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This is an important announcement as it gives information regarding the final test. Please read this carefully.
You will find the link to the final test at the bottom of the Assessment Section on Moodle. You will also find the case study for the test available a week prior to the test. This gives you ample time to get familiar with the case study. 
The test timetable has been sent to all students. Make sure you check this timetable and plan your time appropriately. The test will be open in Moodle at 6am on 27th October. You will have three(3) hours to complete the test.
Once the test is open, you will NOT receive any feedback from the coordinator or course lecturer on any aspects of the test.  Any email you send cannot be responded to so you must ensure that you understand how the test works before the test starts.
This test is not designed to be completed on a mobile device, such as a phone. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact your academic coordinator. 
The test is required to be completed in Moodle and may not be downloaded. 
The test must be completed sequentially and you will not be able to go back and change submitted/completed questions.  
This is an open book test but you will be asked to sign a disclosure statement saying that you did the work yourself and did not collude.  The draft of the disclosure statement is as follows:
By submitting this work, I confirm that:
The work I am submitting for this assessable task is my own work.
I have not engaged in collusion (collusion occurs when someone else has contributed to the work yet you submit the work under your name). 
I agree that the test answers that I have submitted have not been outsourced, and are entirely my own except where work quoted is duly acknowledged. 
I agree that the answers have been written in my own words, not copied and pasted. 
I have read and understood, and comply with, the Federation University Australia Academic Integrity and Student Plagiarism policies and procedures (http://policy.federation.edu.au/learning_and_teaching/compliance/academic_integrity/ch02.php).
Once you commence the test:
If there is a technology based reason that prevents you from completing the test, you should take a screenshot of error (may be done with your phone), log a job with ITS (internet or phone depending what is available ITS Contact Link), email your Lecturer/Course co-ordinator (t.oseni@federation.edu.au). Explain the issue and include screenshot. ITS keeps logs for test attempts and these will be monitored and stored and these may be used as necessary to confirm any issue.
If a non-technology based issue occurs, after you have commenced the test and it is outside your control, deal with the emergency or event. As soon as you can, send an email to inform your academic coordinator and determine the best way to get corroborating evidence (medical certificate etc.). You will need to apply for special consideration if illness/ injury/ or circumstances beyond your control prevents you from completing the test.
There is an onus on you to provide evidence for any disruption or issue with the test and all such issues will be verified and investigated. As test are individually generated, options after a disruption will be determined on an individual case by case basis. 
There is no need to panic. The usual special consideration conditions apply. Contact your academic coordinator.
ITS HelpDesk is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm
Phone: 1800 FED UNI (1800 333 864)
Details of the structure of the test include a case study and eleven (11) questions. The case study will be made available to you a week before the test. You will be required to answer all questions. Marks allocated to questions vary. 
Questions will be presented to you one at a time.  You must submit each question before you can access the next question in your test.  Once submitted you are unable to access your answer.  Make sure you re-read and edit your answer before you submit each question.  
Do not email the co-ordinator or your lecturer about questions on the test during the test. University regulations prohibit them from answering specific questions about the test. Only contact them if something goes wrong (see instructions above).
Preparing for the test (How to be successful in Online Test)
As many of the tests are effectively ‘open book’, tests preparation will be different to a ‘closed-book’ test.
Access the student Online Transition Moodle page, which has a specific module on ‘End of Semester Assessments’ at: https://moodle.federation.edu.au/course/view.php?id=67746
Check your computer and internet access and if possible use a wired internet connection (usually more reliable) or if unavailable check and test the Wi-Fi set up. It is not advisable to use a public wi-fi connect such as those available at McDonalds. 
Do not try to complete the test on your mobile device.
Find a good spot to take the test –and turn off all distractions. Find a space that is quiet, private and has space for all the resources you need (books, note etc) 
You must study for the test as you will need to be familiar with the content, so you don’t waste time looking up information once the test opens. Not all questions can be directly looked up and there will not be enough time to look up everything.
It may be useful to create an organized set of summaries as you study to help answer questions.
Your responses must be in your own words although you will not be expected to reference.
You will not be allowed to go back in the test, so it is important to complete each answer before moving on. 
Only use your own words. Don’t be tempted to collude or plagiarise as answers will be checked in Turnitin when suspicions arise.
Please note: The case study provided alongside this document will be THE SAME for the final test. Please study the information carefully as part of your preparation. 
The final test will include 11 Questions weighing 5 Marks each.
All Questions are compulsory.
Most Questions will need to be answered based on the case study.
There’ll be two (2) kinds of questions: General and SAP. 
Below are examples of each kind of question.
General Questions
Question 1
Identify the implementation strategy and data conversion plan utilised during the project (1 Mark)
Discuss one (1) benefit and one (1) risk associated with the Implementation Strategy identified (2Mks) 
Discuss one (1) benefit and one (1) problem associated with the Data Conversion plan identified (2 Marks)
Question 2
What was the rationale for rationale for an ERP implementation at GBI?
Discuss the framework/methodology should be used in this context?
What role does an ERP implementation play in the identified framework/methodology?
SAP Questions
Question 1
What is the purpose of the ‘Goods Receipt’ transaction (2 Marks)
What Master Data can you expect to find in a Goods Receipt document? (1 Mark)
Identify two examples of Organisational Data that can be found in a Goods Receipt Document (2 Marks) 
Question 2
Identify three (3) levels/types of data in document (1 Mark)
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