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Execute an Advertising Campaign


 Execute an Advertising Campaign


In the present competitive market scenario, it can be said that the marketing strategies used by a particular institution plays a key role in determining their competitive status in the industry. Advertising being one of the traditional methods of marketing is still considered as one of the most successful measures of attracting substantial amount of customers for the better functioning of a business venture. Bounce fitness is one such fitness institution that has been completely devoted towards enhancing the well-being of people living around some of the prominent cities of Australia. This project intends to discuss the various aspects associated with advertising and the effective campaigning strategies that would enhance the productivity and profitability of the organisation.

Task 1- Theory: Short Answer Questions 

a. How does anti-discrimination legislation apply to advertising?

The anti-discrimination law of Australia strictly prohibits publication or display of advertisements that have the tendency to hurt the sentiments of people belonging to different cultural background or depicts any sign of gender biasness. In Australia, discrimination is prohibited in every sector and prohibits any kind of direct or indirect discrimination. There are certain terms that are considered unlawful if used in any advertisements such as ‘Married man required’, ‘single applicants only’ and many others (RDN - Anti-Discrimination and Advertising Guidelines, 2018). The advertisements must not depict any kind of superiority in terms of sex or race. There are a group of people whose job is to determine the appropriateness of the content before approving it for mass publication. 

b. How do consumer protection laws apply to advertising?

Advertising plays a key role in influencing the choices made by the consumers. It is evident that a good advertisement presents the good quality of the products and increases its appeal to the customers but it is also important to focus that if they are misleading then they can lead to disastrous consequences (Howells & Weatherill, 2017). If an organisation provides a product to the consumers that are not up to the mark as presented in the advertisement then the consumers are being provided with the liberty to ask for compensation for violating the rights of the consumers.  

c. How does copyright legislation apply to advertising?

The legislation associated with the copyright intends to protect the right of original content creator and limit the involvement of others in using that work. Most of the prominent copyrighted materials that are used in advertising comprise of photographs, songs and various pieces of literature (Joyce et al., 2016). If the original creator of a specific content forbids the advertisers to use their creation then under the laws of the protection of intellectual property the advertisers should not be able to do that. Meanwhile, violation of this law would lead to hefty compensation from the side of the advertisers. 

d. How do ethical principles apply to advertising?

The advertising ethics play a key role in ensuring the fact that the advertisers have set limitations in their tasks and make sure that they are able to work without hurting the sentiments of any individual. It is of prime importance that the advertisers are able to ensure the proper application of their high principle standards and provide the customers with adequate amount of reliable information (Hammersley, 2015). It is also important that the all of the people associated with advertising must share a common objective of truth. To avoid the acceptance of misleading information a line is drawn between the commercial communications and the actual editorial content. 

e. How does the Consumer Guarantees Act apply to advertising?

The Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) protects the rights of the consumers by permitting them to seek repairs, replacements when the goods are faulty and set minimum guarantees that are being applied to every product and services. This act applies to the advertising when the demonstrated criteria of the advertisements do not match the practical demonstration of the product in real (Consumer Guarantees Act | Consumer Protection, 2018). It can be said that if the advertisement criteria does not match the actual product then the consumer is provided with the option to appeal for refund or for being accommodated with their desired service minus the extra charges. 

f. How do privacy laws apply to advertising?

The current situation of privacy, law and advertising has taken a drastic turn with huge amount of attention on the lack of people’s ability to trust on the big companies. With such huge amount of privacy scandals going around, it is evident that people would lose faith in the functioning of the company and their inefficiency in protecting the privacy concerns of the people (Kerber, 2016). Media has a huge impact on the way people think and have to ensure that the user data they are collecting is being protected, else, the users would be able to accuse the companies under the Privacy Act. 




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