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The assignment basically concentrates on Martin and how he had managed to contribute to the family for cooking and tending to the vegetable Garden. Martin and his family members had strong beliefs of Buddhism. Over the couple of the last two years the health of Martin had began to gradually deteriorate and the family members had become increasingly concerned with his erratic behaviors. However there had been inadequacies in Martin’s ability to pronounce the right kind of words and understand what the people are trying to convey to him at made him quite educated and frustrated (Adams et al. 2015). Frustration lead to him becoming a lot more agitated as well as confused and he used to cry at the night time. Martin had been admitted recently admitted to a nearby hospital for the disease colonoscopy. He had been admitted for a time frame of five days because he had his blood pressure extremely high. The nurses have to call for the cheat code black emergencies due to the aggressive behavior of Martin as he was trying to leave the ward and go home. As opined by Carrell et al. (2017) once the blood pressure and BGL levels of Martin had managed to settle down, Martin was discharged. However what was concerning was that the nurses had noticed a small ulcer which had been dressed prior to the discharge of Martin.

Under the impression of Chubak et al. (2016), colonoscopy is regarded as an outpatient procedure in relation of the large intestine (colon and rectum) can be thoroughly examined. Colonoscopy can be virtually regarded as the utilization to evaluate symptoms of gastrointestinal such as intestinal bleeding as well as rectal for the various changes which occurs due to power habits.

 A brief overview for the disease colonoscopy and how it has been able to deter the growth of Martin is discussed. The chronic and complex needs by Martin need active care in the patient’s home. It requires a proper level of multidisciplinary team and its members who justify their roles in properly assisting Martin in order to get over the disease and be able to lead a normal life (Galasko 2017). Martin needs to lead a normal life in order to avoid hospitalization and see that there is no occurrence of his erratic behavior. Additionally it has managed to outline the resources from which the patient can get the maximum amount of care. Obviously these resources need to be actively funded so that the burden of cost doesn't fall entirely on Martin’s family. The role of the registered nurse in assisting the patient to get the necessary level of services is of prime importance (Galasko 2017). The potential barriers to this might include a lot of significant factors. Stages in social capital might include a lot of social as well as cultural process .The issues that have been related to the patient medication has been discussed. 
As a matter of fact, Martin has chronic and complex needs. Complex patients have been usually defined as patients who are equipped with complex care needs. These features are actually a combination of the various chronic conditions such as the health issues .The medication and its related problems as well as vulnerability in terms of the society are also integrated in it (Galasko 2017). These aspects have not been integrated in relation to the views of the primary care team of the multidisciplinary unit. 

Martin’s health had begun to gradually deteriorate and he had shown signs of erratic behavior. The reason behind his chronic and complex needs is that he could not speak English properly and had struggles to pronounce the right words and understand what the people are trying to convey to him (Gawron et al. 2018). The level of frustration of Martin gradually began to increase because he cannot remember the name of the various people who was meeting and event of common household objects. The fact that Martin had Colonoscopy and was immediately admitted to the hospital because his blood pressure levels are extremely high emphasizes the reasons for his deterioration of his health (Gawron et al. 2018).. During his stay in the hospital the nurses have to call the black emergencies which were three in code due to the levels of aggressive behavior of Martin in the hospital. The fact that Martin often used to be awake at night crying and being confused that he is back at Hong Kong also is a representation of his erratic behaviors. Once the blood pressure levels and the BGL levels of Martin had begun to settle it was decided by the hospital that Martin would be discharged home. It was also found that the small ulcer on their L great had been properly dressed so that Martin doesn't find problems once he gets back home after his discharge. It is due to these reasons that it can be deduced that Martin had chronic and complex needs and should have to be properly addressed while he is at home.

The three chronic needs of the patient Martin can be analyzed in terms of him awakening and crying out at night feeling extremely fearful and confused imagining that he is back in Hong Kong. The second chronic need of Martin can be deduced from the fact that he had at times left the stone unattended and have burned the food. Martin had managed to become increasingly frustrated with him not remembering the names of the people or even common household objects. This can be regarded as the third chronic need. Martin needs immediate attention from the multidisciplinary people for nurses at home .Martin should not face any problems in relation to the health and must get the necessary levels of encouragement to lead a healthy and happy life. Martin needs to be surrounded with nurses who are going to ensure that is blood pressure remains at a modest level and marching does not resort to any of the aggressive behaviors once he returns home. It is essential that the multidisciplinary team members comprising of doctors, nurses and helpers manage to counsel Martin and not discourage him if he manages at times to burn the food (Riggs et al. 2016). He must get the required level of counseling so that he does not have his moral down if he makes mistakes. The possible ways in order to ensure that martin's chronic need that taken care of is counseling providing him the required levels of encouragement to try out innovative stuff. The third criteria is that he should  prevented from doing tasks like cooking, because his erratic behavior might lead to him  burning food items.

