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E-commerce is considered as the current business trend which is internet driven, in order to help the customers to access the service in an easy manner. With the internet driven changing world, business in this current era has transformed their strategies and trends based on the new and emerging internet age. Business in this current age has different rivals and competitors and thus maintenance of business trends with changing trend of globalized world can help the business to flourish in a proper manner. 
This discourse demonstrates different strategies, which are used in the e-commerce systems and applications, in context of the business. This course study evaluates the use of internet driven business of e-commerce business in order to enhance the productivity and performance. In addition to that, this critique highlights different advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce in relation to both the organization and customers. On the other hand, this course study analyses the influence of incorporation of e-commerce strategy of the business. This discourse demonstrates the concept of E-commerce business in the Lions Cricket Club organization. 
Different approaches of E-commerce 
In order to establish the e-commerce business strategy in the Lions Cricket Club organization, different approaches can be implemented, which can help the organisation to enhance their performance and sell. The approaches which can be implemented in an organization, through using the approach of E-commerce in relation to the key components are:

Payment Gateway 
Payment Gateway in the organization is necessary for achieving the real time ecommerce business. As Laudon & Traver (2013) has commented that, approaching the payment gateway can help the organization to maintain the authentication in the payment mode. Approaching the Payment gateway on the organizational website can help to capture the customer's details from the payment gateway provider strictly and thus maintains the security.

Hosted Solution 
The merchants of an organization can use appropriate amount of payment without having trouble in gaining payments from different countries and thus with different currencies.
On the other hand, as Fang et al. (2014) has stated that using the hosted solution from third party and payment gateway can help to keep the details encrypted.

Shopping Cart 
Shopping cart can be another approach, which can be used in business in order to gain the information from captures and thus to re-key the captured information to the EFTPOS facility, in order to secure the data and information.
Incorporation of E-commerce in current organization 
Incorporation of e-commerce strategy in the business of Lions Cricket Club can help them to expand their business in more globalized manner. Application of e-commerce strategy in order to sell their tickets online can help them to approach more numbers of customers with reference to gain of high sales and revenue generation.
On the other hand, implementation of E-commerce business in the Lions Cricket Club can help them to advertise them at a bigger platform, which can be accessed through different devices and art different places. On the other hand Wang & Liu (2016), has commented that an effective advertisement can help to gain a strong brand image, which can help them to gain a high revenue. 

Advantage of e-Commerce for organization 
Approaching the e-commerce strategy in the Lions cricket club can help them in different manner, in order to enhance their performance and procedures in an effective and efficient manner. Using internet in the Lions Cricket Club can help them to gain customer retention effectively. Approaching website on the online platform can help the Lions Cricket Club to be identified from different customers and thus can disseminate their information via portals. On the other hand, the organization can approach the mobile shopping approach in order to sell their maximum numbers of tickets. As Huang & Benyoucef (2013) has opined that, in this current trending business approaches, mobile shopping can be used in an easy manner. 
On the other hand, approaching the online business of e-commerce can help the organization to advertise them through the mobile shopping services. On the other hand, Lions Cricket club can use the social media advertisement in order to gain more publicity and thus to gain customer retention.
In addition to that, approaching E-commerce business can help the organization to gain faster procedures and performance, as it can be approached by different customers and thus can help overcome the barriers of ticket booking at physical stores.
Influence of E-commerce on customers 
Other than the e-commerce business influence in the organization, it can have different influences on the customers. In relation to the influence on customers, the tickets can be accessed easily via online payment mode and easy access. In addition to that, the customers can access the websites in order to book the tickets from any devices, such as mobile. Moreover, as Veit et al. (2014) has opined that customers can gain the personalized experience in terms of using the E-commerce business services. Customers do not have to go to physical place in order to book ticket from the Lions Cricket Club. 
On the other hand, as Hartono et al. (2014) has commented that, customers in terms of using e-commerce business of an organization can identify the availability and price of tickets online. On the other hand, it might influence in both negative manner, such as in relation to the security issue. As the e-commerce business are basically centralized on the internet systems, thus, the chances of getting hacked are high. In the opinion of Chaffey (2015), the online payment mode needs the details of customers and the credit card, thus it might influence the security of customers through getting hacked and breached. On the other hand, 
The above study has shown that using the strategy of E-commerce can influence both the organization and customers in different manners. However, E-commerce business can help in terms of going with the trend of marketing. In addition to that, as approaching and implementing the strategy of e-commerce can have negative influence of internet security, thus, the organization needs to maintain the encryption and security of the websites and portals. 

In other contrast to the study, organizations can use the e-commerce business strategy as a marketing strategy in terms of advertising and publicity, which can help them to gain high customer retention and thus high revenue generation.  

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