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  Reflection on the communication 

In the earlier phase of the trimester, I was able to learn various communication skills that can help me to take an essential decision regarding the problems that are going to have come in the future. I have planned to make use of various communication methods and techniques that could be useful for the success of my career growth and development. However, I have also aimed to use my interpersonal communication skills that could actively help me to understand the body language and listening ability of the other individuals who are going to be work with me in the future business (Kissane and et. al., 2012). I used to carry a good listening skill that has shown by attending an attitude that would be practiced with the motive to establish eye contracts as well as analyze the relaxed postures with my colleagues. It has assisted me to encourage or develop some kind of positive attitude towards the other while working in a team. I think these skills tend to create a desire among me to have a proper understanding of the approach to apply in improving the relationship with the other. I have assumed that to effectively examine the process of interpersonal communication capabilities, I have to make a strong bond with the colleague while learning process so that future career development can be shaped effectively. I have decided to apply various communication theories that could relevant to improve the understanding level within me. 
A social exchange and social learning theory of communication are taken into account. This particular theory tends to provide me specific information regarding the exchange relations that drive the human decision as well as its behavior. It has helped me to identify the social behavior importance of others and provide an accurate solution to bargain effectively (Charoensukmongkol and Sasatanun, 2017). Apart from this, the learning theory of communication is also applied during the
learning process as it helped me to observe and imitate the other accurately. It has also guided me to reinforcement and complication associated with the cognitive aspects of the awareness and future expectations from society. I am working with a small-medium size organization as a junior manager. During my learning process, I have noticed that the customer is facing a lot of problems with the product and services that are offered to them by the company. I used to meet various angry customers on a consistent basis because they have not able to get reliable products on time or sometimes get damaged products. During that time I used to get snapped back at some of the client couples of time. I am afraid to share anything with my superior because it can create serious issues with the job. After the supervisor's interference, I have clearly demonstrated that I have actively listened to the customer query as well as have specific feedback regarding the problems that are faced by the client to the supervisor. After analyzing the problems, I have decided to apply a certain communication theory that can help me to understand each customer's problems more closely. I used to remain calm and steady while listing the problems actively and make records of each compliant into my individual notebooks (Bodie, 2012). It has helped me to evaluate the situation effectively without getting distracted by some other factors. I used to apply social learning theory that has assisted me to understand the behavior, attitude, and emotional attachment with the customers. I have fully motivated while communicated with the customers as they are sharing their problems very clearly and I used to listen accurately. 
I have worked extremely well for me as most customer gets a positive outcome from the discussion. Furthermore, I have developed a strong relationship with the client that has helped me with my future career development. In addition to this, I have decided to improve the communication problem that has been faced by the customer with the senior team members. I have collected specific reviews regarding the type of problems that are restricting the customers to convey its message to high management. The important thing that a manager I could do for the customers is haring simple facts. With the help of informing communication skills, it can integrate with the sharing advice. Under a certain situation, I have advice given cannot help the customers because of ineffective communication mode. During the entire process, I have used a positive language with the technical skills to provide all kinds of benefits to the customer that they faced with the products (Den Hartog and et.al., 2013). I on a regular basis applied various positive things that can help me improve my individual communication skills as well as assist me to reach my desired target. Throughout the entire communication process, I used to maintain excellent client support and service balance that can guide me to increase confidence and develop a potential relationship with the customers.
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