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 A thorough research reveals that in Australia the misuse of substances like drug and alcohol and its adverse effects on the families as well as on the community is a primary concern for the government and this creating many challenges towards the advancement of that country globally. The main purpose of this discussion would be about the generality of alcohol and drug abuse in family life and their adverse effects on the children of this country. This discussion also includes recently adopted policies of the hierarchy to prevent this misuse of drugs and alcohols by the parents to diminish the adverse effects of it on the mental growth of the child.
Historical Overview
The purpose of this discussion basically deals with the risk factors generating from the uncontrolled  use of drugs like alcohol and tobacco among the parents which increasing the possibility of retardation from the viewpoint of mental and socio-cultural  growth among the children in Australia. Although alcohol and tobacco are both commonly used drugs in Australia, cigarette smoking is also another major concern for the government. Undoubtedly,
This causes most of the death cases in Australia. The research of a reliable source brings out the fact that in 2008-2009 the number of children participation in the community services  was just over 3,09,600 (Lehmann, Hales & Glackin, 2015).
Risk factors for misuse of drugs and alcohol
There are several risk factors lies in the path of the growth of the children which has actually an overflowing relationship with this misuse such as:

Age:  As influenced by Snyder & Smith (2015) males are more frequent users of illicit drugs, it comes out from a research that female drug users are much more car5ing towards their children than male. 

Family functioning: Negligence in monitoring in the early years by the adults of a family can be disadvantageous from socioeconomic status. As a matter of fact, parents and children with drug misuse often associated with a mental disorder and have a suicidal tendency. 

Geographical area: According to a research, persons who belong to a remote area are more familiar with drug misuse.
Indigenous status: It is a concerning fact that indigenous people in Australia are more likely to problematic misuse of the drug.
Impacts of drug abuse on parental behaviorism
It is evident from the various researches and studies that drug misuse has not only adverse effects on the person who is responsible but also their family and children and obviously associated with physical and psychological disorders.

Parenting: Substance misuse not only affects the parenting but also introduces increasing number of family violence in Australia. This tendency in turn has increased the child abusing tendency.

Physiological effects: It can be stated without any hesitation that females familiar with drug abuse during their pregnancy are more likely to originate serious chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and kidney diseases in their child. Apart from that, as stated by Breggin (2014), the intake of too much alcohol would originate the FAS syndrome in the baby.

Mental health: Nowadays “dual diagnosis” is a growing concern for the hierarchy. This indicates those parents who have both psychiatric disorder and substance misuse tendency. This in turn is responsible for bringing on poverty and unemployment.

Other various aspects of drug addiction : Apart from all these, those parents who are more likely of drug misuse have less tendency to complete their household works in the stipulated time which in turn disrupts the spontaneous running of the life cycle. Even, drug addiction challenges the family finance immensely.
Moreover, Raynor & Pope (2016) figure out that, parents having too much alcohol and drug are likely to have more time to come out from the hangover and hence they spend least time with their children which in turn introduce some kind of insecurity among those children. These children are also seen to be associated with ill-behaviourism and are generally of irritable in nature.
Family risk factors associated with illegal drug use
A comprehensive study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies revealed some concerning facts related to illicit drug use in the family life such as:
● These families are associated with weak parent-child relationship and higher level of family violence
● In these families child maltreatment is very often which includes physical or sexual or verbal abusing.
● Parental mental condition is not perfect also in these cases.
● These families are mostly seemed to be isolated from the mainstream social activities as well as they  are used to face the problem to be accustomed with the cultural behaviorism of the society (Donaldson, Nakawaki & Crano , 2015).
Strategies that should be implemented to reduce the illicit drug use
The Australian Government had implemented the legislation act “National framework for protecting Australia's children 2009-2020” in 2009 to ensure the safety of the Australian children (Klein et al. 2015). It is taken as a long term process to whose main object is to reduce the child abusing cases in Australia.

This amendment is attributed with some guidelines which are as follows:
● Children live in a safe environment where all the family members as well as the community must be supportive.
● Parents must be adequately supportive to bring on a safe environment in the family and should be desirous involve early whenever necessary.
● Children who are already suffering from this abusing tendency of their parents should receive much support and care so that they can get a good livelihood.
● Indigenous children should be brought up in their own family and community.
● Childs who are being survived from critical conditions like sexual or physical exploitation should get special care and support.

