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In today's fast-paced digital world, employee communication is a vital aspect which makes an employee able to provide proper messages to other for understanding companies need and basic requirements. Social media is a useful tool to maintain corporate communication in electronic format which not saves the time of organisation but also provides huge opportunity to interact with a vast range of people in seconds through a strong network connection. This report would explore the useful resources that can be used by Australian department store, David Jones. Furthermore, this report also identifies the effectiveness as well as drawbacks associated with using these digital resources to form proper corporate communication. 
Different resources for digital communication: 
Different types of digital resources such as facebook, linkedin, webmail, and company blogs, Yammer, Google+ and Twitter can be used by David Jones to make effective and quick communication with their employees. As stated by Lyon & Montgomery (2013), social media platform is useful, a medium which provides organisation to form real-time information exchange within seconds with a vast range of employee network.
Brief summary 
As per Leonardi (2015), internal communication can be achieved effectively with the use of digital communication landscape, through which company can share their own ideas and thoughts with an employee and also can provide proper enthusiasm to potential customers to gain better market. In this context, David Jones, the Australian department store have to handle a vast range of employee as well as customer network through a digital system such as internet and intranet. Therefore it is necessary for staffs of David Jones to make proper corporate communication in a quick and reliable manner which would be understandable to all staffs. Following social media can be used by this organisation to maintain well organised corporate communication. 
Facebook pages:
HR managers of David Jones can make regular corporate communication with all staffs via the official Facebook page. As stated by Cardon & Marshall (2015), Facebook becomes an inevitable part of the corporate world, in which staffs makes daily updates of their meetings, enrollment deadlines and venue of conferences to inform a vast range of employee in seconds. Therefore, managers in David Jones can use official Facebook pages to interact with staffs to inform them about official meeting, conference or other official ideas. Sharing of words through Facebook can be effective to save times and efforts of an employee. On the contrary Bolton et al. (2013), argued that sharing of information on official matters through Facebook can be risky as it can be accessed by any unauthorised person.  On supporting the view, Roth et al. (2016) stated that in many cases, it can be seen, communication about official information is done through personal facebook page rather than through official page, which breaks the data security and privacy of official matters. David Jones, as one of the largest retail store in Australia, have to deal with millions of customers databases, official information, customer personal information and account details. Therefore managers of IT department and HR department would ensure that only official Facebook pages are used by employers to make international corporate communication with staffs.  
As stated by Leonardi (2015), Yammer can be easily used by enterprise by downloading an online mobile app and allow staffs to share and exchange information from company-wide board to localised board as well, as for individual project team. Therefore staffs of David Jones can be able to make quick real-time communication with one another. On the contrary Bolton et al. (2013), argued that,  in retail sectors, yammer cannot be using digital communication process as it works well in mobiles rather than in PC, which can pose data protection risk to the company. Therefore it can be stated that staffs of David Jones can use this process if they form any external communication which is not confidential. However, in case of private internal communication, they would use other digital sources.
Tweet publicly is important is effective and useful actions which can inspire and encourage people to any particular matter (Leonardi, 2015). Australian retail giant David Jones can use Twitter to share short burst of different official information with a wide range of employee networks. Information regarding work-life contents as well professional developmental, events can be shared through twitter by HR manager. On the contrary Roth et al. (2016), argued that Twitter can be a form of violence and organisational breach which provoke employees to perform turn over. On supporting the view Cardon & Marshall (2015),  stated that through Twitter, many competitors or ex-staffs can tweet violent offensive information in a particular company to spoil its reputation in the international world. Therefore,  staffs of David Jones could use this medium with proper safety and confidentiality.  
Reliability test:
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Table 1: Reliability test
This report would conclude the fact that social media is an inevitable part of corporate life. Face book, twitter, web messenger and Google + can be used by an organisation to share information regarding their official matters. Staffs can be informed about official matters through social media in an easy and time-saving way. Therefore, it can be concluded from the fact that, social media can be effective to maintain corporate communication if it is used with proper confidentiality. 
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