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The environmental factors are always considered as one of the most influential issues for the health of any region. Different environment disruption issues create challenges for the human being. Health issues are considered as the primary concern due to environmental issues. But there are also other factors which are influenced by environmental health issues. Those include the political, economic regulatory factors which create difficulties for this environmental health issues. This study focuses on the health issue related to water. For specifying the health issues, their different management, stakeholders, regulatory measures, the current environmental challenges faced by New Zealand will be focused.
Part 1
The driving forces, pressures, state changes, exposures and effects relevant to your chosen region and environmental health issue
DPSSEA Framework
In this article of the human health impacts, due to exposures, those results in health effects should be presented. These features are considered in the further conversion of the framework for the health purpose which is referred to as the DPSSEA framework (Avila, Horn, Moriarty, Hodson and Moltchanova, 2018). It is a descriptive presentation of the way through which different driving forces initiates pressures. It affects the state of the environment and finally human health by various exposure pathways.
Driving forces
lots of factors on a macro scale can affect the process of the environment and then to human health like economic policies might affect the health of these regions people and its environment. Also the fiscal and the trade policies indirectly affect people's health by agricultural, distribution and energy policy by affecting the water resources. Another reason for using this is that some information may be available but crucial information on this context may be difficult to find or retrieve (Death, Canning, Magierowski and Tonkin, 2018).
Different driving forces of the above can create a different level of pressure in the environment. Pressure can be generated by all segment of the economic activity like processing, production, extraction of the resources, raw material procurement, consumption or the distribution of a certain product.
Environment state can be directly affected by the pressure on it. It affects almost all segment of the environment. Flood, soil erosion may increase the pressure and change the state of an environmental matter. Like water resources, Pollution and also natural causes are responsible for this (Hamilton, Collier, Quinn & Howard-Williams, 2018).
When the environmental state is affected, as a consequence people around it get affected parallel because they are exposed to this environment. Although many factors are responsible for how much an individual is exposed to the typical environment. Environment plays a vital role in the outcome of diseases and epidemic. Diseases come from the number of environmental factors. Human beings are often exposed to the number of chemicals which in turn makes them vulnerable to the diseases.
If a person is exposed to the environment which is bearing health-hazardous substances he gets affected by it. The amount of the effect depends on how much he is exposed to and also many other related factors. The effect may be acute in its nature which starts occurring soon after the exposure. Sometimes it takes time to appear as the level of the exposure, in this case, is low.
Are there any social, political or economic influences on the issue that aren’t captured by
the DPSEEA framework
Social influences
The social factor is the condition in which we reside learn, work, play in. this condition can directly influence an individual’s health in many ways such as
Education plays a major role in terms of issues related to health. If an individual is educated enough to understand the issues related to the health he or she can have better judgement about how to tackle the issue. Education gives people the knowledge to understand what is wrong and what needs to be done (O'Donnell and Talbot-Jones, 2018).
Income is another driving factor in case of health issues. When a person has well back up in terms of money than he or she can take necessary care to tackle any health issues. They can afford healthy foods and access to exercise in a safe space
Access to the health plans
This a major factor. As if an individual has proper access to the health plans and the mediclaim policies he or she tends to visit the doctor on a regular basis. 
Politics plays an important role in health issues. As the government regulations are very strict nowadays. Lots of health-related plans have to go b the regulations. Also, critical diseases get the attention of the political environment for proper funding for research work etc. the welfare policies and the labour policies determines their health issues.
The economy plays a major role in health-related issues. When a country is economically strong they can afford lots of health care activities and police to the citizens. A better economy means better infrastructure in the health sector and that means better healthy backups to the people of a specific country.
Part 2
The environmental health issue currently being managed and the role of key stakeholders including community groups, existing Health agencies and other agencies, Infrastructure and legislative and regulatory measures at the federal and state level
The resource management and planning management of New Zealand we came out of control which is creating this huge issue of agri-food disruption, biodiversity of setting housing, supply, new technologies and also health issues.
New Zealand already has its environmental health indicators which focus on developing statistics and information regarding the health issues of human and animal population. The water availability and the quality problem are developing Healthcare issues for both the human and animal. There are different environmental health indicators which are used by this country is for the development of water condition (Parkes et al. 2019). Those are drinking water quality, recreational water, animal and human health, etc. This country also has its specific environmental regulations for managing the water-related problems. Those are the resource management act 1991. This act focuses on developing sustainable management for the environment for different safeguarding system like soil, air, water ecosystem, etc. besides that,  there are also different laws which are part of this environmental management system for water including fisheries act 1996, environment act 1986, Wide Life act 1953, etc. In fact, there is different type of laws related to Marine protection. Those are Marine mammals protection Act 1978, Marine farming Act 1971, Marine transport act 1994, Marine reserves act 1991, Marine pollution act 1974. Besides, this entire act focuses on minimising the pollution of the environment (Chiasson, 2019). According to the Federal Government of New Zealand, the set of law protect the environmental sustainability and also minimise the rate of health issues within the human being an animal.
The ministry of Health focuses on providing public Healthcare services for various types of environmental health issues related to water quality and availability. The district health boards included the public health unit for providing district level Healthcare to the general population. Every district level area is properly being maintained by these public Health units. The ethnic population of New Zealand like Maori and other ethnic populations also part of these public Health units. Monitoring the food and water for maintaining health protection is part of this process.
There are also non-governmental organisations which focus on public health protection for water pollution diseases. The water-related diseases identified by the Primary Health Care provider of becoming one of the concerning issues. These diseases are different type of diarrheal diseases. Those are cholera, typhoid, and dysentery.
The other agencies for the primary health care are the department of labour, the universities of Healthcare, New Zealand ministry of food security, etc. 
After understanding the current Healthcare structure for environmental issues of New Zealand, it can be said that more modification is needed for managing the water-related Healthcare issues. The modern New Zealanders are less affected by water problems. But the ethnic groups like Maori have difficulties with the availability of water and the quality of water (Whiley, Willis , Smith & Ross, 2018). The environmental indicators focus on maintaining the quality of the water but these ethnic groups did not understand the strength of legislation. Therefore, the country needs to establish specific laws for providing quality and quantity of water. The health issues related to the water quality can be minimised for the population of New Zealand by developing this law. The political and social infrastructure of this country has a huge influence on maintaining the quality of the water by developing different infrastructure for health and also better monitoring process (Avila, Horn, Moriarty, Hodson and Moltchanova, 2018). Periodical observation system for water quality maintenance and fresh drinking water for every New Zealander should be available.
In light of the above discussion, it can be concluded that New Zealand is one of the developed countries of the Asia Pacific region. But like another underdevelopment country, this country also has environmental issues which are identified by the government in the year of 2018. The government has identified this issue directly affecting the health of human and animals. Therefore, for developing a more sustainable environmental Health Care system, the Federal Government of New Zealand has to collaborate with different Healthcare organisations, water recreation agencies, environmental issue related non-governmental agencies for better infrastructure development.
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