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A logo is a company’s spokesperson in a pictorial format. Your brand logo will “speak” to your target audience before any of your representatives do. Even before the call centre support or the receptionist gets to greet them. A logo creates an image about the business they represent and helps people create a perception about the business.

This is the where it garners its high importance- the ability to create and influence perception. People will judge the quality of your product or service by the first impression of the logo itself! Bright, peppy colours will invoke a sense of fun-loving, cheery enterprise (amusement parks, confectionaries etc.); metallic finishes inform about their quality and industrial precision (hi-tech gadgets) and formal fonts denote the professional nature of the business (banks, law firms etc.) 

A logo has the convincing power that transcends language barriers. Design is a universal language and hence has broader appeal. However, all of this will only work if the logo is backed up with a strong distribution network. A powerful logo without audience reach is just a good idea without implementation. Below we present to you top 5 ways to market your company logo and give it the audience that it deserves:   

Content Marketing

If you think you can write about it, then you are right about it! Content writing or Blogging is an excellent way to reach out to an audience- a highly literate audience at that. With the information age, people want to be able to write and read reviews on the internet and make sense of a product or trend. A blog post on the company website that highlights the features and the history of the logo can incite the curiosity of a growing reader audience. The benefit of content marketing is that if it catches up, readers will write their own reviews of it. This is a participatory method to market your brand. As usual with everything technical, if your company does not have the internal capacity or the required skillset to start a content writing campaign, outsource the same to an agency or freelance writers. These agencies/freelancers can make a customised blogpost that highlights the features of the logo. A general tip- mention the history of the logo. Juicy titbits about how it came into existence and fun facts while designing lend an interesting touch to the article.

Social Media 

It is no surprise that social media is one of the biggest drivers of brand image worldwide. Promoting your logo on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. will help visibility among younger, more trendy audience. If the logo is well received on this medium it has a fair chance of being shared far and wide and thus creates a compound effect. This is the best virtue of social media, in that it allows viewers to pass on the message that they connect with, unlike television or radio where the message ends with the audience. Additionally, since the logo is a design in picture form, we recommend targeting specific social media platforms that are design and image oriented. Examples include Flickr, Instagram and Picasa. These networking sites attract an audience that is already fine-tuned to appreciate visual design.

Physical Promotion

This method is to target the working-class audience. Media assets like billboards, flyers, banners, hoardings etc. serve a large audience and guarantee multiple viewings targeting regular travellers. It is noteworthy that densely populated commercial complexes and office areas that observe regular crowd are the best picks to advertise your logo in. Huge illuminated hoardings on traffic signals are another preferred choice among advertisers since they allow a few seconds for the logo design to seep into public consciousness. Another example of physical promotion is widely distributed newspapers and pamphlets. Psychologists suggest that our memory of an object stays on for longer if we can feel it with our senses, especially touch. Provide your audience a chance hold your logo in their hands.      


Merchandising is the most beneficial way to market your logo in the sense that it has scope for additional revenue generation and reinstate brand loyalty. It is also the most fun way to promote your logo! Inscribing your logo design on shirts, caps, mugs etc., even if only for the employees, makes sure your brand travels to places with the people it is on. There is no other marketing avenue that can provide such acute penetration of brand image. Many companies have even turned their merchandise into a cash-flow adding venture in addition to their core business. But even if that is not your priority, and you stick only to employees sporting your logo on their backs and ID cards, that helps in instilling a sense of loyalty and pride to represent the company. That is hitting multiple boards with one dart! 

Industry Affiliations

This is the marketing strategy that requires the least effort but provides exponential reach. Tying up with a company that shares the same customer base to display your logo in events or industry conferences is the smartest move for logo promotion.  A mutual exchange where you trade favours with a counterpart or affiliate business (for example tire manufacturer logos displayed during car launches) is a win-win for both the companies. Primarily, it saves all the time and effort of creating an audience base which could take months. All this can simply be borrowed from an industry affiliate and leveraged on to increase visibility. Find out other related businesses in your industry to shortlist your preferred logo-sharing partners. This encourages cross-business interaction and helps the company to stay abreast of market trends.

There are numerous ways to promote your brand logo and the preferred method is still to mix and match these techniques for a customised marketing mix. Registering and displaying your logo on various logo design galleries also helps gain some visibility among a technical audience. Do consider embellishing or minimising your design based on customer feedback once you gain a larger reach. Customer participation in your logo design is a critical brand-building exercise.


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