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The events and festivals have played an important role in human society. Since the ancient era, the events and the festivals have been a subject of excitements and enchantment to the people. However, an important factor in today's world to ensure the success of an event is to maintain a proper management for the event. This assignment will propose an enhanced and developed opportunity for the festival and event. The assignment will discuss the concept of the event, the venue, timing as well as the market of the event. The assignment will also determine the elements, designs, and resources necessary to stage the event. 

The concept of the event

In today's world of competition and business, it is important for every individual to find out a little time for themselves (Jepson & Stadler, 2017). The Melbourne Campus will be arranging a Music Festival within the college campus in order to enchant the student as well as the staffs out of their daily life. The Music Festival will allow the students to feel the vibes and the fresh air to get rid of their pressures. As per Akhoondnejad (2016), it is desirable for the campuses to do something in the favor of the students in order to get their support. The Melbourne Campus has named the Music Festival as the Dubstep 2018 and seeks support from the parents and college campus. According to Dosé & Åström (2017), music creates a bridge among the souls; therefore, everyone should embrace music. The main objective of the Dubstep 2018 is to introduce a mandatory Music Class in the college to ensure their social development. The parents will be present at the event therefore; it will create a small reunion as well. According to Jones & Jones (2014), the music events must be encouraged by the campuses as it motivates many students from the depressions.

The market, venue, and timing of the event

The marketing and advertising of the music event Dubstep 2018 will be mostly done social media as it is the most popular mean of communication among the students. The additional marketing will be provided by the local newspaper and the radio. The Dubstep 2018 will be taking place on the Melbourne Campus and it will be providing enough security and safety to the students, parents, and staffs. The Music Event will begin at 6 P.M. and will continue till 11 P.M. According to Sorescu, Warren & Ertekin (2017), the festivals and events flourish best at night in the lights.

Elements and design of the events

Planning for a successful musical events management, lots of time to plan and elements
required. Main elements to be focused on are:

The selection of location before organizing the musical is essential elements. As the events is being organized in the college, it is vital to maintain the thoughts and culture of the college. According to Danaher et al. (2014), the technical equipment with the best band to perform must be organized while planning for the event. Most of the time it happens on the day of occasion the band refused to come for some reason. Therefore confirmation must be done regarding that with properly maintained instrumental. For designing the event, decoration of the events is must. The available space for events should be such that the backstage could be maintained and proper budgeting is required. The essentials for attracting the student, as they need drinks and food while enjoying should be recognized.

Resources necessary for the events

The event organizing require the necessary resources

Budgeting- The money required for financing the events should be acknowledge. The shortage of money in the mid of the event will be the frustrating matter.

Location- the places where the events to be organized and the taste of the people of that place are also needed to keep in mind.

Lighting and decoration- The decoration of the stage and the hall with lighting and flowers or other required essentials is to be notified. The serving of good quality food and security should be maintained with proper catering system (Andersson & Armbrecht, 2014).

Selecting the popular musical band of the location and the well maintained musical instrument is also a main resource. The event management should be such that the student of the college could enjoy it rather than just sitting there for the sake of college events.


It is important to allow the people to cut out some time out of their daily scheduled life. Hence, the establishment of events or festivals will allow the people to live without pressure and tension. This assignment proposed the concept of the event, the novelty and value of the event. The assignment also evaluated the market, timing, and venue of the event as well. The assignment has also identified the element, resources, and designs required in order to make the event grand and successful. 


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