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Task 1: Main Details of Creative Common Licensing

Creative Common Licensing is one of the most prominent copyright licenses which are public in nature, with the main advantage of the same being the fact that it allows the free distribution of a work which is otherwise classified as a copyrighted literature or work. The advent and eventual implementation of the aforementioned kind of licensing enables the author of any kind of work (regardless of its nature, content, type or classification) to give others the basic rights of sharing, using or even building upon a work which they have ensured the creation of, with the presence of the same also opening up new channels of information sharing and data usage for others. The aspect and quality of flexibility are provided to the authors of the works in question, with the people wanting to share and distribute the same to others are ensured with a certain degree of protection upon the proper presence of the aforementioned (with the main requirement being the following of all terms and conditions in these regards) (Commons, 2015).

Creative Common Licensing can be classified into several types (such as Attribution, Share-alike, Non-commercial and No Derivative Works), with each of the types in question having their own unique features. Attribution type enables the copying, distribution, displaying and performance of the work upon giving the relevant author the necessary credits, while share-alike ensures the distribution of the derivative works only under the license which is the same as the license governing the original work. Non-commercial type enables the distribution of a work only for non-commercial purposes, while No Derivatives type enables the sharing or copying of only the verbatim copies of the said work. Using the information provided by others proves to be a significant source of secondary information, which in turn can prove to be inspirations even in personal designing and in the completion of personal creative works such as websites or blogs (Fiesler, Lampe & Bruckman, 2016). 


Task 2: Code of Ethics for IT Practices within an Organisation

The main details pertaining to the Code of Ethics for the Information Technology practices for a financial organisation are:

The Presence of Good Faith: All 25 employees have to treat each other with complete respect, and have the utmost faith in each other. The cultural sensitivities and backgrounds of each and every employee has to be respected by the other colleagues in a proper manner

Focusing on the Community: The basic welfare and rights of the people of the community, as well as the fellow workers, must take precedence and priority over the fulfilment of the main responsibilities in the working organisation, with the aspect of working in accordance with the overall well-being and welfare of the others being a very important matter for consideration

Integrity: The execution of the main tasks pertaining to the allocated responsibilities and jobs of the main members of the working organisation has to be in accordance with (and comprising of) the main qualities of honour, dignity and integrity. The use of these qualities as well as having a certain degree of respect for the people and the used tools (such as the Hardware and Software used by the Company) must be incorporated in the working methodologies of the employees for ensuring the presence of skill, judgment, initiatives and honesty in the long run (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2015)

Skills: The main employees have to apply their skills to the overall benefit of the organisation while possessing the necessary expertise in managing the completion of the tasks and in using applications such as Office 365, tools such as Microsoft Windows-based desktops as well as Servers such as the Windows 2010 model 

Continuous Development and Competence: The employees have to ensure that they increase their level of possessed skills and expertise over the course of working in the organisation while ensuring that they do not cause any kinds of ethical violations of any kind. They also have to ensure that they follow all of the guidelines and standards of their professional practices in the best possible manner 


Management of the Conflicts of Interest: The information pertaining to any kind of differences regarding the interests of the clients and the organisational employees has to be conveyed immediately to prevent ethical conflicts (Johnson, 2016) 

Task 3: Blog on Wordpress

Importance of Business Ethics in a Professional Context

The various features and aspects of the main business ethics ensure that the said ethics are an accurate reflection of the main philosophy to be followed for conducting the main tasks pertaining to the said business in a proper, efficient and appropriate manner. The businesses and financial entities of the market have to ensure that they manage to complete their main objectives and goals on a long-term basis without violating the fundamental rights of any entity involved in the functioning of the said businesses (regardless of whether the entities in question are individuals, groups, teams or other organisations in partnership or collaboration). Managing the fulfilment of the main requirements pertaining to business ethics on the part of a financial entity also ensures the maximization of the returns and the fulfilment of the necessary tasks without violating the main rights or pressuring any others. Business ethics form the main fundamental basis for the rules, standards and guidelines which help in governing the business decisions in a manner which ensures a rational framework and manner of working on a long-term basis.




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