 Dementia is regarded as the symptom which has occurred with Martin. It is actually the group of symptoms which might cause significant levels of brain damage (Riggs et al. 2016). Alzheimer’s disease can be regarded as the most common form in terms of dementia. This is actually the very reason why Martin has found difficulty in communicating, learning as well remembering the names of the people as well as the minute objects in his homes. These features have led to changes in the personality as well as the mood levels like depression (Gawron et al. 2018). The mood levels as well as the foggy thinking might bother someone who has dementia.
 It is essential that multi disciplinary group that has been there in patient’s home manage the various symptoms properly. Dementia is hard for the people who have this disease and especially extremely difficult for those who manage to have them. It is essential that such people are not given difficult situations at home that challenge their memory. For example in case taking a shower causes serious problems, and then it is important to take one every other day. Scheduling tasks when they tend to be less agitated can also be an effective mechanism in having them not panicking and frustrated.
Martin can be helped in being at home in leading a progressive life. Making the person certainly aware what time of the day it is. Placing clocks where they can easily find them. Trying to ensure they manage to get the exercise every day. Ensuring Martin is not all alone and not taking too many naps during the time frame of the day.
Ensuring that ambience in the bedroom is calm and peaceful where they feel positive about themselves. Martin should be given the appropriate amount of care and positivity so that he manages to understand the purpose of life and does not feel negative about life (Galasko 2017). Since Martin is prone to forgetting people and various objects, it is essential that he is not allowed to leave the house all by his own. As per the judgement of Gawron et al. (2018), a large stop sign on the door can be seen as a reminder, in case he does leave the house all by himself. In all these cases, the multi disciplinary team’s role is extremely crucial and needs to be taken care of. These are specific set of needs that will assist Martin in helping him to lead a positive life (Gawron et al. 2018).
If Martin continues with his set of erratic behaviors and his blood pressure keeps on fluctuating, then he needs more care. As per the impression of Galasko (2017), he certainly needs more amount of care from the doctors and nurses so that he does not feel lonely and frustrated which makes him wake up and cry at night. The ADEAR Center might be in a position to provide the requisite set of funds for the treatment. Martin might require special set of drugs that might amount to 5.5 million (Riggs et al. 2016).. These excess costs can provide great amount of burden and financial pressure on the family. The Alzheimer’s support system can be the caregiver support group and help in ensuring the family the right amount of planning in terms of finances. The ADEAR care centers can provide the required amount of care, financial as well as the legal planning. It can ensure that Martin gets the right amount of care while being in the home (Galasko 2017).
 Registered nurses are perhaps the need of the hour for Martin. As professed by Zetterberg et al. (2016), the registered nurses have to work with the ill as well as the injured so that the people who have been healthy are hoping to stay in that manner. As per the judgement of Zetterberg et al. (2016), Martin needs active amount of care in his home since he forgets small things and needs active amount of support. The duties of the registered nurse have been many as well varied. They need to observe the patient’s behavior as well as to record it. They need to perform series of physical tests on Martin to ensure that his blood pressure does not fluctuate (Shaukat et al 2017). The nurse needs to be very caring and concerned about the histories of the various patients. They educate the families of the patients about the various types of treatment plans that can be utilized. They can educate Martin about the various treatment plans.  As propounded by Shaukat et al. (2017), the registered nurses can help in directing as well supervising the care of the health care professionals. They can guide the other licensed nurses and other certified nurses to improve the patient outcomes. This feature is critical in ensuring the improvement for the healthcare process to develop in a significant manner. The registered nurses help in administering the required levels of medication as well as wound care so as to ensure effective treatment for Martin.
 The registered nurse might ensure that Martin reads a lot of story books or books which interest him for a certain time frame of the day. This will help that Martin does not feel alone and have something constructive to do .This feature helps in improving the levels of psyche and ensure in the cognitive development (Vázquez et al .2017). The use of information technology is therefore critical to ensure sound levels of development of the patient (Solad et al. 2015). These facets are critical to ensure that Martin gets the right kind of care and encouragement even while he is remaining alone at his home. The uses of information and technology helps in engaging the registered nurse in looking after the required means of medication and wound care for Martin.
