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Continuous Improvement is the process that always striving to achieve higher level of success. On this regard, help can be taken from a few activities that can sharpen the performance and leads towards better success. These activities are majorly includes reviewing the previous performances, identify the loopholes. Thereafter identifying the areas of improvement, then plan and act accordingly to do so. Now, in order complete this essay on continuous improvement planning with real life scenarios, the organization of construction industry are majorly accounted to describe the processes in a practical manner. 

Importance of Continuous improvement

In order to highlight the importance of continuous improvement, by name it can be inferred that it always focused on to make improvement for any particular business organisation. Interestingly, the improvements can be made in a continuous manner. On that regard, Bernhardt (2013) stated that, any specific continuous improvement plans creates linkages between efficient production processes and provide support after the production as well. This is because it is found in many cases, the organisations are getting least concerned once the production process is over. In many cases, the construction organisations are denying to provide proper support after the construction process is done. Lewis (2016) argued that, this denial of services affected the improvement process indirectly. 

Planning for continuous improvement takes the critical requirements of any particular business into the account. Therefore, the organisational authorities will get to know about these needs more clearly and be able to take decisions accordingly to fulfil their requirements. Singh and Singh (2015) commented that, it is also accounted as the major component of continuous improvement. Not only that, this type of planning process also includes the activity of asking for review from the end user. With the help of these reviews the organisations will come to about the views of their services users including their demands as well. In order to fulfil those demands, organisations can increase their performance level to improve the customer satisfaction (Harris and McCaffer, 2013).

Lean management procedures

Kerzner (2013) stated that, focusing on the process of continuous development and developing plans regarding that the prime focus of the companies are majorly on enjoying the benefits to perform sustained business processes. On that regard, there are a few specific approaches can be taken by the business organisation for their continuous improvement process. These are like lean management approach, PDCA approach and many others. Although, in this essay, the organisations in construction industry have always focused mainly on the lean management procedure and PDCA approach for achieving their continuous improvement planning.

In order to highlight this specific lean management process, it can be said that this approach requires long time performances, which is most needed for continuous development process (Fagnani and Guimarães, 2017). However, despite of taking long time lean management process always focuses on working in a systematic way. This management procedure always tries to enhance the performance efficiency of the organisation including performance quality improvement with the help of attaining small goals.  

Lean Strategies

There are always a few specific strategies taken by the organisations in order to implement the lean management process accordingly. These strategies are majorly developed with the help of making proper collaboration with the stakeholders and communicate with them appropriately. Kumar and Mittal (2015) opined that, these strategies initiates with undertaking the projects initially, which will create engagement with the lean process and helps in building confidence as well. After that the strategies follows the path of engagement and make the objectives clear for any particular project. Along with that, the process also involves transferring the development approaches to a standard level. In addition the policies regarding the project are also clearly defined in this particular strategy (Aziz and Hafez, 2013).

Commitment towards any specific business project is also another major component in the process of continuous development planning. Commitment involves the proper training to the employee as they can produce better performance for the company to complete any particular project. Along with that, Karim and Arif-Uz-Zaman (2013) stated that, commitment also requires a high level performance from the managerial end with having proper leadership abilities. In addition, completion of any project appropriately also requires better performance from the suppliers end as well. After that proper team management also influences the strategy development process for continuous improvement. It also includes organisational perspectives and undertaking the improvements as well for the process of better outcomes. At the end, lean management strategies also include the self management procedures (Kohlbacher and Reijers, 2013). This because self management can develop a better performer and also creates emotional attachments with business organisation which will be resulted as enhanced organisation performance.




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