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 1. Introduction

Within an organization, it is essential to focus upon channelizing the information in a significant manner so that it can be accessible for both the in consumer as well as the service providers. In the present context, it is been found the international office of India to maintain a database that can effectively be accessed by the management comprising of the directors and faculty members along with the students (Allan et al. 2019). The objective of creating a database and effectively design the channelization of data office track the changes that take place in terms of information due to the admission of new students. The paper discusses the way through which the facilities that are provided to the students can be identified and the following services can you provide it by the volunteers towards the organization with credible and feasible database design (Harrington. 2016).

Task 1 Database Modeling

The modeling regarding creating a feasible and credible database is dependent upon the way information and process data analyzed by the international office followed by facilitating roster, email list as well as the roles and responsibilities of the quality and images for social events for the organization. Along with that, the printing of the forms as well as creating report handmade realistic contact helps in effective database design and access by each and every entity that are related to the organization. This comprises management as well as the volunteers that engage in social events and participate on their own will. Apart from that the facilities provided to the students are also taken under consideration and is been effectively shockers with the help of entity relationship diagram as follows:

a) Entity

b) Attribute

c) Multivalued Attribute

d) Primary Key

e) Relation

Task 1.1: ERD Diagram

Necessary entities are Contacts, Students, and Volunteers


Task 1.2: Business rules of ERD

The rules and regulations are very important for the business to get operated effectively based upon the entity relationship diagram which reflects the responsibilities of the business towards the organization entities as well as the responsibilities of the entities towards organization simultaneously. It is to be retained on this regard that in the case of Victoria University, the international office is in an endeavor to ensure that the business operation regarding in listing the full time as well as part-time student takes place appropriately as well as the services that are demanded by the students should be provided to them in an effective manner (Allan et al. 2019). To accomplish the objective the facilities that the students want to enjoy or consume should be tracked as well as the facilities that are provided by the organization for the students should be taken under consideration which comprises of table, pool, tea and coffee photo, participatory right in social events as a as privilege for playing games and taking rest in the lounge at the time of break hours between the class intervals. It is to be noted on this regard that the organization is in an endeavor to provide a hygienic environment for the students followed by engaging them into organizational activities. Privilege should be provided to the students regarding the facilities they want to consume as well as their engagement with the organization as volunteers in social events are also given priority. To track all the details specific rosters are to be maintained along with contact list of students and their email address which will help the organizational authority is like the managers of directors as well as faculty members to communicate the volunteers whenever required (Perfetto et al 2015). Along with the students are given the facility through which they can also communicate with the organizational authorities whenever required. The effective design of the database and channelization of information are maintained with utmost priority in order to ensure that is free, easy and user-friendly access to both of the parties regarding their demands facilities and exchange of interactive initiatives. The rules and regulation on this regard are maintained regarding keeping records with respect to each and every task executed and identifying which of the tasks are been completed and which are not completed. In this regard is being taken the students are categorized into groups depending upon their purpose and facilities that they enjoy irrespective of which the administration should have the privilege to access all the data in times of requirement and for ensuring that all the privileges that organization should provide to the students are effectively accomplished. The student's engagement as volunteers with the organization also given priority while creating the ERD diagram as well as maintaining the forms and reports.

Task 1.3: ERD to 3NF

The aspect of 3NFs are related to the process of utilizing entity relationship diagram and creating a credible as well as fever with the database which can manage the exchange of information effectively depending upon the three Normal forms which are specifically deletion, update and insertion. All of these three Normal forms are significant in maintaining the database effectively along with ensuring that the database design has the ability to insert data whenever required and delete the information which is not required based upon the existing scenario of presence of students and new enrollment of them. In order to ensure that the newly recruited students are able to access the facilities and consume them as well as serve the organization as volunteers, it is important to collect the entire information set in an integrated manner when no information get collided or overlapped with each other (Davis and Yen. 2018). Redundant information should be deleted and requested information should be inserted followed by upgrading and updating all the information on a periodic basis, is the effectiveness of the 3NF the in case of efficient database design. The process to be given priority in order to maintain a credible information exchange between the management as well as the students and faculty members where the directors will be able to access the data and gift the appropriate information within a short span of time (Harrington, 2016). 

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