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Communicate in a business environment


Communicate in a business environment


Global business state of affairs greatly depends on effective communication techniques and methodologies because the international market desires economical communication to manage extended practicality and processes. The effectiveness of the communication determines the productivity of the organization still because the future development method. I actually have been operating because the assistant selling manager for Co-operative cluster Ltd for the previous few years and presently specializing in the effective communication among the geographic point. this discussion elaborates numerous communication techniques and therefore the corresponding impact on business development and growth.


LO1.1 summarise advantages and disadvantages of using written communication in a business environment

P1.1 advantages and disadvantages of using written communication in a business environment 

Modern business utilizes communication as a tool for effective functioning among the business surroundings. There area unit numerous benefits and downsides related to the communication technique within the business surroundings as mentioned within the below section. 

Preservation: maintaining the record of the directives, policies and inter-departmental communications is vital for future references and analytical processes to see the longer term direction. communication may be preserved simply and later it may be retrieved while not a lot of trouble. 

alter worker to gift advanced problems with simple approach: communication is that the most comprehensive and economical way of presenting advanced problems, directives, and functionalities with less effort and with larger effectiveness. 

Efficient record keeping: the communication among the business surroundings works as a permanent and economical supply of records, past communications, and directives that may be used for future reference. 

Written communication saves time and money: within the trendy business surroundings, communication effectively saves time and cash (Guffey et al. 2015)


Expenses: coding keeping just in case of communication is a rich method whereas maintaining the order and retrieval processes desires large investments and area.

Duration: communication methodology consumes longer and delays the practicality of the organization. 

Delay within the decision-making method:  the communication itself could be a long method that delays the practicality that considerably impacts the decision-making process (Kernbach et al. 2015). 

M1: Advantages and disadvantages of using written communication in a business environment

Modern business organizations effectively utilize the communication tools and methodologies among the geographic point surroundings. I actually have been operating because the assistant selling officer in Co-operative cluster Ltd wherever the first mode of communication is communication to relay directives, policies and new implementations. The Co-operative cluster Ltd focuses on international business enlargement were making a communication network is crucial for effective business practicality. There area unit numerous benefits and downsides that I actually have encountered whereas human action with all shops and branch offices just in case of communication. 

Advantages: There area unit few important benefits related to the communication mode in Co-operative cluster Ltd like mentioned below.

As Associate in Nursing assistant selling officer, I actually have to speak effectively with different branch offices and shops and gift advanced selling ways and current problems with most simple ways that. communication allows the selling department to determine Associate in Nursing economical communication network and relay important info essential for selling ways. 

 one in all the most focuses of the selling department of Co-operative cluster Ltd is to keep up the records of communication and analyze the strategic implementations through investigation the written directives, problems and functionalities (Brink et al. 2015). 

Although there area unit numerous benefits related to the communication there area unit a number of disadvantages that have an effect on the communication methodology. 

Enhanced expenses related to the inventory and record maintenance directly affects the Co-operative cluster Ltd’s overall monetary performance. The decision creating method related to the communication is delayed thanks to advanced useful method and record keeping methodology (Lucas et al. 2015).



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