females obtain emotional feelings, strength, love and excitements from food. At the same time, Bordo also demonstrate that there are maximum women who are having a capability to afford to qualitative food for eating are dieting and hungry all the time for maintaining body sizes. Somehow dieting, anorexia nervosa, bulimia and obesity are on top which gives confused messages that women wants to have perfect body sizes whereas they are motivated to consume or eat junk food. Commercial ads and broadcasting are playing tremendous role in continuous women fascination towards thinness body size. 


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