This is true that the government had already enacted some rules and regulations to control the illegal drug use. However, it is unfortunate that there are many shortcomings regarding that matter. According to Snyder & Smith (2015), the main reason is that there is no restriction in the production of the illegal drugs in this country and it is evident from the fact. Due to this uncontrolled production and availability of these drugs in the open market, it is easy for the addicts to be familiar more with those. This in turn creates many adverse situations like increasing drug uses among the students and parents as well as increasing death toll due to overdose of those drugs.  This creates a strong barrier in front of the social workers to create such an environment in the society where each and every child’s well-being will be maintained effectively. Therefore, there arises the crying need to think on this matter with a newer approach. 
I feel that the newer approach should contain a part that would be helpful for the hierarchy to control the production of the illicit drugs. At the same time, the government along with NGOs should be careful to restrict the availability of these drugs in the open market. From my opinion, the illicit drug use should not be taken as a lighter offence rather users as well as the suppliers of this should be penalised heavily. In addition I feel that, the newer approach should contain a scope of imprisonment for the illegal drug users (influenced by Breggin, 2014). 

Consideration about the relevant issues
Children are the future of a nation. The way the children are treated in a community is definitely a yardstick of measurement of its growth. Though I have been brought up in a conservative family, I had never gone through such a situation. From my childhood I have seen my parents to take utmost care of me and my siblings. They have always been supportive in nature and showed respect to our viewpoint about any matter. However when I see contradictory situation in my community, it is very painful for me which led me to research on what are the main issues faced by a child with parents habituated in illicit drug consumption which in turn throw a child in miserable situation in our society (De Bortoli, Coles & Dolan, 2013). 
I believe that all of us should be empathetic towards the community of these children and truly speaking the government of our country along with many NGOs is working sincerely to eradicate the illegal drug use among the parents. However, a thorough research by me reveals that there exists many shortcomings still now on which the hierarchy should emphasize. Indeed, this lack of sincerity in some parts of our society to eradicate this problem in turn is responsible for growing tendency of illicit drug use. Thus, the problem has already been rooted in the depth of our society (Raynor & Pope, 2016).
AASW Code of Ethics
AASW code of ethics is responsible to bring on the values  as well as the responsibilities which are actually complementary to each other and a social worker must be aware of that. This is indeed a set of guidelines that should be agreed by all the members who are responsible for its enactment. The first code of ethics enables the social worker to maintain the ethnicity of social work practices and helps them to identify the values and ethics. The second code of ethics is to maintain the proposed guidelines and also maintaining a standard regarding the work practice. The third code of ethics can be stated as the professionals engaged in social work should have an utmost positive focus towards their responsibilities (Donaldson, Nakawaki & Crano, 2015). The fourth code of ethics is related to providing a platform to the social workers so that they can maintain the work ethics which in turn would be helpful in decision making for them. The fifth code of ethics deals with the fact that the social workers should be guided to know their reciprocal rights. The sixth code of ethics states that in regard to the industrial and legal disputes their work should be clarified with proper guidance. The seventh code of ethics deals with the fact that all the members involved in it should be able to differentiate among the ethical and unethical activities (Donaldson, Nakawaki & Crano, 2015).
Undoubtedly, according to this code of ethics a responsible social worker should be careful about his work ethics among which some basics are giving equal respect to each and every person, spreading the ethics of social justice in the society and obviously maintaining professional integrity (Klein, 2015). As influenced by Lehmann, Hales & Glackin, 2015, however, from my viewpoint, parents who are habituated in illicit drug practice are doing an offence towards their child and hence from the social viewpoint they are committing a serious crime for our society. 
Therefore I feel that if they are treated like normal human being and showed respect equally, we would not be able to make them understand that they are doing crime to their innocent children. Thus the problem cannot be rectified and the disease would remain for years in our society. The social workers have to be prompt to handle such situation and taking decisions properly. According to my knowledge, the decision making should be done in such a manner that the wrong behaviorism of the parents towards their child can be rectified but at the same time a strong bonding between the parents and the child is maintained.

From this discussion it is clear that substances like illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol has a growing adverse effect on the family life as well as on the community in Australia. As per increasing uses of drugs in country nit becomes difficult maintain the health standard of public and it becoming serious issues .Thus, it can be finally said that if there is declining in uses of substances and increase in healthy habits among young generation it leads to creation of better health standard in country. Australian Government is paying attention for maintaining the health standard in country it has positive impact on increasing health standard of public. 

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