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The role of managers in
an organisation is very vital because they are the decision makers.  The study is going to explain the fundamentals of management. It will shed light on the problems that is faced by the pharmaceutical organisation in West Africa regarding vaccines. The thesis statement of this study is to understand the effect of a manager’s decision in an organisation. The study is going to discuss roles of the managers in sigma Pharmaceuticals. It will also try to identify the steps of decision -making process that can be adopted by manger of Sigma pharmaceuticals. It is found that their decision will going to have an adverse impact on Africans. An attempt is made in this study to apply relevant theories for dealing with the problem of new vaccines. In this respect, role of managers as a decision makers become quite significant. It is a manager's responsibility to implement a rightful as well as strategic decision for resolving this problem. 
Steps of decision-making process
The Australian pharmaceutical organisation has been facing problems regarding treatment of   a virus that is spreading in West Africa. The researchers are of the viewpoint that the newly made vaccine cannot be applied to humans and therefore the pharmaceutical corporation has given their experimental project to Sigma Pharmaceutical (Bonczek et al. 2014, p.14). Sigma pharmaceutical has been working towards conducting an experiment of treating the virus with the help of their new vaccine. As per Simpson and Ayeh, (2017, p.116), the side-effects of the new vaccine is not yet known and therefore it can create adverse impact on the people of West Africa. In such situations, the decision of a manager becomes all the more important. It can be said that the management team of Sigma pharmaceutical need to become aware of the fact that their decision will going to influence the lives of thousands of Africans (sigmapharmaceuticals.com. 2017). 
In this respect, the Sigma pharmaceutical is required to make appropriate decision by implementing appropriate decision-making theories for approaching to the problem. The eight step decision making process can be adopted for reaching at an appropriate solution.  The first step of decision-making process is to involve the public in the process. The managers are required to understand the potential impact of the new vaccine on the people of West Africa. An attempt can be made to identify the alternatives because it will help the manager to arrive at a proper decision. It is quite important to identify an alternative in such a crisis situation as mentioned in the case study. Introduction of new vaccines will lead to social concerns. Therefore it is essential to evaluate alternatives for understanding its impact over the people.  
In order to mitigate the problem concerning the lives of the people of West Africa, the managers can take assistance from development theory for reaching a fruitful solution. It is found that the main problem, which is surrounding the Australian pharmaceutical corporation, is that they are going to conduct experiment on the people of Africa. While enduring this experiment, mangers have to go through a number of stages, which will enable them to think over certain issue concerning their new venture. Freud and Piaget have propounded theories of development. As per the theoreticians development can be described in stages. They have identified that a person began to develop their capacity as they undergo different stages. Management team of Sigma Pharmaceuticals for developing their decision can apply this theory. Rational decision-making theories are of the viewpoint that decisions should be based upon rationality (Jansen et al. 2013, p.193). This theory put emphasis on sound judgment. In this study, it can be said that sound judgement will play a vital role in order to successfully implement experiment of new vaccines. 
The managers play a vital role in mitigating the problem by taking help from decision-making theories or models. It is often found that a manager is responsible for taking strategic decisions for an organisation. In this case, lives of thousands of people depend soon one decision of manger and therefore, it need to be taken in a strategic manner. The decision-making models provide a framework for allowing manager to take adequate and appropriate decision for their firms. 
It can be said that before taking any decision, consequence are to be monitored or identified. It will help Sigma to ensure whether they are able to take rightful decision or not. 
The management of sigma needs to identify whether people of West Africa are able to accept decision of application of vaccines for treating virus. Although it is quite risk taking decision because it might cause drastic impact over West Africans. 
In order to introduce the new things or ideas in the venture, the managers need to develop the plan in the appropriate way. Proper communication system assists to bring effective outcome. As per the viewpoint of Zhang et al. (2016, p.620), the steps taken by managers, should be included planning, organising, directing and controlling. Proper steps help to get the perfect outcome in the contemporary market. In case of Sigma pharmaceutical, the manager needs to follow the steps accordingly. The steps of management’s function are followed by-
Appropriate planning of working is the way of getting success in the competitive market. It is seen that Sigma pharmaceutical has introduced the new vaccine, which is applied on the animal name chimpanzees. It has provided the positive result. As the chimpanzees are considered as the previous state of human being, the authority of Sigma pharmaceutical can apply the injection in the body of human being. As mentioned by Tihanyi et al. (2014, p.1540), in case of arranging the trial period, the business authority needs to select small number of people. Hence, in case of Sigma pharmaceutical, they should inject the vaccine on the people of their country first. After that they can inject it to the people of West Africa. 
In order to take the decision of applying the injection on the human being, the authority needs to apply it on the dead person. It will help to know the reaction of the human body after injecting the vaccine. As argued by Maitland and Sammartino (2015, p.1570), if the experimental team receives the positive result of applying the vaccine in the human body, they can apply it further. In time of taking decision, the Sigma pharmaceutical needs to follow the above mentioned steps. 
 On the other hand, directing and controlling are the important factors before applying the injection. Naderializadeh et al. (2017, p.3100) stated that, if the experimental team is able to get the positive outcome, they can easily use the new vaccine for making the users well. Proper controlling process helps to bring the positive outcome. Hence, the manager of Sigma pharmaceutical needs to maintain the legislation in time of applying new vaccine in the body of the people of Western Africa. 
The manager’s role assists to imply the plan of working in the effective way. As stated by Lakoff (2015, p.420), the managers need to build the effective communication system. Before injecting the vaccine on the human body, the manager, of the Sigma pharmaceutical, needs to know the configuration of the vaccine. It is necessary to know the primary reaction of the vaccine. If the manager is able to clear his conception, it will assist to take the effective decision. In case of healthcare of Western Africa, the manager of Sigma Pharmaceutical needs to inject the vaccine on the dead people  as it has provided positive result before, applying in the body of chimpanzees. The above-mentioned strategies of manager in time of taking decision help to bring success for the venture in the contemporary market.
Proper decision assists to bring immense success for the business venture in the contemporary merchandise market. As per the development theory, the experimental team needs to apply the new vaccine in the body of expired people. It helps to understand the changes of the human body. On the contrary, the experimental team can choose the small number of people for providing the new vaccine injection on the human body. The manager should follow the legislation like Protection Act of 2003 in time of injecting new vaccine in the human body. The above-mentioned ideas help to bring positive outcome for the common people.
 The ideas of experimentation the new vaccine on the expired people can help to reduce the chance of encountering the disaster. Many times, it has been observed that, the vaccine, which is appropriate for animal, is not appropriate for human being. Therefore, wrong vaccine can bring the death of huge number of people. Hence, if the manager of Sigma Pharmaceutical follows strategy of injecting the new vaccine on the dead person, it helps them to provide proper treatment to the patients of the healthcare of Western Africa. 
The new vaccine can help the people as they can recover in the quick way. As Sigma pharmaceutical has introduced the new vaccine, they need to apply it on the expired person. It assists to understand the changes of reaction of the human body. However, after completing proper experiment, the management authority needs to approve the request of the healthcare of West Africa. If the new vaccine were able to bring positive outcome, many people would be benefitted.
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