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Every organization wants to expand its business the achieving high success in the existing market where it is operating currently. Expansion of business is the key purpose of every organization to enhance its activities in other countries and their specific cities where the organizations want to expand after analysis of the country. It is also important for organizations o focus on the cultural differences and analyzes the market before going to expand the business. By analyzing all factors of the new country, there will be less risk to expand the business and to get high success by fulfilling the objectives of expansion in new countries and cities. This study has focused on the two most important countries for expansion and has to provide complete information about the opportunity that either it is beneficial to expand business in these two big countries. The selected organization in this study is Etisalat in UAE.

Part One: Opening information

Etisalat has a successful business in UAE and it has the objective and purpose to expand its business in new countries for market growth. It wants to get a high market share from the international market to provide internet facilities to the customers of different countries.

Benefits of this expansion

By international market, it has the purpose to fulfill about high market share from the global market. As Etisalat has got high success in the market of UAE and now there is no need for further improvements in the same country so it is necessary for the company to expand its business at international level where there is a demand for its services. In this technological and internet world, there is a demand for internet services in all countries. By analyzing this need of the telecom industry in other countries, it has selected two main countries that are South Africa and its city of Pretoria. The second country which has been selected is Turkey and its city is Antalya. These two countries are selected according to the need for internet facilities in these countries. 

We feel that these two countries are facing difficulty in their telecommunication sector as the services of these telecom industries are not satisfactory in these two countries and there is also demand for internet services by from well-reputed organization. So these two countries are deserving of further analysis to expand business in these countries. 

Cultural comparison using Hofstede’s theory

There are different dimensions for this theory about cultural differences. These all dimensions are used for the cultural comparison of turkey and South Africa at a large scale for the selected cities of these countries. There are six most important dimensions of this theory.

Part two: challenges in these countries for expansion

Risk of acceptability

In these two countries, there is high risk for the failure by the acceptability level of the community in these countries. Here is high level of risk that by the increasing investment in these two big countries, there is risk that either community of the countries accept this foreign company or not and want to avail services of the internet because the existing and local companies are also providing the same services to the community. So it is the first challenges which has to face by the company to expand business . 

Language and cultural challenge

These two countries which are selected in this study have the totally different culture and language to speak and write. It is high level challenge which has to face by the telecom company in these countries. Africa has different culture than UAE and it is not Muslim country which is increasing risk factor and it has the employees and high rate for the force of the human resource department. 

Turkey also has different culture and language to use in its companies. It has its own language that UAE has English and Arabic language in its companies but these countries have their own languages to use in its operations and culture of business. Telecom business has to face difficulty regarding these aspects for acceptability . 




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