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Data Security in Cloud Computing


In the global pool of huge information that is unaccountably generated on daily basis, security is becoming consistently a foremost issue in the field of information technology. In relevance to cloud-computing upbringings, it is becoming predominantly severe, as the huge amount of information is to be found in various places and even across the globe. Confidentiality protections as well as data security are the two main features of cloud concern of the users regarding this cloud technology. Though numerous techniques in regards to this topics of cloud computing have been highly investigated in both industrial aspects as well as academics, data security followed by privacy protection is still more important to be considered for ensuring immense future development in cloud computing expertise for industry, business as well as government. Data security as well as privacy protection issues in cloud computing are in relevance to both the software and hardware stuffs associated with the cloud architecture. In this research study, reviews on various security techniques as well as the concerning challenges from the perspective of both software as well as hardware aspects towards providing protection of data, which is residing in the cloud  has been reflected. Furthermore, this assignment has aimed at enhancement of the data security modelling as well as privacy protection to upright cloud computing conceptualization. In this research study, a review and appropriate analysis of the prevalent research works in relevance to the data security modelling as well as privacy protection tools that has been enforced for providing security in the cloud computing is vividly described


In the 21st century, cloud computing can be envisioned as next generation paradigm in terms of computation. Taking under consideration the cloud-computing environment it is well known to every cloud users that both applications as well as resources are appropriately delivered based on demand through the Internet as services. It is worth mentioning that cloud is defined as an environment, which is associated with the hardware as well as software resources located at the data centres, which will eventually provide diversified services through the network or even the Internet for attainment of satisfaction of the cloud user’s requirements.

Literature review – Broad Scan and Reading

Round 1

Interest that led to selection of initial keywords

For the pursuance of this research, the finding of initial keywords holds much significance which would be helpful in understanding the data security in cloud computing. While thriving with the technological innovations of the 21st century and the generation of huge amount of information across the world, data security has become the most concerning and highly discussed topic. Another significant innovation that has been made in this century is cloud computing which is secured platform and migrating to it means that the users’ responsibility for securing their data goes up considerably (datamation.com, 2019). Data having a varied level of sensitivity is continuously moving out of the confoundedness of the computer firewalls. The users no longer have any sort of control on their data, which could reside anywhere across the world and it invariably depends on the cloud company the user is using at present. While stepping forward towards the public cloud or making use of the hybrid cloud clearly signify the potentiality for cloud security issues has been observed ubiquitously all along the chain.

Number of search results and keywords:

While searching for data security in cloud computing, precisely 188,000 results were returned in Google Scholar. The keywords found in this first round of search are cloud computing, data security, cloud security, cloud computing adoption framework, research issues, edge computing and Big Data.

After going through the first search result list, it has been identified that data security is serving only in case of cloud service providers, which has significantly risen to the occasion. It never matters which platform the user has preferably selected for the debate in between Google or Azure or AWZ, all exercise different compliances according to the standards such as ISO, HIPAA, SOC and PCI DSS. They have been some critical measure of responsibility that extensively creates an important challenge in cloud computing. Thus, there here are numerous decisive concepts strategized for assurance of data security in the cloud.

After a detailed research in the Round 1, various concepts have been acknowledged, which has favoured the researcher to advance in the Round 2 of literature review. Depending on the numerous concepts for assuring data security in the cloud, the researcher has directed stringent focus on the privacy protection, preserve data integrity, availability of data and its privacy (Manogaran et al., 2016). The users’ data is necessary to be protected from having some unauthorized accessibility irrespective of their cloud decisions, which is inclusive of data controlling and data encryption that can access and sees what. There may be numerous situations where the user might desire to make availability of data to some assured personnel taking under consideration certain conditions. Automated tools help in discovering and identification of the sensitive data of the organization as well as where it resides. Amazon Web Services possess Macie whereas Microsoft Azure is possessed with Azure Information Protection (AIP) for acute classification of data with the applic

various other interconnected aspects comes under consideration, which is necessary to be briefed in Round 3. During the pursuance of literature survey on data security in cloud computing, it is essential to be aware of certain other factors such as encryption process, relevant threats, data security and staffing and finally contractual data security (Ali et al., 2015). At present, encryption technologies has become fairly matured, which ensure data privacy is insured and protected. The encryption of data is completed through key-based algorithms and those private and public keys are acutely stored in the cloud by its provider. However, it has also been identified that some business-related apps such as Dynamix and Salesforce are proficiently using tokenization in place of keys. This is associated with substitution of particular token fields for unsigned data tokens. Providers of cloud service have a wide variety of tools and policies for security in place, however, occurrence of certain issues can never be avoided at certain times, which usually originate due to some error from users’ end.

Literature Review – Focused Reading

Article 1: Towards achieving Data Security with the Cloud Computing Adoption Framework

Authors: Victor Chang, Muthu Ramachandran, Member, IEEE

In case of cloud computing, offering of real time data security in case of petabytes holds much significance in this 21st century technical innovations. A recent survey conducted on cloud security has stated that security of users data is highly concerning as well as prioritised. It is believed that this could only be achieved with the execution of a systematic approach, which can be easily adopted as well as well structured. Thus, in this research paper, a strategic framework termed as Could Computing Adoption Framework (CCAF) that can easily be customised to ensure security of cloud data has been formulated. This research paper further explains overview, components and rationale in the CCAF for extensive provision of protection towards data security. CCAF has been illustrated by system design depending on the necessities as well as the implementation, which has been demonstrated by CCAF multi-layered security. As Data Center has approximately 10 petabytes of data, there is immense undertaking for providing real-time quarantine as well as protection. In this research study, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) has been used for the stimulation of how data is to be used for betterment. The enforcement of BPMN model will allow the users in evaluation of their selected security performances prior to its tangible implementation. The outcomes in this paper acutely reflect that the needy time for acutely taking control over security breach ranges from 50 to 150 hours. This signifies that incorporation of additional security is necessary for ensuring all data has been protected well within the crucial 125 hours. Through this research, it has been accurately demonstrated that CCAF multi-layered security proactively protect data over real-time. It has three key layers of security namely firewall and access control followed by identity management and intrusion prevention and finally convergent encryption. For validation of CCAF, this research has undertaken two accurate ethical-hacking experimentations, which involves testing of virus penetration with approximately 10,000 trojans (Chang and Ramachandran, 2015). It has been proved through the research that CCAF multi-layered security has been a perfect player in blocking upmost of roughly 9,900 trojan viruses, which can easily be destroyed within a couple of seconds and the existing ones can be isolated or quarantined. The experimentations reflect that although percentage of blocking could be considerably decreased from being harmed with uninterrupted injection of Trojan viruses, however nearly 97.43% of them could only be quarantined. In this research paper, CCAF multi-layered security has recorded a better performance averaging nearly 20% while compared with the single-layered approach that could be successful in blocking only around 7,500 Trojan viruses. CCAF could be more helpful in later phases when it is appropriately combined with BPMN simulation for evaluation of penetrating testing results and security process.


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