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a) The following financial data relate to Big Bang Pty Ltd for the years ended 30 June Year 2019 and 30

June Year 2018.

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b) We can draw a number of conclusions about the financial condition of these two companies from these ratios.

Liquids Inc. has a high degree of liquidity Its quick ratio points to adequate liquidity even after excluding inventories, with $2.07 in assets that can be converted rapidly to cash for every dollar of current liabilities. However, financial leverage based on its solvency ratios appears quite high. Debt exceeds equity by more than three times, while two-thirds of assets have been financed by debt. Note as well that close to half of non-current assets consist of intangible assets such as goodwill and patents. To summarize, Liquids Inc. has a comfortable liquidity position, but it has a dangerously high degree of leverage. The company ration indicates an inadequate degree of liquidity with only 40 cents of current assets available to cover every $1 of current liabilities. The quick ratio suggests an even more dire liquidity position. But financial leverage appears to be at comfortable levels.

Part B

The sale of software is the revenue because as the core business is to involve the sale of antivirus software. The renewal of policies of the antivirus is also revenue as the main income or the major income of the company will come from, that activity only. The interest investing on the short term money market , is also income as the investment were made to earn the short term income.

The rupee invested is the rupee earned so, or the non cash outflow is also inflow with that concept we came to the conclusion that the discount received can also be classified as income and revenue. The shares issued for the further amount of $ 500000 is the inflow of cash that is not the revenue item is just the exchange of funds. Revenue items are classified out of which we came to a profit or the issues are actively associated with the company so they are operating profits.


a) Assuming I am a banker and that the owner of each business has applied for a short-term loan of $6000 I will select ABC as more favorable.ABC is able to manage its inventory well as it is having a higher inventory turnover ratio than XYZ. From the high operating profit margin it’s evident that ABC manages its operations efficiently in terms of cost management. This means that the company will be able to deliver a better return on assets and equity that signifies a better management and profits

b) Assuming I was a businessperson interested in buying one or both companies, and both owners have indicated their intentions to sell, I will pay a higher price for company XYZ.

ABC is having a higher risk of debt in its capital structure which is implied by a higher level of debt ratio than XYZ. This suggests that ABC is running a higher risk of finance. On the other hand ABC is not able to manage its payables well and fixed assets as it is having a low payable turnover and fixed asset turnover than XYZ.
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