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 Final System Delivery

1. Introduction

The purpose of this study is to find out the steps that are required for the implementation process of the system. In this assignment, the focus is given on the importance of the system in the given project. Various steps have been taken to develop the system in the project, such as the implementation process and testing. The detailed analysis is regarding the process of implementation and testing which are presented in this assignment. Discussion is also done regarding various challenges that have arisen during implementation and testing. Moreover, discussion is also done regarding the time that was used in planning the schedule for implementing the system. Various strengths and limitations are also provided regarding the products are also provided along with the learned lessons during the completion of project. 
2. Steps were taken for the implementation process and testing in the project 

2.1 Implementation process 

In order to adopt the recent regulatory requirements and increase the efficiency of the business, proper implementation of IT, tools are required. The latest technologies were used by the experienced team of technicians who looked after the entire implementation process to derive effective results of the system. Initially, the project manager created a team who helped in guiding the manager in the entire process of completion of the project. Their main target was to check whether the system was useful in providing best facilities to the customers for booking the required products. According to Ballou and Springer (2015), various webinars were also attended by the project managers to get adequate knowledge regarding the implementation of the software. This knowledge was used by the project manager to check whether the online delivery system is working effectively or not. The next step taken by the entire management was to be sure regarding the proper support of the infrastructure that is required for the development of software in the company. All the devices of communication, along with the hardware parts, were properly checked in order to avoid the issues that had a chance in arising while implementing the system in the project. There was also a proper division of roles between all the employees regarding the implementation of the system on the project. Regular updates were also provided by the entire team of the project to the project manager who helped the manager to understand the effectiveness of the software in the business. 

2.2 Testing 

Various processes that were taken to test the entire project system were as follows: 

Unit testing was done to check the effectiveness of the system. Integration testing was also completed by the entire project management team of OrderUp to understand whether the developed system is able to solve all the issues regarding online order placement or not. GUI software testing, usability testing, performance testing, error handling, volume testing and security testings were also done to avoid further issues in using the developed system (Diao, 2018). 

3. Whether the system is completely finished or not

No, it has not been possible to completely develop the system since it was important to check all the parts of the system in order to avoid lags in future. Usability testing was an important process to understand the effectiveness of the system. Therefore, whether the system is able to meet the demands of customers, it is necessary to do a proper demonstration of the system. It is taking extra time to complete the testing of the system. As per the views of Lingervelder et al. (2019), it is also important to conduct reliable security checking so the failure of the system in the future can be avoided. Moreover, it was also important to validate various requirement types such as the functional and non-functional performance of the system and also the technical requirements of the system. In order to develop a system, it is important to check all the bugs that can arise while using the system. Therefore, proper planning was required in making a plan for testing the system. These delays created an issue in the testing if the system and thus, it became difficult for the project management team of OrderUp to complete the project within the given deadline. In order to get the desired result, it was also required to repeat the entire cycle of testing the system which requires sufficient time. Therefore, OrderUp needed more skilled employees to complete the entire processing of the system. 

4. Comparison of the required time with the planned schedule 

The actual time planned for developing the system was of 10weeks; however, it exceeded 12 weeks. There was a lack of adequate knowledge amongst the team members regarding the proper implementation process and thus, it requires a long time to complete the project. 

The testing of GUI configuration took a long time for completion and thus, it created an issue amongst the team members regarding the completion of the system for the project OrderrUp. The planned time for this process was of 3 days; however, it took approximately ten days to complete the entire implementation process of the system. On the other hand, testing was planned for 10 days; however, it took more than 20 days to complete the entire testing. 

5. Challenges in the implementation process and testing
Various challenges faced in the process of implementation and testing are as follows:
5.1 Challenges of testing 
Length of time
There are various processes included in implementing software such as checking of finance, services of the software, customer relationship management and also the management of human resources (Gurău, 2018),. All these processes require a decent amount of time for achieving the desired results. The robust integration process also requires a long time therefore, it was a major issue in the implementation process of the system in OrderUp.
Finding out the accurate software 
The main challenge was to understand the important software that can be used to provide best services to the customers. Choosing the correct software for development of the system for the project of OrderUp is importance since one mistake in choosing the correct software could have been a huge, costly mistake.
Lack of proper schedule in testing 
Testing is a time-consuming process since it is done to find out all the defects present in the system in various conditions. The delay of the project managers to check the usage of the 

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