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The communication process is of utmost importance at healthcare the sector and for ensuring means of communication among the various individuals in the healthcare the sector multiple forms of communication are being used. These are typically applied by various administrators as well as the staff who are equipped with proper training. Failure in the communication methods can put a sign of risk to the overall healthcare. In this report, the focus will be shed on effectively evaluation of the communication process in the workplace environment of the healthcare sector. Along with this, a critical analysis of the various models of the communication process will also be illustrated.

The communication process in the healthcare

The communication process refers to the transaction that aims at creating something meaningful. There are many three components of communication, namely receiver, sensors and message. In the healthcare sector, such as in the hospital where the doctor act as a sender as well as the receiver. The information which is to be delivered is the message as both the doctors and the patients can have different views. Thus, the main purpose of effective communication involves sharing a common perspective. There are certain things which are needed to be addressed for setting up communication effective communication. This includes the establishment of rapport, listening patiently showing empathy as well as unnecessary usage of medical jargon. There are various methods or models of conducting effective communication, for instance, ISBAR (Petersson, Hagell & Westergren, 2015). This includes the identification of the staff, patients as well as employees of the healthcare sector, assessing the situation, and background of the problem. Furthermore, it also involves the assessment of pains or vitals of the patients. Lastly, it includes the recommendation which takes into account the investigation which is required to be done.  There is a certain situation which requires a special protocol for addressing the situation.

These special situations are handling aggressive families, efficient management of angry employees, patient staff, and disclosure of death. Furthermore, it also includes the breaking of bad news to the family members, communication of information related to the emergency. For disclosing any information related to bad news, the doctors or the health caregivers should have time in the room where the conversation can be made, and relevant information regarding the patient as well as knowledge can be gathered through in-depth investigation (Cervai & Polo, 2015). Health caregivers should have adequate knowledge regarding the ways in which further planning can be initiated. Along with this, experienced assistance of the healthcare giver should support the patient for dealing with any emotion. The communication process also involves education, monitoring, constantly learning, as well as enhancing the good practice of communication.

In order to keep track of the efficiency of the communication process, the communication strategy can be adopted. This involves the process of receiving feedback from the patients, their complaints as well as incident analysis related to the communication. Identification of the issue refers to the analysis of the root cause of the problem. The communication tool, which is to be used by the organisation, should be effectively incorporated and standardised as the requirement of the users. This communication tool with time becomes routinely part of the workflow as well as the culture (Elhoseny et al. 2018). Thus it is important to have consistency in the strategy within the healthcare sector which would eventually help in enhancing the efficiency as well as a practising method for optimising the efficient sharing of the information with the patient. Health systems can also help in reducing the risks associated with medical errors through the integration of the communication network within the care management system such as ISBAR which defines the vital as well as much relevant information.

Issues and complexities related to the communication process in healthcare

Communication in the healthcare industry is very crucial for the proper conduction of the process and the functioning. The proper communication between the members of the healthcare institute, the proper communication with the patients, the proper communication among the doctors and the nurses have been important for the proper functioning of hospitals and health care units. The communication process can experience multiple barriers in the healthcare industry. The barriers have been mentioned below:

·        Physical Barriers: The organisational setup and the structure of the hospital have been identified to be the prime barrier of communication. The healthcare institutes have fixed number of doctors and nurses for a particular department. Most of the time, the time availability of the doctors and the nurses have been identified to be too minimal for the have proper interaction with the patients. Even, this can be harmful for the communication of the members within the organisation (Tieu et al. 2015).

·        Perceptual Barriers: The difference in the perception of the nurses, doctors and the patients can be the prime source of a barrier of communication. The same situation and the health issue can be perceived differently by the patients and doctors. For instance, the identification of rash with high fever can be perceived to be pox by the patient but can be identified to be dengue, by the doctor. The perception of a particular situation can be a major barrier to communication.

·        Emotional Barriers: The emotional attachment of the individual with the patient and individuals suffering from serious health issue can be a crucial factor for the hampering of proper communication within the organisation.

·        Cultural Barriers: The cultural difference between individuals can be one of the major reason for the obstruction of proper communication. The cultural difference between the members of the hospital reduces the ease of communication among different members. Similar is the case, where a patient belonging to a different culture gets admitted to the hospital (Cervia & Polo, 2015).

·        Language Barriers: The most remarkable barrier of communication is healthcare institute, or any organisation is the difference in the language of communication language between different members. The employees don't feel free while communicating, and the information can even be misinterpreted by the listener. The information provided by the patient in a different language may not be effectively perceived by the patients.

