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1.1 Formulate and record at least two possible outline project specifications for BandCamp.com in a relevant format such as that of the Project Specification Document Template.


Departments: R&D, Administration, Productions, Finance, HR.

Project Name: SORTLY (Sorted + Shortly = SORTLY)
Project Goal:
According to surveys, 72% of users are unhappy with current search engine. Project SORTLY aims to provide users with a new engine that finds the most important and relevant content on the website. This will work by sorting the results from best to worst using several search criteria, and presenting it to users as much as 50% quicker than before. Website population is fluently growing, therefore the project is expected to help us keep existing users and win the new ones.
Additional Objective:
World-wide-web integration, support sorting by using data from foreign websites.
Enhance user experience by increasing their trust in the website, also improving convenience
Convenient, reliant, quick sorting engine
Increase traffic, brand awareness.
Present innovation within websites search engines, increase competitiveness, improves BandCamp.com users’ satisfaction.
Cost – BandCamp.com has funded the project with the amount of £20 000. 
Time – The higher amount of invested money reflects on the time in which the project is expected to be completed. Real time search engine prototype is expected to be delivered in 8 weeks and the project has to be completed in 6 months. 
Scope – The engine is expected to be developed using ElasticSearch whereas front based applications would be developed in Python, and JavaScript (Chris, 2017).
HR Risk: Might not have enough geeks to develop the solution; will need to spend money and time on recruitment and training.

Resources Risks
Might not meet user expectations. Need to understand the user 

Technical Risks
Integration of the new engine within the existing platform
Introducing new development languages, never used by BandCamp.com
Successful Completion:
Positive change in user experience
Entirely new sorting engine
20% Users growth rate increase
Good search engines help businesses grow. It is expected users growth to increase.
Provide enough user search data to support BandCamp.com strategic planning
User will notice and appreciate the change
Project Name: CampBot
Project Goal:
To develop a chatbot [??] to be used by registered users to help them navigate through the website, contact support and even play music. The functionality is expected to highly increase user experience. As the user growth rate have risen by 20% last year, this project is the first step towards the implementation of our long-term planning to progressively increase the creation of new user profiles while maintaining the ones already in existence active.
Additional Objective:
Accessibility – Voice control
Personalised experience – CampBot uses name (or else) to communicate with the user
Easy to use
Usable at every page

Cost – BandCamp.com has funded a project of this magnitude with only £8000
Time – First prototype is expected in 6 weeks and the finished product in 8 months
Scope – Not expected to implement any AI elements, however the bot is expected to have some machine learning capabilities to improve personalised experience.
HR Risk – Need more geeks.
Recourses Risk – Adequate budget management required
Time is short, adequate schedule required
Overdo the software – users not accepting a big step like that
Successful Completion:
50% + of existing users use the new functionality
80% + of new users use the new functionality
User growth rate increased
Brand new never seen before function
Positive change in user experience
Provide enough user data to support BandCamp.com strategic planning
Accessibility and convenience is expected to increase sales
Users will spend more time in the website
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