Critiquing The Functions Of Managements

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Critiquing The Functions Of Managements


 1. Introduction

Due to the change in the technology and trends, the companies have to adjust as per the requirements of the clients and customers. However, the incorporation of the latest technologies or the changes in management may provide hindrance to the development of the companies. Many factors are involved in this process. The organizations may lack manpower or the financial resources. Moreover, the plans adopted while changing the organizational scheme have also been discussed. In addition to this, the Lewin’s change model has also been incorporated in the report, which is a beneficial framework in the development of the business. Finally, the recommendations have been provided in the conclusion.
2. Findings and Analysis
2.1 Functions of management hindering organizational change
The incorporation of the new changes in an organization or company involves many aspects. Usually a modification is required to adapt to the changes in the trends or to enhance the functioning of the company (Mbaknol.com, 2019). The changes may be in the form of a change in the management, or the incorporation of the latest technologies. It is usually carried out due to the change in the external environment and the internal environment. Irrespective of the changes made, the company needs to adapt to it for the proper functioning, productivity or the enhancement of the business. However, the initiation of a change should be supported by the presence of skilled personnel, financial resources, adequate work space and others. The organizational change is not always supported by the company management as there might be a threat of power on the individual level or organizational level, as influenced by Bender et al. (2018). This can be elaborated by the fact that the managers of the company might resist the change due to the decrease in the power or authority in the company. Similarly, certain groups, departments and other employees might not like the idea that the model change is creating hindrance in the supposed model change. Thus, the resistance can be from both the managers, employees and other staffs involved in the company.  Moreover, the employees might not be able to comprehend the management change or the technology that has been installed in the company. In addition to this, the new model or the technology might require a lot of maintenance and further economic expense, which is not affordable by the company. This might result in the reduction of the salary of the employees, due to the enhanced performance and efficiency of the model or machine. Furthermore, the comfort of the employees or the authorities involved in the company might be disrupted, as influenced by Collings, Wood and Szamosi (2018). Every company has a culture of its own that is preserved by its employees and the board of directors. Incorporating a change in the organization might result in a change in the image, the culture and the reputation (Entrepreneurshipinabox.com, 2019). Moreover, if a new system in brought into the company, which is efficient, it might lead to loss of jobs for the employees. However, there is a problem associated with the incorporation of new technology;
2.2. Organizational plans under changing environment
With the changing environment, the organisations are in dire need of changing their strategies to thrive. The following models can be helpful for an organisation moving to change their structure.
2.2.1 Lewin's change model
Lewin’s model is very useful for the organisations who are rushing to change their way of running the organisation. The model is constructed to solve the problems that are faced by various organisations facing strategic crisis. According to Hurd et al. (2019), the model is also known as Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze. In the first stage of the model, the organisation is needed to be prepared of the fact that a change is necessary. The company is required to change the status quo that exists within so that the new strategy can be implemented. The organisation leaders are required to develop a message to the entire hierarchy showing the reasons of the statistical change. The reasons could include down warding sales figures, bad financial results, lack of customer satisfaction and such. This would help the entire organisation to follow the ideas that are presented by the leader. In this stage, the core values, beliefs behaviours and attitudes are challenged, which is why it is considered as the most difficult and stressful phrase of the model. The sudden change in the process would throw everybody involved, off guard. Therefore the organisation leader is expected to handle the situation with care.
The second stage is the changing point, where the organisations would resolve the issues they were facing. This stage is time consuming as a change does not occur overnight. The organisations are needed to be patient in order to make the plan successful. It is important for the organisation to make employees along with customers to understand, that the change is necessary and would ensure profit in the long run. There are many incidents occur during this phrase, where the people who were profited by the previous status quo are harmed. According to Kerzner (2018), it is under the duty of the organisations to convince such people to support the cause of change. By communicating frequently; dispelling rumours; empowering action; and involving stakeholders, as necessary, in the process, the organisation could achieve the second phrase.
2.2.2 Kotter's change model
Another model that could help the organisations to change their strategies is the Kotter’s change model. The following table shows the 8 steps of the model which are explained with respect to the organisations.
Table 1: Kotter’s change model
3. Conclusion and recommendation
In conclusion it can be stated that the organizations should conform to the new changes in order to adapt to the changing trends. However, there are certain protocols which should be followed before imposing a management change on the organization. In order to undergo this process, it is first essential to evaluate the existing process, in accordance to the existing market condition. In the situation where modifications are required and if it solved through incorporation of slight adjustments, then that should be executed. However, if the performance of the company is not up to the mark, then massive changes in the form of management model or technological changes need to be introduced. Furthermore, the evaluation of the process should be done at regular intervals, taking into consideration the comfort level of the employees. The Lewin’s model can be incorporated to analyze the situation, and provide the best solution on the modification that is required for the company. 
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