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 1. Introduction

The big four commercial banks in Ireland come under the Allied Irish Banks (AIB) that have generated their entire corporate structure of working and personal services to the customers. The Allied Irish Bank is one of the prominent multinational banking organizations, with the said bank having a significant presence in the North American and European markets. Some of the main strategies and tactics included the acquisition of substantial stakes in the First Maryland Bancorp organization as well as the carrying out of the cash merger of First Maryland into a subsidiary that is wholly owned. Some of the main problems which the reviewed banking organization experienced included the decision on the part of the treasury funds manager to not replace the trading manager (on account of the constraints of the budget) and hiding the losses in the following months. Fabrication of trade settlements and forging of the necessary documents related to the same led to bogus transactions and severe losses for the bank in question. Herein, the following study is about the analysis of the same and the discussions regarding the related factors.  

a) The AIB/All first failure 

The report has conducted that the focused approach for the banking and the AIB trading related scandal create the management purposes and then operation structure has faced different types of problems. Several resignations and management-related problems create several problems for the entire thing and it has become quite a tough issue to handle things in a proper way. Cooperation management and the collaboration purposes of AIB create problematic issues for the entire thing. The board of directors and the managers failed in different criteria to manage the process in a systematic manner. Controlling and monitoring procedures generate different failed approaches that recognize some scale of losses. The operation administrator and the financial analysis have shown that there is a huge problematic zone for the entire thing and both the internal and external purposes generate different problems for the banking sector because of some of the internal controls and other structures (Aven, 2016). 

b) Key reasons for failure 

Several manipulations of the principle measurements and their stated application have created a major drawback for the organization and the input calculation of the entire thing failed massively. The audit control process and the system monitoring is another problem that AIB has faced and deliberate manipulation of the different work spreadsheets creates various issues for the management. Risk process has imbibed in the different management-related monitoring and lack of understanding for the business follow up to create different problems that put a direct influence on the entire thing. Corroborative records and the corrupted controls over different work purposes developed many issues for the entire organization, later that has taken care of by the treasury risk control personnel. Some of the hypothetical foreign exchange criteria and their work-related assessment result in different profit and loss that increases the volatility rates. The statistical uncertainty and the outcome for the later operation and management-related approaches generate different problems for the further work criteria and their engagement. Obtained information and specified implication measures for the different projections generate further transaction-related problems, with the forging of the documents and the records pertaining to the losses of the organization (as well as hiding them) leading to further complications in this aspect.

2. Assessment of risk

Assessment of the different risk factors observed by AIB can get to solve by the initiation of higher management and they can create the best perspective for the future work criteria and their systematic application for the entire thing. 

a) Identification of key risks

Some of the key risks generated in the management along with the system-related work that hampers the entire profit and loss structure need to process in a methodical way. Mitigation of the several risks needs to solve with the help of proper understanding of the same and create a managed application for the same. The copyright materials and the legal responsibility for the work dissemination between different departments need to present in a particular way so that the entire process can follow up the risk management concepts. Expectations and the risk personnel experience take up the threat and opportunity-based criteria so these problems can be mitigated and focus on further work initiation (Deresky, 2017). The regulatory imbalances and the corporate failures increase corruption and forgery for the entire structure and action-related specification adversely affect the overall objectives of AIB based on different scenarios. Value at the risk management and the information-based work criteria focus on the calculations and transaction based issues.


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