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This Luhn algorithm is used for validating the credit cards of users and it also helps to protect from typing errors and accidental errors on several e-commerce websites. But This Luhn algorithm failed to detect the credit card number length and card number type. Therefore, increase the Luhn algorithm for card number validation. This enhancement process is useful for several e-commerce websites which use this algorithm. This algorithm will be used in this GUI program to validate credit cards.  


A credit card is the most vital card for cashless payment. It means it is used for the purchase of several services and products or goods offline or online. In the credit card, there are 16 digits which are divided into four parts such as, industry ID, issuer ID, Account Number, and checksum. The first number represents industry ID, then the next 5 digits represent the ID of the issuer, then the next 9 digits represent the user's account number, and the remaining one digit represents checksum. 


This Luhn algorithm is developed to protect consumers and companies against typing errors and accidental errors. In the Luhn algorithm, there is one specified method for checking and validating credit cards such as mod 10. In the first step, this algorithm checks the second digit to the last digit and moves towards the left, and checks alternative double value digits (Save et al. 2017). If any value fetched from this specified step is bigger than nine digits then nine digits will subtract from the value. In the second step add the values of digits with original 16 digits numbers and exclude all check digits. In the third step, divide the summation with 10 and check the remainder value (Wachira, 2017). If the value of the remainder is zero then these digits is checked if the value of the remainder is not zero then subtract the value of the remainder with 10. 


For testing this algorithm, take a credit card number of the master card such as 5542-1356-1141-2501.

Step 1: Calculate the number from the second digit to the last digit and move towards the left and check alternative double value digits. If any value fetched from this specific step is bigger than nine digits then nine digits will subtract from the value.

Step 2: Add the value of the digits with the original number digits and exclude the checked value.

0+5+4+1+8+1+2+6+1+3+2+2+8+5+1 = 49 

Step 3: Divide the additional value with 10 and check the remainder value. If the value of the remainder is zero then this digit is checked and validated. if the value of the remainder is not zero then subtract the value of remainder with 10 and check the subtracted value (Ilango and Acram, 2018). as an example, 

49 is divided by 10 if the remainder value is 9 then subtract 9 with 10. After that If the subtraction value is 1 then is the same as the last number of the credit card, therefore this credit card is validated.


For this project, it requires C#, Windows presentation foundation (WPF) UI framework and visual studio 2015.

In this credit card validation program, there are seve


ral libraries such as generic, component model, data, drawing, windows form, and LINQ (Asritha et al. 2017). This program is a GUI-based program. to create this credit card validator GUI-based program through the use of windows form. In this program, there are several uses for implementation such as, is Validbutton_Click method is used to check all logic works correctly or not and it also checks if a user fills up all blank space or not (Bendale et al. 2019). This program can create six kinds of credit cards as visa cards, MasterCard, American express, discover, and diner club cards. All card numbers are implemented through the Luhn algorithm. Also, this program checks card types by using the check card type method. This program can detect six kinds of numbers by using card numbers (Jonathan et al. 2017). All things are possible for the Luhn algorithm. This program helps to differentiate six different kinds of cards by six different methods. 


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