The potential barriers that can be a deterrent to the working of Martin are loneliness (Solad et al. 2015). This can be regarded as a primary health problem. Since Martin remains frustrated and is suffering from Alzheimer’s syndrome of not being able to remember the names of the people, it is important that he is surrounded by people and doctors who manage to understand his set of problems. He must have the right kind of people who are going to encourage him to be innovative in approach (Vázquez et al. 2017). The social capital aspect is also an important feature where the people who manage to live in a particular society are able to function properly (Vázquez et al .2017). If there is lack of social support in home where Martin feels frustrated that he is unable to do his works, then it will obviously affect his growth. The results have managed to depict that there is severe lack of social support can lead to increasing amounts of psychiatric morbidity. It might also lead to functional impairment of Martin. Reduced levels of psychiatric morbidity can be another factor that needs to be taken care of (Vázquez et al .2017). Therefore for better assessments of health, it is pertinent that Martin has the registered nurse and a team of competent doctors looking after him so that he manages to deal with life in a positive manner. It has been also found from the various reports that at the individual level, social capital is associated in a precise manner with home settings (Vázquez et al. 2017). This feature is critical so that the parents and friends of Martin are well aware of their roles and responsibilities and what should be their mode of behavior while being with Martin.
As per the opinion of Zetterberg et al.(2016), ageism is regarded as the prejudice or the discrimination that is found on the matters of age of the person. Martin since he is aging might be in a position where he might be ridiculed by his peers or students in the school. Therefore it is extremely critical that Martin should be within the vicinity of the people who manage to work for his betterment and growth. They should not be an obstacle for his development. 
The social as well as the cultural process might be a deterrent to the potential levels of care that Martin gets in his home from the esteemed group of doctors as well as the nurse. Under the impression of Zetterberg et al. (2016), the differences in terms of various food practices need to be taken care of and Martin should get a proper balanced diet so that he does not suffer from blood pressure. Acute levels of differences in various food practices might lead to Martin suffering from ill health and have acute bouts of frustration. There needs to be proper levels of connection between the restorative environments as well as walkability (Zetterberg et al. 2016). Proper levels of cultural processes as well as sustainability can be seen as common merger in effectively ensuring the social as well as the cultural processes get aligned in a proper manner. The issues of policy making as well as sustainable levels of consumption of food will be key to ensuring that Martin lead a healthy as well as a happy life.
 The health needs of the patients can be extremely critical. It is essential that the team of doctors and the registered nurse are qualified enough to understand the disease and provide Martin with adequate amount of medicines, support and adequate food (Zetterberg et al. 2016). The problems that might arise during medication is the lack of adequate care or the mode of treatment that might be ill suited for Martin. According to the opinion of Zetterberg et al. (2016), it is important that regular assessment is done of Martin’s colonoscopy as well as the blood pressure so that he is able to be in better position to fight with the Alzheimer’s syndrome. He should be given thorough checkup quarterly otherwise it can be seen as adequate amount of service provided. The actual and the potential needs and requirements of Martin should be given top priority and he must not at all feel lonely.
Finally it can be concluded that Martin managed to understand the niti grities of the patient Martin and how he is battling the Alzheimer’s syndrome (Zetterberg et al. 2016). The three levels of specific needs along with the mode of medication have been discussed that had managed to understand the role as well as the justification of having a proper multi disciplinary team. Under the impression of Zetterberg et al. (2016), Martin needs active amount of support, care as well s concern so that he can avoid acute levels of hospitalization and will be able to battle Alzheimer’s syndrome in a better way.  The role of the registered nurse and the team of doctors have a vital role to play along with the family members as well as the friends. The problems need to be effectively ironed out so that Martin does not feel the pain of being all alone in dealing with his problems. He must have regular friends coming to see him and must not be given work that taxes his brains (Zetterberg et al. 2016). Therefore it can be concluded that Martin needs to be treated like any other boy. He should not be treated differently and be ridiculed for his efforts as well as his failures. He must have adequate support system that will help him conquer this phase and be a better person.
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