·        Gender Barriers: The difference in the gender of the individual communication can be a possible barrier to communication. The different genders cannot find the ease of communication and the information provided can be partially or wrongly interpreted by the listener. Further, the comfort zone of the individual's communication can get highly reduced if the individual is communicating with an individual of a different gender.

·        Interpersonal Barriers: The personal differences of the individuals, the difference of thinking and ideology can be a major reason for the development of a barrier for proper communication. Different doctors have different ideologies and superiority complex can find it difficult to communicate and can lead to an impact on the working of the organisation and the productivity and the efficiency of the health care unit (Roberto et al. 2015).

Advantages of the communication model in the healthcare

The benefits of the establishment of an effective communication model within the health care sector include the following

      Immediate understanding of the patient's health: The first treatment and care are given by healthcare givers such as nurses. They are very quick at assessing the condition of the patient and other health conditions of the employee, and in accordance with that, they evaluate their current condition. Furthermore, they establish a good set of communication as well as through this. They establish efficient communication among patients. The way of communicating with the patients plays a vital role in giving the desired care to the patients.

      A better comprehension of the patient's condition: The healthcare givers spend the majority of the time with patients. Thus, they are able to comprehend the patient's illness easily. It is important for them to understand the physical as well as emotional well being of the patients through setting up of effective communication. The establishment of communication with the individual patients helps in providing a much deeper level of care for individual patients (Simonsen, Hertzum & Scheuer, 2018). This granular piece of information creates a significant impact on improving the health of the patient. This long term level of communication can also help in taking decisions easily and implement protocols of care with the other healthcare givers.

      Monitoring the changes in the care: Easy understanding of the needs of the patients and concerns helps the nurses for targeting the communication as well as clinical strategies for the particular preference of the patients.  With this, health caregivers can also significantly track the progress of the patient on a regular basis with real-time tracking. The results are typically based on communication, and then they are moved towards the caregivers on the team.

      Identification of the particular needs: There can be a situation where the patients need something beyond medical care. For instance, some of the patients can have some religious faiths or beliefs (Arena et al. 2015). Thus, this type of information is used by the nurses, and they deliver it to the people. The healthcare givers don't want to compromise the health of the patients and eventually, the requirements of patients are met. 

      Understanding of the social factors related to health: These determinants include the social as well as environmental conditions in the individual life which creates a significant impact on the person's life.



Procedure to deal with communication issues in the healthcare 

·        Introducing Effective communication Training: Introduction of proper communication training is crucial for the creation of an environment promoting proper communication. Proper training can enable the creation of proper communication channels between the doctors and the doctors and the nurses and even the staff with the patients at various places, may it be the reception, cash counter, health care unit, pharmacy and so on.

·        Make communication a part of organisation culture: Introducing communication training is not sufficient, unless the leaders of the organisations, including the senior doctors and the management, may take a step and establish a working role model for the proper understanding of the employees. Proper communication has to be implemented in the core work culture of the organisation (Wilfley et al. 2017).

·        Organise patients’ survey: The survey considering the survey from the patients can play a crucial role in the identification of the exact progress in the proper communication setup of the organisation. The feedback from patients can help in the identification of the facilities and the communication experiences by the patients and can help in figuring out the problems and issues that need proper care and attention and need to be improved.

·        Schedule regular meeting of employees: The development of professional skill and proper understanding plays a key role in the implementation of proper communication. Regular meetings can be planned on a monthly basis with the staff of the hospital, and the outcome of the feedback of the customer service could be discussed for the identification of various issues and the areas that need to be focused.

·        Utilising appropriate technology: Proper technology and the working process can prove to be beneficial for the promotion of proper communication. The proper method of appointment, billing and the treatment can eliminate the issues arising owing to a lack of communication.


Proper communication within the employees and between the employees and the customers, is crucial for the success of any organisation. This is also applicable when the organisation is of healthcare. Proper communication is important for the smooth operation of the functionality of the day to day processes. The instructions provided by the doctor needs to be properly understood by the nurses and the prescription and the advice of the doctors and the nurses have to be clearly understood by the patients for the smooth functioning of the organisation. There are several reasons that can potentially provide a barrier to the proper functioning of the organisation, and affect its efficiency. The barriers can be overcome by a systematic approach and proper induction and training. This can be very important for the success of a health care unit.


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