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Background Information  

You are a senior manager with Stewart and Kathy and you've got been approached to undertake the audit of Double Ink Printers Ltd (DIPL). 2017DIPL print books, magazines and advertising materials for the publication, instructional and advertising industries on a print-on-demand basis. Printing on demand means publishers will print the precise quantities ordered by stores, instead of estimating prior to what number books ar needed and often printing too few or too several. the common printing work time for DIPL is 2 business days for tiny orders and 5 to 10 business days for giant orders. additionally, five years ago, DIPL additional dilated its earnings base by having publisher’s titles offered as searchable ‘e-books’ that would be downloaded directly by readers from DIPL’s web site.

Purchase and Inventory 

DIPL purchases five-hundredths of its inventory needs of paper, ink and binding materials from Australian sources and five hundredths from Asian countries. once inventory received at DIPL’s warehouse (whether it's purchased from Australia or Asia), the accounts collectable clerk, Bill Jimmy, records the arrival of the inventory and additionally its price and amount within the accounts payable system. Inventory is bought in the relevant currency of the country from that it's purchased. Raw materials are valued at cost ANd an allowance for inventory obsolescence has existed in previous years to hide the calculable decline in price from the effects of storage hazards. add progress is immaterial because of the fast turn- around time of printing jobs. Any add progress is assessed at the value of raw materials and labour and proportion of producing overheads supported traditional capability. At year finish, the warehouse is closed from twenty-eight to thirty Gregorian calendar month for stocktake, therefore sales should be invoiced within the system by shut of business on a twenty-seven Gregorian calendar month. The stock should are sent to the client (that is, it must either air track, ship or plane on its thanks to the client, or it should have already got arrived at the customer; it should not be in DIPL’s warehouse)

‘Print on Demand’ revenue and receivables

Each time a publisher needs to feature a book to DIPL’s ‘digital library’ (a server storing all of the publisher’s books in an exceedingly digital format, able to print), it emails the book to DIPL in PDF format. The digital library is secured at the shut of business on a daily basis, with the backup tapes unbroken off-site. Once the book is kept within the digital library, the publishers will order copies to be printed as needed.

When the publishers ensure the order, the register mechanically retrieves details of the publisher’s credit record and stops any orders from publishers that have exceeded their credit terms and limits. An output of the transactions history of the publishers is generated and should be signed by each capital of Montana Keng, the pinnacle of publication, and Jane Roger, the pinnacle of accounts at DIPL, before the order will continue, when the dealing history has been signed and dated, assets employees file it. If there aren't any credit issues with the order, it's processed and written by casual employees in the relevant warehouse, WHO then load the books onto pallets for shipping. once printing is finished, the sales clerk, Brown Pall, prepares AN invoice and dispatch docket and forwards them to the assets department. The assets clerk Gay Chan, checks the prices and arithmetic accuracy of the invoices and signs the invoice as proof of her check. Gay records the sales of each of the accounts assets book of account and also the general ledger and books are shipped to the publisher’s appointed destination (or the publisher can arrange to develop at the warehouse if has its own distributors). The consumer accepts liability for the goods once they are received in accordance with the acquisition order, and signs the dispatch docket as proof of delivery.

‘E-book’ Revenue

The takings from every e-book sale are paid to the publisher’s internet of a five-hitter commission. Proceeds are sent to publishers mechanically upon transfer (the commission is withheld by DIPL). Revenue from the commission is recognised once is withheld from payment to the publishers.

DIPL additionally charge publishers AN annual “storage fee” collectable twelve months prior to, keeping the e-book on DIPL’s web site. Publishers are invoiced on the date the primary transfer of a title happens. As new books are downloaded on AN current basis, the storage fee is invoiced at totally different times of the year. Revenue from storage fees has been recognised within the month the fees are invoiced, nevertheless the very fact that the fees are charged twelve months in advance.  
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