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Background: this case is all about the use of experimental vaccine for a virus spread in West Africa. The vaccine is found by Australian pharmaceutical company and now, we as a management has to make decision about the deployment of experimental vaccine to health worker in West Africa. 
Thesis statement: Make well-informed decision with the help of ethical theories on providing experimental vaccine to health-care worker in West Africa.  
To make analysis 8 steps decision making processes is used and with the use of all step relevant factors of the case are elaborated. These steps would help manager to make well-inform decision. In those steps facts about the situation, issues, ethical issues, possible options and best suited options are provided.  

Analysis of the case

The following eight-step decision making process is applied to analyze the given ethical dilemma. The given situation is analyzed on the basis of doing ethical technique and ethically questionable situations are evaluated with the best suited solution and recommendation(Gessner et al, 2005). This eight step decision making processes will help to determine certain solution to the given scenario (MacKinnon, 2011).  The discussion will end up by providing the recommendation best suited to the situation.  

Doing ethical technique  

What’s going on?

Australian pharmaceutical corporation has been introduced a new experimental vaccine and believed to treat a life threatening virus spreading in West Africa. The vaccine is tested on the Chimpanzees who are infected with the same virus and has provided positive results. The vaccine has not yet tested on human beings and it would take near about 10 years for testing and approval on human, according to Australian health authorities. This is because the side effects of the vaccine on human are not known.  But, our company has received a request from a health worker in Africa and he wants to use the vaccine for the treatment of tens of thousands of West Africans who have infected with the virus. All the ethical criteria and health care regulations need to be checked before making the final decision about the vaccine deployment (Desai et al, 2011). 

The following steps will elaborate the relevant factors important to make decision and ethics associated with the situation before reaching towards conclusion.

What are the facts?

Australia based large pharmaceutical company has invented a vaccine through which a deadly virus in West Africa can be treated. But, it is an experimental vaccine and has not tested on humans. According to Australian health authorities it will take ten years to test its side effect and approve vaccine for human use. Yet, a health worker in West Africa has approached corporation and had asked for the experimental vaccine for the people infected due to virus. Is it ethical to deploy the vaccine to the health worker in Africa? What are the ethical or regulatory concerns associated with it? And similar questions should be overviewed before making the final decision. This has been analyzed and discussed in following sections. 

What are the issues?

First issue is about the Australian health authorities who have refused to use the vaccine on human before testing the side effects which would last ten years.  One may say that side effects would be worth in case of deadly virus spread in West Africa.  The side effect of the vaccine on human could complicate the things in West Africa because the health worker is not equipped with the treatment to handle the possible side effect if it occurs. In this case, if patient dies due to a side effect of a vaccine then the things would get complicated and the situation of fear would arise.  
Another issue would be the mistrust on the health-care worker, they would be questioned and it may slow down the development of medicines and other research for the virus spread in West Africa. The political issues and issue of lawsuit may arise. There would be ramifications if a vaccine which has no safety data used to treat patient. The news may spread that Western companies experimenting on African may affect the Australian pharmaceutical companies reputation and corporate image. The political ramification will occur if non-tested vaccine is given and causes side effects. In such cases, company may use the way of indemnification, which may help them lawsuit made for patient who experience side effects. 

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