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1 Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Overview:

The Middle East zone of the world hugely depends on the business of Crude oil, Trading, Logistics, and precious metals (mainly Gold). The economy of Middle-east countries are highly volatile and closely related to the price fluctuation of the Crude oil(Bouyamourn, 2016), as oil exports contribute largely to their GDP. A major part of their financial system is maintained by the profit money that the economies receive by exporting the Crude Oil. So, falling trend of the price of oil in the world market harms the economy of the Middle-East.

The recent reduction in global oil prices in 2014 seems to have a negative impact on some specific sector of Dubai. Barnard (2015) in his business review report highlighted the impact of the crash of oil market had affected the property sector and apartment sales in Dubai. The real estate business starts facing losses after the price fall of the Crude oil (Barnard, 2015).

This report deals with the impact that the Dubai real estate market is facing due to the price fall of crude oil in the same. Specifically, this research work analyzes the impacts of reduced oil price on the real estate or commercial property sectors in Dubai.

1.2 Research Background:

The global financial crisis is playing a significant part indirectly in lowering the value of the commercial property sectors in one of the seven emirates i.e. Dubai. Several Research studiesin the past have been undertaken as oil price fall has fetched a chaotic situation in the Middle-East  economy. International Monetary Fund has researched regarding the impact of the lower price of oil in the world.

It is seen from the facts and figures that the countries, which import oil are the major beneficiaries of this decrease. Simultaneously, the research claims that reduced oil price has severely affected the economy of Emirates. Moreover, it informs that the impact of this loss is not only bound to the country, but the whole world has also been facing losses (Bowler, 2015). The price of oil has been reduced near-about 50% and according to the IMF, the GCC has lost its revenue of 380 billion dollars (IMF, 2015). In comparison with past oil price shocks, the current one is the strongest. These factors instigate effectively to make an in-detailed analysis regarding the impacts that is being damaged the economy to the next level.

1.3 Research Rationale:

The Crude Oil seems like the key financial resource of the Middle-East countries, where UAE is not an exception. Improving the inner design of the country has been carried out by some architectural buildings such as Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Seven Star Hotels (Bouyamourn, 2016). Millions of investors have endowed in the property market in Dubai. Obviously, being the major investors, they expect the better ROI. Dubai, being one of the emirates countries also deals with the business of crude oil. However, Dubai being the financial capital of UAE, its economy is multi-commodity based and does not only depend on some volatile goods such as crude oil(Khalid, 2015).There is an interesting fact to be kept in mind in this context that the other Emirates of UAE heavily rely on revenue earned by the crude oil sector. Empirical evidence defines that, the oil price fluctuation has affected the real estate market in Dubai. The commercial property value was fallen to 1% in 2014 right after the oil price fall. 

Also, it has affected the trends of investing on the properties in Dubai (IMF, 2015). Major investors cannot assess that whether investing capital in the property sector in Dubai will be beneficial or not. This is the major reason that the commercial property trends in Dubai are changing. The oil price fluctuation is a cause, which is bringing this turbulent change in the business. This gets the urge to undertake research to identify the reasons behind the doldrums. Also, it will help to assess whether investing in the commercial property in Dubai will be fruitful anymore or not. It helps the investors to evaluate that how much ROI they can expect further.

1.4 Research Aim:

Based on the information the aim of this research is to identify and assess the impacts of the fall in oil price commercial property trends in Dubai. Critically analyzing the factors that have been researched throughout the study, this piece will identify its aim very specifically. 

1.5 Research Objectives:

Relating to the focus of the research some research objectives has been developed. The research will focus on the following key areas:

1. Analyzing the reliance of Dubai‟s economy on Oil Sector of UAE in the context of Dubai‟s GDP.

2. To assess the rate of decrease in commercial property sector returns during the Calendar year 2015 & 2016.

3. To assess the Correlation between the rate of reduction in oil prices and the reduction of commercial property trends in Dubai.

4. To evaluate the Return on Investment, an investor should expect during 2016-2017.


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