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Simplifying of clustered data is always a big problem for any kind of the business organizations and firms. For the purposes if data analysis and other processes it is always a favoured task for the specialists that they will continue with the raw data and then cook it into well-structured data. Here in this assignment the learner is going to describe about the processes of data mining and is going to elaborate the process of data analysis and the simplification. In this assignment the learner is going to perform the different types of operations on the selected raw data source. The data source which the learner has collected is related to the soccer game and its prediction. In the collected data source the learner has collected the 10,000 data sets of the soccer games predictions and probabilities and of different teams from different countries. The main purpose of this assignment is to do the in depth learning of the data analysis and the different forms of the data mining. In this context the learner is going to use different types of tools and techniques. In this assignment the learner is going to analyse the data for the OPAQUE Pvt Ltd., where the leading shareholder of the soccer club. The learner is going to assist the company with the process of data mining in processing these data for the various purposes of the Opaque Pvt Ltd. In this learning assessment the learner will discuss the different process of the data mining and data processing with the help of some effective tools of SAP like Lumira and will some other tools to visualize and represent the data and information.

Part 1

Background of information

For the process of data analysis and mining the first thing which the learner or any analysts will require is the set of data. The collected source of data can be of any kind, wither it can be in the form of the raw data, unorganized and in UN parallel way or it can be in an organized way but with having a lot of complexities. For this project the learner has collected the data sets of the 10,000 spi and probabilities of a club soccer. In the collected data sets the learner will get different types of data variables and the Metadata (Meta data mainly refers to the data about the data, whichmeans wit contains the additional information of the main data). In the collected data sets there are different types of data types are present which need to be organized and cooked in proper manner. As the collected data set is clustered in size it is highly required to perform the data mining operation to simplify the data and to represent and process it in simple manner so that one can easily concluded the result ina singe view. The process which the leaner has used for the process of data mining is quite similar to the other processes, this is discussed in the later section of this assignment.

For this project of data mining and data processing the collected data sets have some different type of values and it is the collection of different value types. In the collected data set the learner will perform the actions like re-joining,compiling, analysis and visualization of the given data(Aggarwal,2015). 

Part 2 

Data Mining

In the process of data mining and data analysts there are different operations and processes which have to be performed. Processes like predictions, association, classifications and tracking patterns are the common on which have to be used in the process of data mining. The main aim of these steps and process is to separate the data in different basis to make it simple and suitable for understanding. The collection of all these process is termed as the overall process of data mining. Here the learner will perform all these activities on the collected data set one by one and will represents the outcomes and the results of the data sets. The data which the learner has collected have various scopes for this process. The way which the learner is going to follow is by using the data mining tools like tableau and the some other web based data mining tools. In this process the resulted data will show the classified and composed data sets of the original dataset which the learner has gathered for this assignment (Scott,2015).

There are various process of the data mining which the learner is going toperform in this assignment.


In the processof data mining and data processing there are different tools available which can assist theanalyst in performing all these activities. Theses available tools can be used in the different processes like business indexing or for the purposes of designing the businessstrategy with the help of the given data. Tools like tableau and SPSS are helping the BI industry in different possible ways. There are different functions and packages available for performingal these discussed process of data mining. Here the learner is going to use these tools for these purposes. There are some other tools which theLerner is going to use in this assignment for the process of data visualization and processing methods. In this section for simplifying all these data the learner is going to use the SAP based software’s like HANA, Lumira which will provide them an efficient help in all their purposes.


Implementation and Importance of Data Mining in BI

In the business process nowadayseverything is shifting from manual to technology based tools. These available tools are simplifying the work processes of the company as well as providing the assistance in the prices of making the business plans and strategy. The implementation or the introduction of the clustered data processing in the business filed has helped these organizationsin many different possible ways. Starting from the managing the company’s  internallist of data to analysing the financial and business reports of the company these data mining processes are being used. In the current scenario where the Learner is analysing the data for the Opaque company, who is dealing with the data of predictions and probabilities ,as the company has provide the list of 10,000 matches, their statistics and predictions and the probabilities for different matches. It will help the company in maintaining the data records of the matches as well as will help in the process of the company’s plan of their “game of prediction”. 

Data mining process

In theprocess of datamining and data processing there are a lot of steps involved which need to beperforms. There is no any certain list of the process whichmust have to perform to complete the data mining process. It all depends on the nature of the data set and the requirements of the company for which the data analyst is performing all the operations. In this assignment the learner is going to do all these activities of the Opaque Pt.Ltd... Which is one of the leadingshareholder of the soccer club and also running a data analysis company which provides the relevant information about the predictions and probabilities of different aspects of games before each and every game. 

Part 3 


In this section of the assignment the learner is going to perform the operation and research of the collected data set. In these operations the learner will analyse the different data sets for the company. In these operation of research the learner is going to analyse the process of data mining and their implementation for the company.

Selected method of data mining

a)     Tracking pattern

b)     Classification

c)     Association

d)     Prediction

e)     Clustering

stat 2040 data analysis assignment

Figure 1 Prediction of goals

Justification for selection



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